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9ice – Jigi Jigi + Don’t Blame Me + Browsing

Post by Ovie O, June 20th, 2013

New singles from 9ice. The first one is “Jigi Jigi” and the 2nd is called “Don’t Blame Me”. Not much to add really. Check ’em out.



Jigi Jigi [DOWNLOAD]

Don’t Blame Me [DOWNLOAD]


Browsing [DOWNLOAD]

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78 responses to “9ice – Jigi Jigi + Don’t Blame Me + Browsing”

  1. swagu says:

    first ..gbam!

  2. Bro Adigun. What is all this sef? This is not the real Adigun of Gongo Aso days.

  3. Bro Adigun. What is all this sef? This is not the real Adigun of Gongo Aso days.

  4. kingwax says:

    nonsense. as expected

  5. GidiChild says:

    This guy as lost it…. Sorry to say 9ice this is pure rubbish, please get your shit back together

  6. thinkwell says:

    whats all these man? You need to upgrade…

  7. Someone_Special says:

    9ice need to do more. This guy need to do something that is befitting of his status as an A-list artist.

  8. macibo says:

    9nice No get sense again

  9. Sabi boy says:

    Lol..9ice oo..I will pray for u bro..

  10. wariz says:

    9ice wat needs 2 be done is videos 4 songs u drop,lately uv not been doin dat

  11. Big Fish says:

    dis guy de record him "new singles" untop him BB! lol. please retire, this kind of music can't buy you mobile credit.

  12. No single positive comment, Ovie sef no fit hype am. i guess i no fit waste my mb. This guy don finish since he decided to diss Ruggedman. Na swear dey follow am about.

  13. Logo says:

    agbaya 9ice…. u must be a comedian!!! mo ni oko ti mo ma fi do e. Lmao!! @2013 U won't stop disappointn mi, U nid a new job & u Ovie thks 4 sharin d rubbish @ nyt cos i can't expect i listen to tis in da mornin.

  14. Deolagold says:

    Chai ovie killed the vibe first….New singles from 9ice. The first one is “Jigi Jigi” and the 2nd is called “Don’t Blame Me”. Not much to add really. Check ‘em out…. 9ice has lost it. Goodbye to Music.. go and start selling land in mowe ibafo or ogbomosho.

  15. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    "molowo…moloko"(not even worth translation)…9ice Bashorun Alapomeji as a true fan we used your album as a symbol of cultural identity all over UK…you gave us eager fans pride with your deep lyrics and songs…but what is happening?baba i use God beg u jo lo wa idi…even the production quality is poor and lyrics nothing to write home about…bros leave your mansion and spend a week in Bariga on street level u will get inspiration back. we are easy to please just show small humility…still a hopeful fan.

  16. Moshope says:

    This issue is had started when he parted ways with his manager. seriously he is just singing like he is just trying to get his stand in nigeria music scene. No endorsement no major show, nothing..

  17. OTUNBA says:


  18. Bro 9ice, Ow I wish u b my broda so I go fit talk to that your head…. Ooodabo!

  19. Oga this guy na terror oo, imagine in lyrics

  20. hin don finish, make hin beta go try arrange nu business for Oke Aado.

  21. jaybleeng says:

    nice vibe

  22. Omooba001 says:

    Anytime i see Ovie write
    "New singles from (Insert A-list artiste here)….Check ‘em out." Sincerely i dont expect anything from such song myself…For crying out loud, my mom bought the gongo aso album cos she knew we love it…am sure she wont buy Moloko molowo album…you should calm your head down and release something that is worth it 9ice…from ID Cabasa to tony payne…bro, you are still confused…get your son together…the boy head fit they catch you self…lolxxxx…..1 word for your singles : Trash

  23. tom says:

    Working with all those cheap ass…olobe producers! mtchew…

  24. 9jfreak says:

    SERIOUSLY, what happened to the socio-cultural genius lyricist?
    This is as close to *RIP* an artiste gets.
    Please Mr. Adigun, take a long long break
    So gutted damn!

  25. paulmirabilis says:

    In my almost 5yrs coming to this site, this is the first time a song will have all comments negative. It's a pity this is happening to 9ice. Case closed!

