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VIDEO: Brymo Speaks On Being Cheated By Chocolate City

Post by Ovie O, June 20th, 2013

Brymo recently organized a press conference to address his decision to walk away from Chocolate City (see original story here). This one is obviously going to court. Here’s hoping it ends well for both parties.


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26 responses to “VIDEO: Brymo Speaks On Being Cheated By Chocolate City”

  1. paulmirabilis says:

    this guy na mumu…contract cases are not man-know-man cases and anybody will win them if they are not at fault.besides,you have not made much money and you think you can go solo?..well,good luck with that.

  2. OKOCHA says:

    Man, he didn't say anything SMH, bros we want 411 not description of situation

  3. Someone_Special says:

    You say "the court cannot save you". What will you do if Chocolate City decide to take the case to court? There are things you should never say. Even if you don't believe in the judicial system of the country, you should not make such statement in public knowing that the case might still end up in court. If it was a breach which was not your fault, the best thing for you would have been to go to court and get yourself out of the contract legally. You can't just wake up and dump contracts whenever you want. This may just be another long Artist vs Label saga.

  4. St Samson says:

    If the Court cannot save you, Who will??
    Nigerians wey never chop belle full
    You've done the best thing by movin on
    Get yourself out of the contracts legally.

  5. Abby says:

    I think he made a good move, too many executives in choc city joor. Its more of a family business than a record label. I think Brymo was just a tool

  6. striker says:

    fuck choc city

  7. jobe says:

    The nu skool of artists like DRB, BURNA ETC fucked brymo and made him irrelevant.. poor guy..

  8. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    this video looks like a cry for help in a town where VEC's own record label is giving him police stress and BS…i actually feel sorry for Brymo cos knowing Audu and the top brass @ CCity are lawyers, they will throw the book at him and he's admitted he doesn't stand a chance. bruv i don't know what you signed but its better to dialogue with CC cos its still one of the best platforms as far as Naija entertainment is concerned…don't be greedy, earn your stripes

  9. This is sad Bymo is actually a great talent I don't think any other label would have gave him the platform Choc City did dude needs to rethink his stand and go back to the #Chairmen.

  10. choc city na fools, they made the same mistake with wizkid.

  11. Dsam says:

    wow! This one don pass "don't be silly". Brymo you seem to have cogent reasons for you actions but at the same time admitting it is a legal battle you know you can't win because you are all wrong. We all know they refined you to be who you are today but that doesn't mean they should take advantage of that to your own detriment. We appreciate you coming all out to address the issue publicly but we will also advise you go back same way and settle it amicably, see out the contract if possible and leave like a man just Jesse Jagz did. Just try take am easy cos those men on suit wey get Choc City no go take am like Banky W na court straight and dem go finish you.

  12. Koboko! says:

    Hmm,don't know how to go about this, but let me use proverbs:
    A man who pays respect to the great paves the way for his own greatness
    ,He who does not look ahead always remains behind.
    Brymo, honestly, this interview was uncalled for. why? You already tweeted about it, all you had to do was mellow and see if you could dialogue your way out, thus remaining on good terms with C.City. You signed the contract, and it wasn't under duress, and if there was a breech, can you effectively prove that? With regards to promotion, you know where you're coming from. Your first album(not with C.City) sucked(no offence) and you expected this album to "blow" immediately? you high?
    Just because you're with a "big" label doesn't mean you'll blow immediately. C.City also, how come two of your artists within a space of 9 months want to leave? Please go back to the 2008-2010 blueprint. As much as I respect what you've done for Nigerian music, even the greats(kennis) fall .

  13. Youngest Winch says:

    artistes are bunch of selfish idiots! who knew brymo before choc city stepped in!

  14. abby says:

    So sad to hear that Brymo did Oleku for free. Won ti fi ori e gba paro…

  15. DEX says:

    For God's sake, it was a friggin' CONTRACT you signed, not some next irrelevant paper. I actually respect Brymo as an artiste but there are rules and he has to adhere to them. No one is above the law. Some of them talk as if they didn't know what they were signing initially. You signed at your own will and now you think things that were already set in motion can be changed to suit you?

  16. be careful of what you say about the judicial system , it could land u in problem…moving on makes u manly, you know what's good for you…be wise.

  17. Gee says:

    Its surprising that Ice-prince would sing praises for Choc City and Brymo would have issues with them. A record Label's job is to break an artist, promote and sell and artist. I think Choc city did that for Brymo after all Brymo was just another unknown hustler before Choc City stepped in. I would not be surprised if Brymo is trying to be over sharp and greedy by probably trying to use Choc City as a stepping stone to promote his career and later "DUMP" them forgetting that he signed a contract. On the other hand the fact that he hasn't yet released an album may be his issue with them who really knows. but there is no smoke without a fire..

  18. Gulak says:

    Shodipo Olalekan!!!, wetin concerns CC and wizkid? Go and mek ur research again. Ode !!!h

  19. because u no know wetin happen abi… ure jst talkin lyk a blatant ignoramus

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