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Knighthouse Presents: Lil Flow ft Yemi Alade – Loving About You

Post by Ovie O, June 21st, 2013

17-year-old rapper Lil Flow makes his NJO debut with “Loving About You” featuring Yemi Alade. This song gets better which each listen. *adds to personal playlist*

“Knighthouse are proud to present to you, emerging 17-year old U.K based Nigerian Hip-Hop artist LIL FLOW with his debut single “Loving About You” which features R&B/Pop Diva YEMI ALADE and is produced by the award-winning DJ KLEM.

Backed by DJ Klem’s trademark lush drum patterns fused in with infectious snyth-heavy keyboard arrangements and , “Loving About You” sees Lil Flow – who recorded this tune when he was just 16 – in flying form with his witty wordplay, catchy flow and lyrical dexterities which he brings to the forefront all over the record. To complete the hat trick of excellence, the amazing Yemi Alade is on hand on vocals to deliver the exquisite chorus, glorious melodies and those infectious adlibs.

Poised to conquer the radio airwaves across the country this Summer, Lil Flow is already being touted as a future leader of the new school of Nigerian urban music that is poised to take over in the coming months and with features and co-signs already coming from M.I, Chase and Yung Six, it’s not hard to see why Lil Flow is one name that will be on our lips for a long time to come… Enjoy “Loving About You” below!”


Lil Flow Loving About You Artwork

Produced by DJ Klem [DOWNLOAD]

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11 responses to “Knighthouse Presents: Lil Flow ft Yemi Alade – Loving About You”

  1. shoesandbags says:

    FIRST!….. This guys flow is crazy!

  2. login says:

    This one 17? lol…This one wey don grow beer beer finish? smh

  3. timayafan says:

    This i like very much

  4. Lovemusic says:

    She sounds like Omawunmi,

  5. bembem says:

    dis must be on my phone!!!

  6. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    truthfully…20secs into the song man was thinking "oh God,pls not another generic" but when yemi alade came on and laced the track again, man grew ears. The DJ klem also infused something irresistible into the beat along with epic final mastering quality. Its dope!!!

  7. teesosa says:

    i love the lyrics in this song, the rap is perfect! diz guys flow makes me dance

  8. jam says:

    love…………. dis iz mad

  9. urguy says:

    yes! this is my guy

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