  26. tony says:

    i guess na toni payne family curse you on top of music …..u better go beg the girl and her family…shio kelebe

  27. alapomerin says:

    All the tracks are awesome and so nice to me… Thanks 9ice.. Going straight to my play list

  28. abeg which bomb? says:

    Beatz by Syphilis!! #JAM OF (miserable) LIFE!

  29. @activ8ed says:

    hahahah Ovie description mehnnn lollllllz

  30. iLanre says:

    I dare you release tracks as good as Gongo Aso and Street credibility… I DARE YOU!!!!

  31. NAMETALKAM says:


  32. Emeka says:

    blame it on me jam….

  33. St Samson says:

    For a Veteran 9ice! Gongo Aso , Photocopy 9ice
    Oga invest money for music, Its more than Luck nowadays
    Pay ppl to write songs for you, if you've got no idea again
    I'm sure he enjoys listening to this songs and Payne tells him the songs are nice lol

  34. Ifeiyanu Jayeoba says:

    Sad face

  35. striker says:


  36. one cyprus N*gga says:

    the songs r not mastered..btw.. what happened to his voice?
    all cracky n shi*t .. maybe he should quit molly for a while.. #justSaying

  37. Okay,I concur,I just listen to one wowo (Horrible) lyrics…sorry,he disappointed you,not me….you don't need to hide your face about him…encourage him to improve.

  38. Don says:

    9ice or werin u call ursef ? Imagine ur Son listening to this trash ? Smh. Quit music.

  39. Dsam says:

    9ice come read comments na. U don scatter your life with unnecessary bitterness. Your success sef come even be like SWEAR. E dey pain all of us cos no be the 9ice all of us fall in love with him music and lyrics be this again. America people say "get your shit together" and na the only way out for you now. #GetSenseAbeg

  40. Youngest Winch says:

    bros get back to your root! you did very well with cabasa and the codedtunes crew, get back there something good will come out

  41. baddessst says:

    Bros don cast yor

  42. Taiwo says:

    9ice baba, you see your life so. See wetin you dey sing now. For your mind all this na hit abi. iranu.

  43. hnew says:

    But nothing happen to Jigi Jigi nd Browser now, listen well haters

  44. DEX says:

    :/ If this is change, abeg I don't want it.

  45. Emeka Okafor says:

    una no go kill person! hahahaha! my guy say baba don finish! LMAO!

  46. jamo says:

    Jigii jigi is goina grow on people….. the other 1 maybe not..but I dont think they are as bad as people r saying..but of course 80% of the other comments r based on the usual herd mentality on this site

  47. shame dey catch me for this guy I swear.

  48. nevermind says:

    something is wrong (: . its like i'm listening to 2 diff songs at d same time.. disturbing. u can do better Bashorun.

  49. Ceo Bans says:

    These comments are sick and embarrassing I don't think I will have to waste my gig to hear these songs. I will rather comment.. I'm outchea.

  50. john says:

    9ce go home slip n meditate coz ds aint no song try do sm colabos n forge ahead

  51. Chai! Ememy don lay hands on you. U be nice mumu.

  52. OlaOflife says:

    He's still browsing 🙂

  53. dan says:

    jigi jigi and browsing are good tracks play d tracks on a sound system u feel da bit trust me

  54. tlong says:

    Sick lyrics … You can do better nice !!! Singing is not a must, you can transform to a pornstar if u really have ” a dick to fuck her” like you said in ur lyrics ….

  55. Olawale says:

    9ice as a friend and well wisher, i will sincerely say that this song is literally bad and can't even get any sympathetic view from me coz u lost it. please go back to the drawing table, take a little nap and trace your step in the lyrical world. This is the first time am not proud of your song but I believe you can do better by tapping into your ingenuity once again. Expecting you to drop the hits that will WOW me once again PLEASE…

  56. Bolu says:

    This is rubbish..if u no get anything to sing again,why this rubbish Mr Nice?

  57. Femi says:

    This tells you how whack NJO is.
    Not just ok is whack!!! and definately doesnt support good music.
    Gongo A so never made it to the blog when it was a heavy hit until very much later after the video.
    now they put these low quality songs up.
    shey u see say no be 9ice get problem; na these NJO people wey no sabi correct music.
    i wonder what is next; " wizkid lacing his shoes "

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