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VIDEO: Ice Prince – V.I.P

Post by Ovie O, June 20th, 2013

Here’s the official video for Ice Prince‘s latest single “VIP”. A very decent remix follow-up to “Aboki”, with lots of celebrity appearances. I’m looking forward to that “Fire of Zamani” album. Enjoy.

Directed by Clarence Peters.


YouTube Preview Image


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58 responses to “VIDEO: Ice Prince – V.I.P”

  1. wizzy says:

    worst clarence video ever,am sure he can do better!!! the song is just ok..

  2. Sabi boy says:

    Lol wic kind childish video be dis na??

  3. Someone_Special says:

    Cool video.

  4. Ben Mancha says:

    hmmmmm like seriously swag 100% but…..

  5. Ben Mancha says:

    hmmmmm like seriously swag 100% but…..

  6. KUDY GOLD says:

    today seems to b d for d best music n video premieres..thumbs up ice prince….nice video…..

  7. toto riina says:

    CP number 1 Video director in Naija. see editing * * * * *

  8. Man 2 Man says:

    Choc City with all due respect, na next week I go watch this video, still busy with PERSONALLY..

  9. First Kill Ur Fada.. says:

    today seems to be d for d best music n video premieres ever….Real Ishhhh Men…

  10. Friday says:

    slaughterhouse “my life” video concept to the detail…I expected genuine creativity!

  11. Gold says:

    Poor Graphics Visual

  12. poise says:

    i dey fast forward and at same time slow my eyes as i dey watch the video… this kind video needs more than enough focus to watch… ME LOVE THE SONG THOUGH

  13. onelove says:

    sounds so much like "ABOKI" …nontheless good music

  14. One Man's Opinion says:

    SlaughterHouse ft CeeLo Green … My Life

  15. atarodo says:

    Clarence was killing it until this

  16. budak says:

    weak lines yall need to stop rapping, ice prince is weak with his flow nursery ryhmes and shit, when artist like MI and them SDC are in d game you callin ursel A RAPPER shift joooor

  17. jaybee says:

    Is this a joke or what? hahahaha some graphics on that private jet yo.. REAL ABOKI!!!!

  18. Kevin tita says:

    clRENCE PETERS is a big theif, he stole this concept from slAUghter house's my life video featuring ceelo green. How is Africa goin to top the compeption if our best video firectors keep steeling concepts from yankee directors. that how olamide stole The Games concept from martians and goblins video. Honestly this is reall embarassin, I just losrt the little respect I had for clarence.

  19. If I could ask God one thing for Iceprince.My wish will be for him to win the BET awards in US.Then I will be happy that almighty has bless his hustle.

  20. liru says:

    Truly Worst Vdeo ever !

  21. SInclair_& says:

    ice prince you and your director no try for this video at all #wack

  22. habatically says:

    You cannot compete on a global scale if you are not original. Stop stealing ideas and come up with your original idea. And by the way if I was in an exam and Clarence Peter was trying to cheat off me I would say no , dude can even rephrase or paraphrase , he would copy your work "word for word" like a mumu

  23. San says:

    I think 9ja don pass the level wey dem go dey edit private jet put inside fideo..iru rubbish wo niyen! was that scene really necessary?

  24. josh says:

    guy you are very stupid with this video it makes no damn sense, dont know whats up with this nigerian artist they think they can drop rubbish and go to alaba and collect money in dagrins voice. iceprince this video is crap.

  25. It's one thing to generate ideas from someone else's work and implement it in yours, and it's another thing to copy someones work and paste it in yours. This video is exactly a duplicate of Slaughterhouse – My Life ft. Cee Lo Green.The only thing i see here is Photoshop. Clarence Peters pls don't ruin the name u've spent all these years to make. You're an OG in the nigerian music industry but this here doesn't cut it sir. Just my Opinion.


  27. trickX says:

    Slaughterhouse’s my life video remake. Wondering if Ice Prince asked for it to be this way. Possibly. *sigh*

  28. mohammed says:

    I really like d concept,it’s simple n cool

  29. Apuesto Gregorio says:


  30. video is dope…but it sounds like Aboki.

  31. iba says:

    Why does this sound like his previous song? whats going on ice prince? no one in the whole chocolate city noticed this or WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT???

    come one i expected much more. m out

  32. the dude says:

    Even waje's heart video was taken from melonie fiona's gone and never coming back. just watch here.

    A scene from Seyi sheys new video is from keri hilson ft nelly.

    its getting too much.

  33. abubakar says:

    Yes boss nice one keep it up….1 luv

  34. function I like the thing you do keep doing it nice video and good concept,,

  35. farah says:

    seems like the great Clarence Peters played a Milli Vanilli on all of us

  36. El-Vexn Monktana says:

    yeah.. more like

  37. clarence peter did not copy this video he photocopied it damn….

  38. kenneth says:

    the most depressing part of the video was the horrible jet photoshop……i mean how can you see the cock pit from outside the plane 10000 miles in the air??

  39. Lasbrey Ejehu says:

    Got to give credit for the video its nice, but the song sounds like one of his previous…..

  40. asian_buns_rock says:


    Wow, not only did he copy the concept of the slaughterhouse song:

    2:57 (ice prince) = 6:10 (slaughter house)
    0:33 (ice prince) = 5:06 (slaughter house)
    2:08 (ice prince) = 2:53 (slaughter house)

    …he actually LIFTED several scenes directly from the song!

    2:44 (ice prince) = 6:05 (slaughter house)
    2:47 (ice prince) = 6:01 (slaughter house)

    Is this even legal? Is this on purpose? Cutting corners to cut cost?

  41. Crucialforever says:

    Back in those days, when videos use to make sense. Na wa o.

  42. switts says:

    lovely video, but wth scenes are toooooooo fast, one cant appreciate the work of mr peters, plus why does this song sound like aboki. esp the verses.

  43. nice video, but hope they told slaughterhouse that he did copy and paste….photocopy to pure.

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