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WORLD Premiere: D’BANJ – FINALLY! | Dance Competition

Post by Ovie O, June 19th, 2013

As promised, here’s the official web premiere of D’Banj‘s new single “FINALLY!”

The EJA NLA aka Banger Lee blesses us with this potential smash single straight from the Lee Temple. Last night, we brought you guys a video clip of the radio premiere and Dance on the BEAT 99.9 FM Lagos. Now, D’Banj wants YOU… Yes, You!… to record a video of yourself dancing to this song (preferably with the moves in the video) and send it to us here at or Beat FM for a chance to win a “mystery prize”.

I’ve already started putting together my own steps for this one. Afterwards, I’ll upload it to youtube and tweet (or post) it, on one condition though: if I get to 30K followers (@OvieO) before the end of this month. This is a promise! 🙂


D'Banj Eja Nla Art


See D’Banj’s tweet which confirms the “FINALLY” dance competition. The official email for all entries is Goodluck to all participants!

#NOTE: “FINALLY” is a brand new single which will be on D’Banj’s next solo project.

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186 responses to “WORLD Premiere: D’BANJ – FINALLY! | Dance Competition”

  1. Someone_Special says:

    I like the production. D'banj need to work on his lyrics. Nice party track

  2. Jimmy says:

    Nice music. Banger nla

  3. Ejanla Lee says:

    Mad Jam!!!

  4. Jaybee says:

    Lazy Lyrics… Good Production…. *Just There*….

  5. mafii says:

    Banger lee

  6. Kelvin says:

    Wow banga we all bn waiting for. God bless u banga lee

  7. Adeoluwa says:

    Wow!!lovely one, Eja nla Deliver on this one oooh…No hating please

  8. mon 1981 says:


  9. Ejanla Lee says:


  10. M-TEE says:

    wack stuff. D'banj tryna pull an oliver twist. Not gonna happen with this song.

  11. One Man's Opinion says:

    Mscheeew See, oga abeg park. We din wait Ice Prince e VIP video abeg. U don di disappoint we. Reverse, park fine.

  12. M-TEE u dey crazy go carry mice and sing your own Nice song from Eja nla ose…

  13. paulmirabilis says:

    Nice beat, shitty lyrics

  14. G RUGGED says:

    make i just say "FINALLY" like the song chants! D'BANJ is here with another Banger … you dont wanna touch this at all. swallow the hate lol. it will always get better

  15. Man 2 Man says:

    Oya D'Banj fans, this na unna song/comment.. unna don manege to drive every neural music lovers away from commenting on his post.. any comment wey no be; he killed it, he nailed it, banger of life, gets 10 thumbs down average..

  16. TMM says:

    D beat is massive….ahahaha sounds more like jazzy's beat…

  17. Oses Moneypileup says:

    don jazzy will most definitely be laughing at this one… lol…can never be like oliver twist.. nice tune anyway but not feeling it, just being sincere.

  18. don jazzy says:

    i don die ooooooo this boy dbanj don bring another monster hit

  19. Steve says:

    Dis is dope jare!

  20. itsjustayo says:

    Welcome Back Uncle Dapo.

  21. sabi boy says:

    wen 2face or wizkid or psquare release song una no go comment about lyrics oh..but as soon as dbanj release song evry hater must find one or 2 bad thing to say about dbanj if nt lyrics na voice..dude is doin gud man..with good promotion this song wuld be a hit lyk oliver twist

  22. MANCHARA says:

    Music this days to me is not all about content anymore,But about targeted audience..Just do a good beat, simple rhymes, good hype and publicity and you are there..This jam is for the club,Djs .

    Dbanj has a deep pocket anyway and he does his calculations pretty well its easy for him to make simple tracks a hit which is what makes him stand out from the rest..Just imagine someone who does even have an album but still tops all A list shows….

    The game plan on this is spot on ..Salute for the man on the beat

  23. dre says:

    Nice one Eja Nla

  24. teewhye says:

    So delighted havin dis lovely hot vibes frm d banga lee himself. The lyrics go rhythmically with the beat ,alongside with its edicated dance steps. All d critics cant do better.

    What is wrong if this turns a hit like Oliver twist at least he sang both songs and he s da owner not d producer.

    So also eedris blessed us with his lovely jam ” sekere ” but d producer failed to make it better by not addin some adjuncts to the beat to make it more danceable as eedris melodically delivered the lyrics. I wish he could do remix with olamide.

