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Channel O Presents: The “Top 10 Most” List | Show Premieres Sunday, June 23

Post by Ovie O, June 21st, 2013

Channel O Top Ten Most..:

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” ― George Orwell

Even in the world of Entertainment, there‘s an hierarchy that separates the talent on offer on the African Continent. The topic of “who‘s the best..” “name your top 10…” has been a water cooler topic for years and some media houses like Forbes (who we have partnered with) have obliged and routinely release the ―Top….list‖ so it was inevitable that as the preeminent music channel on the continent we had to release our own list that hopefully will put some of the debates to rest.

Channel O presents the “Channel O Top 10 Most…” chart show, which is a weekly 14-part series that countdowns the Top 10 Africans in a number of categories (music).The show will be hosted by Channel O VJs, Denrele and Jokate, who will bring their own unique brand of wit, zaniness and foolery but tempered with a seriousness that befits the countdown.

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Top Ten African Kings and Queens of Social Media:

It is no longer a case of “maybe I need it..” “I can get by without it..” It is as necessary as the air they breathe. I am talking about Social Media, your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…they all have become an integral part of an artist‘s packaging and overall strategy so much so that not to have one of these accounts would be career suicide.

A digital footprint has now become key in the overall marketing and publicity thrust of any artist and Channel O will compile a list of the Top 10 African Kings and Queens of Social Media, those artists that have embraced and harnessed social media and have the most followers on the main social media platforms i.e. Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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Top Ten Most Sexy African Artists:

Every era has its stylish faces, talents, and voices that profoundly influence the moment. This cast is bringing fashion to life right now—and for the years to come. This list looks at the Top 10 African artists not only bringing fashion swag to the screens or red carpets but also the artists that get our pulses racing by their sheer sexiness.

Top Ten Most Viewed African Music Videos on Youtube:

It used to be that, back in the day an artist would have a new song and then naturally a video would be made of the song and released on TV and that was the only place you could view the video.. and if you missed it, you‘d have to wait several days until you could watch it again. Artists now don‘t have to wait for TV for their videos to be seen, fans don‘t have to wait days to watch their favourite music video they can simply logon to Youtube or other such video portals and view the music video. This list countdowns the artists with the most views.

Top Ten African Music Moguls:

A “mogul”, by definition, is “an important, powerful, or influential person” Having reached a prominent place in their particular industry, they typically have great wealth and the respect of their contemporaries. There are countless job positions in the music industry: Managers, Attorneys, Concert Promoters, Publicist, Agents, Producers, Tour Managers, Radio Broadcasters, Business Managers, and the list could go on. Yet the spotlight is placed upon that small group of businessmen that go above and beyond the standard, or just get plain lucky, to work their way to the top of the music industry food chain.

These are the “music industry moguls” that wield the power and have great standing in their field. Some of their names have recognition worldwide, others only in their homeland, but their influence has certainly been felt throughout the African music industry. They handle and direct the careers of some of Africa‘s top artists and in most cases their word is final. Channel O countdowns the “BAWSES” running the African music industry.

Top Ten Newsmakers:

This past year you‘ve been bombarded by emails, overwhelmed with Twitter posts, and called-out in Facebook comments for your stance on Tiwa Savage‘s new ‘do. You just managed to finish digging through the hefty pile of holiday news alerts only to find that D’Banj and Genevieve are back together — again! But you love it. Because a 24/7 news cycle makes the world go ’round. And none of it would be possible without these celebrity newsmakers. While many stars graced our headlines this year, it took a special few to flat-out take up real estate. This list chronicles (with the help of some of the top bloggers, magazines on the Continent) the top African newsmakers.

Top Ten African DJs:

Everyone wants to be a DJ. In fact last night a DJ saved your life. But who are the top jocks in Africa – the ones who have changed the game and got us all twisted on the dancefloor? Which turntable tearaways dominated their field, and which deserve to be honoured as the best in Africa? Channel O has the answers, as we present our Top 10 rundown of the most influential and downright greatest disc jockeys ever to grace the trusty old 1‘s and 2‘s.

Top Ten Performers:

Music is more than just having a great voice or an amazing track. Some of the biggest names in the industry do not have extraordinary voices or the necessarily the best lyricists but what sets them apart is their ability to captivate and spellbind audiences with their live performances. Channel O countdowns the best performers in Africa.

Top Ten African On-Air Personalities:

The list looks at African On-Air Personalities that have by their popularity, become part of our cultural lexicon. They have superseded the tradition term of radio host as their influence and opinions affect more than just our musical tastes. They have become larger than life and have huge followings in more than one country.

Top Ten African Music Producers:

While the lyricists may get all the credit, we at Channel O would like to recognize all the Producers slaving behind the boards, creating the backdrops for some of the best tracks and biggest songs in Africa. Producers are an often overlooked but always integral part of the recording process. We highlight and celebrate the 10 most influential producers ever by looking amongst other things, at how big their songs got (charts, awards etc…) popularity, did the song go global? Did it influence a whole new sound?

Top Ten African Video Vixens:

Music videos are a platform of celebrity status for established or aspiring acts, beyond the star rapper and his crew. Music video directors can make a name for themselves by presenting creative visuals that coincide with the music. And video vixens can become household names by being chosen as the featured girl in the video. While some video vixens have come and gone without much fan fare, there are several who have become famous by looking sexy and standing next to top-notch artists. Our list is based on looks, popularity and the status of the music video/artist.

Top Ten African Music Video Directors:

It has been a long journey for the music video. Nowadays, we look forward to a new P Square or D‘Banj video almost as much as we look forward to their new songs, but it took decades for the form to earn any respectability and reach the level of technical maturity. Having started out as better-than-nothing replacements for live performances, music videos were just promotional tools before they got serious about artistic content. But now, with a few decades of history and lore, music videos feel like a full-fledged industry of their own. With this list, Channel O celebrates the medium’s pantheon with 10 of its most visionary African directors.

The list takes into account the flowing criteria: originality, body of work, views/comments, and awards. While we acknowledge that depending on the artist some directors get to work with big budgets, we will look use a ―pound-for-pound‖ approach to even the playing field.

Top Ten African MCs:

Who’s the king of African hip hop? A question that many have wanted answered for years. Some say it’s Wizkid, some say it’s Naeto C, some say it’s Kuli Chana, some say it’s M.I. Some even say AKA. Basically, it’s all subjective. At Channel O we are all about objective, and that’s what this listis about; Objectivity. No bias, no axe to grind, nothing. Just hardcore, honest, objective opinions on the subject. Our criteria is based off the following; flow, subject matter, longevity, and impact.

You may have seen many greatest rappers of all-time lists in magazines, websites, and on television but you will never see one as thorough and persuasive as this one.

Top Ten Most Bankable Artists (Forbes Africa):

Channel O in partnership with Forbes Africa will present the venerable list of the Top 10 African most bankable artists. Using a complicated formula that includes; number of endorsements, brand value, earnings, bookings, popularity etc.. This is probably the definitive list ever compiled.

Viewer’s Choice:

Channel O will give one lucky viewer the chance to host their own “Top 10 Most..” list. Viewers are asked to send their list suggestions via email, twitter, instagram and facebook.

Channel O Top 10 Most



Sunday 23rd June. 9pm CAT (And every Sunday afterwards)


Monday – Friday, 6pm CAT.

Saturday, 10am CAT.

Monday, 11pm CAT.

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