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Modenine ft Don Jazzy – Some More

Post by Ovie O, June 21st, 2013

I bet you didn’t see this one coming, did you? Me neither. Modenine does the seemingly undoable by getting Don Jazzy on his new single “Some More”. No, not as just a producer; a SINGER! I can’t recall anytime Don Jazzy actually sang on a non-Mohits/Mavin song. So, technically, this is history!

To the joint itself, this is hella sick! Even the commercial Modenine is still probably the best rapper we’ve got.

Put this laid-back hip-hop tune on repeat for the rest of the weekend. You won’t regret it.

“Nigeria’s finest lyricist Modenine collaborates with the enigmatic producer Don Jazzy, and together they dish out a hot track titled Some More.  
A popular African proverb says when 2 elephants fight, it is the ground that suffers. Therefore when these 2 artistic titans collabo on a track what do you expect?
This is a huge one …Listen and find out!”


Modenine Don Jazzy


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85 responses to “Modenine ft Don Jazzy – Some More”

  1. mumu says:

    nice track

  2. North West says:

    This is why Don Jazzy should stick with Producing. WTF is this? N****a singing off key and Voice auto tuned as f**k…I know peeps will still say he's dope. SMH

  3. mumu says:

    first to jazzy

  4. Olubaba says:

    What a surprise combination.., both Don jazzy n Modo went in hard…great tune

  5. LXG says:

    First….but First of all, Tune

  6. Bello says:

    I don't want someone mumbling in my ears…I want to hear someone singing. Warris Jazzy doing?

  7. na me talk am says:

    Modenine – Yes, Don Jazzy – No. Not feeling you on this one sorry

  8. 2 dons 1 track and they ain't even know it..They both killed the beat and they ain't even know it. I've replayed this so much and i ain't even know it…!

  9. login says:

    Mode 9 ft don jazzy ? e look somehow for my face 😀

  10. make we no lie don jazzy voice dey unique and na d selling point be that ……….but not sure how it will sound if don releases a full album wif that voice!

  11. Lami says:

    This song is nice but donjazzy’s part doesn’t sound good.kai what is this?

  12. barracks says:

    sorry this is a YES NO for me! modo YES, jazzy NO

  13. Just me says:

    I was just telling someone yesterday that I have a feeling Don Jazzy will be tempted to start singing and we'll get a track from him soon…hmm my advise is please sir don't do it biko. Just stick to the usual Intros. Modo came through as usual.

  14. paulmirabilis says:

    nice collabo

  15. Sabi boy says:

    was don jazzy crying?

  16. kr@z¥ says:

    What’s dese old men singing?

    Wats all these?

    Na free style or wetin?

    Wetin be this one now?

  17. ☤✡ Angel Junkie ✡☤ says:

    good hip-hop afrobeats blend…Nine was a bit outta his comfort-zone but still managed to do justice to the beat…in my opinion Don Baba killed the song with that catchy hook and incredibly dope verse…GOOd song altogether..i'll give it an {{{7.5}}} on the JUNKIE SCALE

  18. TLS says:


  19. S.O says:

    I don;t like this tune.

  20. beatmaster says:

    Please remove the autotune from Modenine's Voice, then please re engineer the song's audio

  21. GidiGirl says:

    Actuallly LOVED IT!!!!!!! TUNE!

  22. Someone_Special says:

    Good track. I don't think this was very challenging for Modenine.

  23. LarK says:

    Modenine is simply amazing…this is real!!!…God bless Modenine…good quality music still come out of 9ja!!!…this is history. Don Jazzy is incredible!!!!…another song of the year by Modenine…dnt 4get ALPHABETICAL ORDER, Bad guy baller wit Eedris!!!…Modenine is extremely hard-working!!!…extremely excellent!

  24. big man says:

    I miss mo hits… tbh

    err one ganna say ''move on''

    but its hard to see the brand you absolutely supported, almost all the members are struggling greatly…… What i would never understand is; why fix something that was not broken?? WHY?

    Jaz is not a singer…ahhhh……. well mode9 welldon sha

  25. kola says:

    The combination soundz better dan the song itself… Nothing special, Our artiste dz days are all singing WACK in one word… Gosh..

  26. bsguy says:

    "i give to u hard and if u got d stamina i give it to u harder" don jazzy killed this,on some barrywhite henny XO shit.

  27. Ben says:


  28. wariz says:

    God bless 2 legends who blessed us with legendary song

  29. @activ8ed says:

    Bros Ovie…."Ikechukwu ft. Don Jazzy – Now Is the Time" IS NOT A "MO-HITS/MAVIN" THING……
    I dont even think that at the time Tiwa Ft. Don Jazzy on "without my heart" that she was signed to Mavin. no! she wasnt as far as I can remember

    So technically, This is NOT History..

    Ok now make I go listen to the song.

  30. james says:

    Jam, I loved Donjazzy on this. Big things

  31. Drewbaba says:

    You people just like to hate. This song na jam biko

  32. mike says:

    Donjazzy’s voice is so sensual

  33. mattew says:

    Personally I like this song

  34. @Bmorg_hi says:

    Don baba J!!! don jazzy sang with a cracked like voice, like rock stars do and he killed it!! Hear the melody in his verse.. u can just tell that, that nigga is musical!!