    But frankly, banger lee is hotter now. Wish him well so it can be better for u as well.

  25. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    …gotta keep things fair and in perspective d song is for ravers and goes well with the dance plus the beat is awesome…Dbanj gets props for his effort and clutch

  26. tobi says:

    To those idiot and fools waiting for don jazzy beat and lyrics should keep far as I know.this is will be around for a very long time.what lyrics does limpopo has if I may ask? You hate dbanj so much but you can’t stop listening to his songs and watching is videos. Stop watching,reading or listening to him if you hate it that it a must. Banja lee love u joor..let them keep hating. Even when Jesus walks on the water,some people said its because he can’t So ppl go surely talk.

  27. Steve says:

    This will be around for a long time!!!So who is talking about lyrics here????Does limpopo have any lyrical content???But peeps like it???Nice one Eja N'la

  28. Gen Oblon says:

    chai, I cant stop playing dis jam. Finally toh badt.

  29. chuka101 says:

    hot beat…..I’m waiting for the original song to come out with real lyrics…. doesn’t mean I won’t rock to this

  30. paulmirabilis says:

    This dude keeps releasing wack songs and this one is no exception

  31. realtalk says:

    Big Beat. not a bad tune. d'banj dey release music like upcoming artiste. making them seem wortless.

  32. Omooba001 says:

    This is D'banj…he is an entertainer….forget Lyrics…do you see Omawumi or Ebenezer obey on the song ni….we have known him for this a long time…we talking Eja nla, you saying lyrics….pay him his money…

    But if you want lyrics, i will talk to him…meanwhile…Sit here _____

  33. Drizzy says:

    The days of d’banj r over. This is rubbish. D’banj now sings like mike okri. 100% pure garbbage . Who has ever heard d’banj sing any of his latest song on shows. He still sings Oliver Twist, n others he did under no hits. Past glory is all this dude lives on. This ain’t song. D’banj my advise is you come back to Naija level and forget all this new pattern. The only best thing d’banj has ever done since Mohits, is his verse on kukere remix n naeto’s Montana remix. Step up d’banj. I was it fan. But now I only fancy your style,dress sense. But musically, you presently have no career. Your music is nothing to write about. Kay switch does better. Learn. One love. Your used to be fan.

  34. janet says:

    all the people hating this song what are you still waiting for, go and hand yourself na, or start crying, because majority carries d vote, when the son go turn number 1 like oliver, na una wen hate am go still carry una dirty nyash come dance, faggots!!!!!!!!! d'banj you rock my world, i'm loving this song, you always deliver……

  35. zunnybunny says:

    Honestly,this guy is starting to win again. Dude went on a long a** holiday to the US in search of international fame,to break the barriers and crack the US market but he still some how managed to maintain his relevance in naija scene. Just like he said in one of his interviews,"if they don't accept me there, i'll go back to Africa"…His G.O.O.D contract doesn't include Africa anyway. Now,i think he's "FINALLY" back for his throne… after noticing his mishaps from the earlier moves. I think he's here to stay but sorry if am wrong. Welcome bro….and goodluck.

  36. Segun says:

    It's like Dejavu. The comments here remind me of the comments on Oliver Twist when it dropped –… . So much "Professional opinion." It amazing how folks criticize his lyrics like they really do care about it, yet, the same folks dance to the song in the clubs.

    This brother has proven himself over time, he is a certified entertainer. Nobody can take that away from him.

    Nigerians! criticize D'banj, bad mouth Super Eagles, criticize anything that seem progressive. Of course there is a place for constructive criticism but let's learn to appreciate our own. If we don't, how do we expect others to respect/appreciate them?

  37. skillzbaba says:

    his best track so far after oliver but this song cant last poor lyrics touch ur nose

  38. treyx says:

    Jessoxxxxxxxx……Jam ooo. Good gym session. Dbanj will perform this for 10 years…..LMAO. Well done Sir

  39. Stray says:

    Can imagine the haters who don't want to dance to this in a club because its Dbanj…..lmao. You'll only be the odd one out…..This jam of Eternity!!!!!!!

