9ice – Jigi Jigi + Don’t Blame Me + Browsing

Post by Ovie O, June 20th, 2013

New singles from 9ice. The first one is “Jigi Jigi” and the 2nd is called “Don’t Blame Me”. Not much to add really. Check ‘em out.



Jigi Jigi [DOWNLOAD]

Don’t Blame Me [DOWNLOAD]


Browsing [DOWNLOAD]

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78 Responses to “9ice – Jigi Jigi + Don’t Blame Me + Browsing”

  1. jamo says:

    Jigii jigi is goina grow on people….. the other 1 maybe not..but I dont think they are as bad as people r saying..but of course 80% of the other comments r based on the usual herd mentality on this site

  2. shame dey catch me for this guy I swear.

  3. nevermind says:

    something is wrong (: . its like i'm listening to 2 diff songs at d same time.. disturbing. u can do better Bashorun.

  4. Ceo Bans says:

    These comments are sick and embarrassing I don't think I will have to waste my gig to hear these songs. I will rather comment.. I'm outchea.

  5. john says:

    9ce go home slip n meditate coz ds aint no song try do sm colabos n forge ahead

  6. Chai! Ememy don lay hands on you. U be nice mumu.

  7. OlaOflife says:

    He's still browsing :)

  8. dan says:

    jigi jigi and browsing are good tracks play d tracks on a sound system u feel da bit trust me

  9. tlong says:

    Sick lyrics … You can do better nice !!! Singing is not a must, you can transform to a pornstar if u really have ” a dick to fuck her” like you said in ur lyrics ….

  10. Olawale says:

    9ice as a friend and well wisher, i will sincerely say that this song is literally bad and can't even get any sympathetic view from me coz u lost it. please go back to the drawing table, take a little nap and trace your step in the lyrical world. This is the first time am not proud of your song but I believe you can do better by tapping into your ingenuity once again. Expecting you to drop the hits that will WOW me once again PLEASE…

  11. Bolu says:

    This is rubbish..if u no get anything to sing again,why this rubbish Mr Nice?

  12. Femi says:

    This tells you how whack NJO is.
    Not just ok is whack!!! and definately doesnt support good music.
    Gongo A so never made it to the blog when it was a heavy hit until very much later after the video.
    now they put these low quality songs up.
    shey u see say no be 9ice get problem; na these NJO people wey no sabi correct music.
    i wonder what is next; " wizkid lacing his shoes "

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