  35. flytemode says:

    grown men eiissh…. a perfect tune to jam in Bentley ,Porsche ,phantom….

  36. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    SOME MORE-Don Jazzy ft. Modenine

  37. hmmmmm, i like mode 9 ooooo and don jazzy but i'm definitely not feeling this track. mode 9 delivered his part but don jazzy hmmmm don't think so…….

  38. cast your mind back to when donjazzy produced for kween… also did the chorus… history all d same.

  39. nichole says:

    why does jazzy sound like he is tying so hard to take a shittt lol its ok….

  40. Somefun Muiwhy Markinde says:


  41. femi says:

    good song…only for the grown and sexy.

  42. Candyboi says:

    Good beat , good rap , but d don jazz's part was wack.. Baba shld stick 2 production only
    must he rap or voice to all songs.. mtchew!

  43. 9jafreak says:

    Failed Experiment
    Don Jazzy's voice almost ruined Tiwa's song.
    Why not feature Wande Coal on the hook or Wizkid if you need some greater popularity?
    Fact is, even the annoying auto-tune cannot save Don Baba Jazzy's voice

  44. Emcee says:

    Modenine just rapped effortlessly on the song. Nice verses, nice production. Jazzy almost ruined the song at the every end. BIG UPS all the same.
    However, "Talking to you" ft Banky W remains my fav Modenine commercial track.

  45. Taiwo says:

    Get a good headphone ans listen to this not your laptop speakers

  46. Emcee says:

    Modenine just rapped effortlessly on the song. Nice verses, nice production. Jazzy almost ruined the song at the every end. BIG UPS all the same.

  47. Nice tune.. if you don't like this hit the studio and do urs.

  48. iMAKEBEATS says:

    Nice Jam! 8/10, Surprised at the combo! Didn’t see it coming! Jazzy was crazy, and note, his voice isn’t wack, he isn’t a wack singer, hez just different, Modo breezed thru! Its a classic! First of its kind.

  49. voicefromheaven says:

    mode nine im not feeling thisssss…. no be about lyrics anymore, trying singing with autotune, get real cos i know ur damn broke now.

  50. St Samson says:

    Its Not Just Ok …. Ok

  51. download >>> wizkid Ft. PrinceHaYa_mr.DO (freestyle)

  52. hillary says:

    download >>> wizkid Ft. PrinceHaYa_mr.DO (freestyle)

  53. eddie edward says:

    we all know hw jazzys voice sounds so we shudnt be comparing wande or wiz on the track…the track is simply dope and for the matured mind…

  54. BIG TUNE says:

    BARRY WHITE LIVED AND DIED A LEGEND!!.. That's a people that appreciate creativity and innovations. somfin really pisses me off when i come up this site, its the immature and absolute ignorance i see or rather read people display here in the context of commenting or criticizing??… how could you for instance hear that rihanna ft vybz kartel and you expect to hear kartel sound like 2face???… WTF????????? Don jazzy is a lil God out here in Europe while you fuctards back there keep hating! lil wonder most of us have "ran away" to make other nations great cos the hate coming from our own country is simply Unimaginable! NIGERIA AND NIGERIANS…EMBRACE AND CELEBRATE YOUR OWN. WE ARE MORE AND I MEAN FAAAAAAAAAAAR MORE TALENTED THAN THESE SO CALLED SUPERSTARS YOU WORSHIP OUT HERE. I LIVE AND ROLL WITH MANY… ITS ALL CAMERA FLASHES! 80%UNREAL BUT BACKED UP WITH HYPE!!

  55. oluetson says:

    modo 4 life

  56. Nino_Alpacino says:

    This is good music for mature minds… don't hate, listen and learn.

  57. YungHanz Clan says:

    Many Nigerians and Africans at large are still in the age of the monkeys. Refusing to grow and improve their sense of reasoning. The ability to know whats meant for u and whats not (very poor). If this was released by an American star, I bet you all would rate it highly. WTF, this song is so on point. Made for the selected few that can relate to it. If you dont feel it, then its not made for you (DONT U SAY THIS SONG IS WACK).

    WIZKID, Davido and the rest of them have what u want, what u can relate to. simple.

    If u think this song is made for u, I will appreciate u reduce the volume, discuss and realize it is a cool song for sipping times.

  58. Izeek Ceo says:

    mode9, wats d meaning of this? please do better kk. we know you've got it in you.

  59. Kilonshele says:

    Personally I can't download this song cos the way my hard drive is set up.

  60. DJ ppack says:

    if u really like good music I bet u going to like dis.

  61. davenchy says:

    Bunch of retards!! i know u haters just doin ur job..hatin! so its ok. But when MUSIC is discussed best u dont make senseless comment. Any1 who says Don jazzy was off key is either tone deaf or plain retarded. This is a great jam..mellow mature ishhh right here! i guess until the shoutin of moet ..hennesey..bend down low..yodi e seyin..shayo is blurted over chaotic instrumental y'all dont see the creativity in an artistic xpression. KMT!! this right thuuur na collabo aiye!!

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