  40. Bella says:

    That awkward moment an hater starts to dance and when he or she realises its dbanj, they try to stop dancing…..LMAO

  41. Boss GM pls I so much need ur BB pin

  42. Musicplaner says:

    Where is the Lyrics in Limpopo…Where is the Lyrics in Sho-Lee…you haters should shut up already..This is hot!!!…Eja Nla kokoitoooo…Haters will need Eja Nla finally..Ebi n pa yin

  43. BRL says:

    I beg who produce this beat, i'm loving it. Beat of life is here , try to bounce on beat. D banj i beg who produce this beat….?

  44. rotimiolowofela says:


  45. KASSIM says:

    it will will be better off for hater to keep their mouth shot at this time, THE NEXT BIG THING IS HERE, ''FINALLY'' BANGALEE THANK YOU FOR COMING BACK STRONGER, THIS IS HEAVY!!!!

  46. rotimiolowofela says:

    hehehehehehe! am still sure peeps will still criticize this…. abeg wetin make he do o? pls ur ideas ar welcomed, so we fit tell am

  47. Kanji says:

    The days of d’banj r over. This is rubbish. D’banj now sings like mike okri. 100% pure garbbage . Who has ever heard d’banj sing any of his latest song on shows. He still sings Oliver Twist, n others he did under no hits. Past glory is all this dude lives on. This ain’t song. D’banj my advise is you come back to Naija level and forget all this new pattern. The only best thing d’banj has ever done since Mohits, is his verse on kukere remix n naeto’s Montana remix. Step up d’banj. I was it fan. But now I only fancy your style,dress sense. But musically, you presently have no career. Your music is nothing to write about. Kay switch does better. Learn. One love. Your used to be fan.

  48. mr g says:

    if this song came out with a bad hook and good lyric it would be a SMASH

  49. mr g says:

    i like the beat the beat is dope

  50. G RUGGED says:

    make i just say "FINALLY" like the song chants! D'BANJ is here with another Banger … you dont wanna touch this at all. swallow the hate lol, I think a lot of us really need to put the brake-up between him and Jazzy behind! with that we can get to openly listen and appreciate every of their individual efforts. Take it or leave it, the duo will still come back later in the future and that's why its called SHOW-BIZ but for now we really have to accept the fact that one is Mavin and the other is Banga Lee (Eja Nla) right now. thumbs up on this joint again! this is the song after Sho Le, Gobe & Limpopo

  51. whalesP says:

    I discover most D’banj’s haters are going through psychological trauma of post Mo’hits epoche. Pro D’banj fans should acknowledge this. However, what all you self-acclaimed anti-D’banj need do is to make your mind flexible to embrace this paradigm swift. Remember, change is perennial phenomena. Furthermore, Its behoves to echo Don Jazzy here when he was responding to a fan interrogation, he affirmed that @ a point in time Wande Coal would leave Mavin records, this aforementioned aligns with the assertion that life is in a state of flux.

  52. wale says:

    Dbanj is the best. I love this song with the dancing step. Keep it up Eja Nla.

  53. NA ME TALK AM says:


  54. one cyprus N*gga says:

    this is d shiiiiii****… if u dont lke this… u will die hating d'banj..
    who looks for lyrics in a song like dis?? its a f*ckin club banger for christ sake..
    sho lee.. limpopo.. show me ur rozay.. n Gaga Crazy … all hadd silly lyrics .. but we danced..
    now its d'banj's turn… Liasten to 'FINALLY' and FUCK**N DANCE! ..#ThatsAll

  55. D'cepe Emmanuel says:

    Ignore lyrics & Dance to dis jam 4rm lee temple lol.

  56. ☤✡ Angel Junkie ✡☤ says:

    Artists can't always give u 100% DOPE music every single time in their career….n thats what a lot of people faild to understand….D'banj had highs then lows…. A lot of people ruled him out….this is definitely another HIGH!!! FINALLY, you gotta love Banger Lee!

  57. jazzy says:

    @skillzbaba u complainin about “touch your nose”,,remember oliver twist still had poor lyrics too…”Shakey bum bum”…buh it blew n so would ds too!!

  58. Tochukwu Ayodele Mourinho says:

    If they want Lyrics then they should turn to Late MJ lol

  59. Aleximoto says:

    Dbanj is d man so he was calld by snoop lion….Banger lee nice song kip it up..can’t wait 2 watch d video…all u hater go die mehhh…..

