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VIDEO: General Pype – My Desire

Post by Ovie O, June 21st, 2013

One of my favourite General Pype songs released in the last year has to be “My Desire”. The club now has a video which you can watch below. Hopefully this video will give the song a fresh life-line and even more push on the airwaves.


YouTube Preview Image


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19 responses to “VIDEO: General Pype – My Desire”

  1. Gid. says:


  2. opa6ix and ghadaffi i sight una… nice 1 Mr Pipe…

  3. Koboko! says:


  4. Someone_Special says:

    Oga Ovie I think there is typo in your write-up. You wrote "This song give the song a fresh life-line". I suppose you wanted to write "This video"
    I enjoy Pype's flow better on a wicked dancehall beat.

  5. ☤✡ Angel Junkie ✡☤ says:

    WHY DO i want to sing one of May-D's song when the chorus stats??? 6 for audio 6.5 for visuals

  6. paulmirabilis says:

    This guy is still one of the best in the game.nice video

  7. Omooba001 says:

    General pype….i like your song….but ask the director to give you some part of your fee…he used a trial version of iskysoft, and now your video is havin a iskysoft watermark…that is not too professional…people should learn to buy software they use to make money back to the organisation….unless its personal software then u can use patch…..

  8. Elvis>>PRO says:

    Just a replica or you get me high by May D

  9. Man 2 Man says:

    I thought azonto was dead, Pipe?

  10. ajmammie says:

    '@Lastman, why are you being diplomatic with your comments these days, anybody threaten you?
    I know your comments are very professional and constructive if na criticism. I know General Pype would post the main video when its out. This na teaser!!!

  11. da truth says:

    pype dont change your original style, general, i guess this one is recruit, second point using free software to convert video will destroy the quality .

    auto tune is a talent killer and trend follower.

  12. general pype…you made me laugh all this….me just like you naturally but don't do this again.

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