WORLD Premiere: D’BANJ – FINALLY! | Dance Competition

Post by Ovie O, June 19th, 2013

As promised, here’s the official web premiere of D’Banj‘s new single “FINALLY!”

The EJA NLA aka Banger Lee blesses us with this potential smash single straight from the Lee Temple. Last night, we brought you guys a video clip of the radio premiere and Dance on the BEAT 99.9 FM Lagos. Now, D’Banj wants YOU… Yes, You!… to record a video of yourself dancing to this song (preferably with the moves in the video) and send it to us here at or Beat FM for a chance to win a “mystery prize”.

I’ve already started putting together my own steps for this one. Afterwards, I’ll upload it to youtube and tweet (or post) it, on one condition though: if I get to 30K followers (@OvieO) before the end of this month. This is a promise! :-)


D'Banj Eja Nla Art


See D’Banj’s tweet which confirms the “FINALLY” dance competition. The official email for all entries is Goodluck to all participants!

#NOTE: “FINALLY” is a brand new single which will be on D’Banj’s next solo project.

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186 Responses to “WORLD Premiere: D’BANJ – FINALLY! | Dance Competition”

  1. NAMETALKAM says:

    This 135 Comments is NOT good about the music but "ARGUMENT"

  2. guitarboi danny says:

    men this jam is dope, nice one banger, i can see banger is working hard.

  3. dboiz says:

    If dbanj like mke e sing rubish, is stil d best…. All of una. Hating on him.. Una b oloriburuku, oloshi…. Dbanj is making more moni and fame all day nd nites, u re dere hatin on him.. Skilzbaba abi wetin u cal ursef, u b arindin.. Go sing urs. Oloribu….

  4. Emcee says:

    I was lost listening to the instrumental. *sighs* NOISE…Thanks for your anticipated shallow insults voltrons.

  5. maxibeats says:

    Thats more like it

  6. Tochukwu Ayodele Mourinho says:

    Still on repeat, even till now i dey bust my speakers

  7. wale says:

    mad love you

  8. Straight from the ocean…. BangaLee Eja Nla! You no like am abi? U don chop?

  9. baddessst says:

    Average thinza, dude need work on his lyrics, he jst waste d beat anyhow jor

    • Diplomat23 says:

      i think u need to first make ur own damn music before u ignorantly bloviate about the song and frankly ur assessment of lyrics is intellectually deficient.

    • sonny says:

      Give me an example of any naija artist dat sings lyrics Idiot!!!Mad tune#Enjala na d best…Finally

    • mone2013 says:

      @baddesst. go and sleep. tell us lyrics in Iyanya – Kukere but the song is hit. u guys hating success of kokomaster will never progress in life. this is nice song and ur talking rubbish. dbanji finally is a good song. dkm concert is coming on sunday at eko hotel lagos and ur here saying rubbish.go and listen to that rubbish song that modenine ft don jazzy. don jazzy is finished. don jazy is waiting tiwa savage"s money, whenever she performes live shows. to collect his percentage

      • baddessst says:

        Diplomat i think u re just a learner of new English words right? …. Sonny u can always comment on thz without insulting yeah?

        And u mone2013 no one is hating on dbanj, hez in my top 3 naija artist and as for d curse u placed on ur family, i pray so shall it be for you, your generation to follow up 2 d fifth, E NO GO FOREVER BETTER FOR YOU!

  10. Patrick Patrick Ade says:

    Na u we suppose ask werin do u.. U dey wear glasses 4 ears again ni…. Obarakana, Bend ur knees, oya follow me go, oya touch ur toes..LWKMD

  11. SENATOR says:

    this song is nothing to write home about….. very wack and lack lyricks

    • Eruku makanaki says:

      smh u cant even spell lyrics..

      • Gbenusoun says:

        Abeg tell him oh…SENATOR or wat did he call himself…What in his life has he ever done that is something to write home about….Enemy of progress buruku

  12. truth says:

    watch people hating dbanj are igbos…they are always criticizing…..I TOO KNOW DEY KILL THEM
    Foolish pple

  13. BigJhay says:

    The rate i support Don Jazzy is more than Dbanj to be sincere but this is a HIT JAM!!! leaving MoHits is good cos we all have to grow. Even Jesse Jags left chocolate, Wizkid leaving too. Bless up Naija Music

  14. lummybaby says:

    This is a worldwide hit! Haters gon hate till death

  15. rotimiolowofela says:


  16. rotimiolowofela says:

    u will need me finally!

  17. nemo23 says:

    Men u all shld stp all this bullshit,Appreciate sumtin 9ice wen u hear one.Eja Nla washere!!!!!

  18. The judge says:

    hate it or love but if Dbanj album had been produced by Don Jazzy the world wud hav exploded!!!!! Its not a secret that Eja Nla's standards hav gone down!

    • Star boy says:

      Point of correction it is not D'banj album it is DB compilation. D'banj will be hitting the market within 2 months time

  19. @Peterweez says:

    D'banj kip makin HISTORY !! While haters kip Foolin demself..Of-cuz d world got to hate no matter how gud u play along. But God will reward them accordingly BASTARDS… Don jazzy is still ur broda in the Strt,I alwaz feel ur passion to work with him. Keep going High Eja nla

  20. big boi says:

    fire from d banj

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