  60. St Samson says:

    Since When did Nigerians start listening to lyrics in songs sef,
    Even ppl who can compose 2 lines will complain about lyrics
    We all know Dbanj doesn't really care about lyrics right from the days of TONGOLO
    as long as the song keeps you dancing… EJA NLA on point
    Love this! on the 18th replay

  61. VincoIsHere says:

    Naija with complains…Nawa oooo

  62. decorous says:

    eja nla,
    i am so surprise at your songs that i cant stop listening to them. just to be sure of whose sond is it.
    i must say but we expect better tune from you as a banga lee from the lee temple

  63. 2baba says:

    after going through Oliver twist comments on this site when it was posted first,i can conclude that Dbanj has always had haters even with Don jazzy. So keep on hating cos this song is actually a BANGER. Replay button here i come

  64. ramsey says:

    You Dont Like It Now? You Will Love It FINALLY!

  65. silas says:

    This is Heavyy

  66. KASSIM says:

    20th time on replay already, haters back off, THE NEXT BIG THINGS HAS FINALLY ARRIVED. Nothing is close to this at the moment.

  67. FckGalzLuv$ says:


  68. jaybee says:

    alot of people make up stupid comments and replies without thinking tho… the song is dope.. i just dont fux with the lyrics… + its surely a song to dance to.. why not? the beat is dope.. if you're gonna stand in line with the pple dt only hype beats, fine.. thats yo own opinion. you dont expect others to follow your crappy steps. #Deuce

  69. wariz says:

    Aint seeing this being quarter successful as oliver twist(lets be sincere)tho fans r tryna bring the confidence back in dbanj which is good…all like bout d song is wen it says finally nd d beat that sounds with it

  70. NAMETALKAM says:


  71. Paul Kalu says:


  72. Doobeee! says:

    Wow! Smash hit!Dis song was meant to take over 4rm Oliver Twist* I jxt hope D’banj releases it n d global market its gonna do preety well like Oliver Twist#But in Africa here,dis isa monster hit!confirmed#

  73. stephine says:

    Haters go nd drink acid, koko master nice one. Some of u hv dirty ears go nd clean it

  74. Evermind says:

    Can u imagine,i just went thru d comment box wen Oliver twist was released and it was d same complaint abt d lyrics back den,infact even one particular Chuks comment dat D'banj need international recognition and said Oliver twist does not av d criteria of getting it. Fast track 2 2013 d same set of pple are using d same song dey belittle and complain abt d lyrics to set standard for other hits, well all I wil say is whom ''Jah as blessed let no man curse''. Pls my fellow team d'banj don't fight dem,dont curse dem,dont call dem names cos without dem it won't be more interesting dey wil cum back and eat their words, dats wat dey always do anyway. Now unto d next one ''FINALLY'' is d jam wat else can I do but to say its EJA NLA-KOKOITOO-BANGER LEE AGAIN looking at you alone giv me pride and hope dat a black brother like me is making it big.Osheeeeeeey

  75. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    You can never ever count D'Banj out. Eja nla aka Banger Lee aka Koko Master aka Skibanj like his Jamaican friends like to call him.

    He has always kept it real.."I'm an entertainer" and he does just that! Entertaining on the stage live and he tends to produce entertaining 'sing and dance along' tracks. I like this better than some of the latest tracks. As to ppl still foaming at the mouth regarding M0Hits, I just wish they put this much effort into questioning and criticizing the govt in Nigeria as they do with this Mohits saga

  76. timeless says:

    hahah nnnd EJANLA has used nitro to put a serious gap between oda artists battling for the song of the summer…..EJA NLA SUMMER!!!

  77. If una no like the track, D'banj is not forcing you to like it….Opa Gangnam style no make sense but e get record views on youtube….If you know music u no need say e no make sense…what is BANDZ WILL YOU DANCE? But still una dey listen to am….Lets support our own thing….TEAM KOKOMASTER D'BANJ BANGALEE EJA NLA FROM THE LEE TEMPLE….OSHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  78. Sabi boy says:

    Damn only d'banj gets over 100 comments each time he releases a new song..EJA NLAAAAAA IS A KING!!!!!!!!!

  79. Ogidigan says:

    With 115 comments and counting as well as similar tallies on recent NJO D'banj posts, it's obvious Eja Nla is here to stay. Haters, supporters, critics, and neutralists can't get enough. Songs people hate still get airplay, downloads, and reviews, so the bottom line is he's still relevant. For those who are not happy with his recent efforts since the Mo'Hits exit, all you have to do is ignore and move on, we are blessed with a variety of options out there. If you have to complain and moan, then you're subconsciously still a supporter and can't get enough of Banger Lee. Lets be civil with our support and offer constructive criticism. Personally, I have mixed feelings on his recent efforts, but I have to give credit where it's due, the bobo dey try. From a business point of view, he's doing an excellent job and has created a brand whether you like it or not.

  80. chuks says:

    wooow maaaaaaaaddddddd

  81. Finally….something good from D'banj! oshee

  82. Olamiwake Lawal says:

    you too much jooor.

  83. Olamiwake Lawal says:

    why u no push am goo?

  84. MrUnkpe says:

    Let Stop Hatin,Dapo Sabi Joor


  86. Alrite! Going to work on this one now……. Nice Jam bro! NS's felling you gidigon noni aspa Legited tins………………

  87. Adeoluwa says:

    OMG!!! I Can't stop listening to this real jam…D'banj the Eja nla..You too much bros..more blessing and please peoples stop hating and give this bros a plus..nice one Bangee leeee

  88. DEX says:

    Love it! Osheyy. More summer jams.

  89. Alaba MixTape says:

    Y are u hating when your negative energy is valued at Zero(0) in this equation, 100% – 0 = 100% success. it is official straight from "Alaba pirate temple" that this track will b in all mix tapes from d Godfather of 9ja music (Alaba). So if you hate this track just kill yourself now, this track will be played played PLAYED everywhere, until Finally you love it…. ~d[-_-]b~

  90. Dave Ade says:

    no1 idiot in your family

  91. 9jafreak says:


  92. skillzbaba says:

    this song cant make an upcoming artist blow at all

  93. NAMETALKAM says:

    This 135 Comments is NOT good about the music but "ARGUMENT"

  94. guitarboi danny says:

    men this jam is dope, nice one banger, i can see banger is working hard.

  95. dboiz says:

    If dbanj like mke e sing rubish, is stil d best…. All of una. Hating on him.. Una b oloriburuku, oloshi…. Dbanj is making more moni and fame all day nd nites, u re dere hatin on him.. Skilzbaba abi wetin u cal ursef, u b arindin.. Go sing urs. Oloribu….

  96. Emcee says:

    I was lost listening to the instrumental. *sighs* NOISE…Thanks for your anticipated shallow insults voltrons.

  97. Tochukwu Ayodele Mourinho says:

    Still on repeat, even till now i dey bust my speakers

  98. wale says:

    mad love you

  99. Straight from the ocean…. BangaLee Eja Nla! You no like am abi? U don chop?

  100. baddessst says:

    Average thinza, dude need work on his lyrics, he jst waste d beat anyhow jor

  101. Patrick Patrick Ade says:

    Na u we suppose ask werin do u.. U dey wear glasses 4 ears again ni…. Obarakana, Bend ur knees, oya follow me go, oya touch ur toes..LWKMD

  102. SENATOR says:

    this song is nothing to write home about….. very wack and lack lyricks

  103. truth says:

    watch people hating dbanj are igbos…they are always criticizing…..I TOO KNOW DEY KILL THEM
    Foolish pple

  104. BigJhay says:

    The rate i support Don Jazzy is more than Dbanj to be sincere but this is a HIT JAM!!! leaving MoHits is good cos we all have to grow. Even Jesse Jags left chocolate, Wizkid leaving too. Bless up Naija Music

  105. lummybaby says:

    This is a worldwide hit! Haters gon hate till death

  106. rotimiolowofela says:


  107. rotimiolowofela says:

    u will need me finally!

  108. nemo23 says:

    Men u all shld stp all this bullshit,Appreciate sumtin 9ice wen u hear one.Eja Nla washere!!!!!

  109. The judge says:

    hate it or love but if Dbanj album had been produced by Don Jazzy the world wud hav exploded!!!!! Its not a secret that Eja Nla's standards hav gone down!

  110. @Peterweez says:

    D'banj kip makin HISTORY !! While haters kip Foolin demself..Of-cuz d world got to hate no matter how gud u play along. But God will reward them accordingly BASTARDS… Don jazzy is still ur broda in the Strt,I alwaz feel ur passion to work with him. Keep going High Eja nla

  111. big boi says:

    fire from d banj

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