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VIDEO: Patoranking – Park Well

Post by Ovie O, June 19th, 2013

“Park Well” by Dancehall act Patoranking made it into several Alaba mixtapes and DJ playlists towards the end of last year and early this year. As expected, the banger now has a video. Hopefully it gives the song even more push on ground.




YouTube Preview Image

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20 responses to “VIDEO: Patoranking – Park Well”

  1. FKID says:

    no go talk ..make i let Lastma do the talking

  2. swedishdude says:

    On point..

  3. Omo Odua says:

    Is it me or Pato is swagger jacking Dammy Krane? I'm sure he's been out way before DK. Just saying!!!

  4. Spacome says:

    I jst like dis Guy don't even knw why…

  5. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    the song nevermade sense and it craps on morality but peeps like it cos its a dancehall hit…as for the flick, putting actual price tags on women? that's an all time low. c'mon son where is your soul? The NJO feminist gang Dex,Lade,Tolani, Mina won't like this.

  6. Nice wan Pato me likeeeee' keep the fire blaizzzin'.

  7. Keep pushing Bro..Oh sure!

  8. realtalk says:

    enjoyable. pato tried. patrick elis king of white studio. the guy ready shoot the next 10 videos with white background.

  9. ☤✡ Angel Junkie ✡☤ says:

    this guy could face legal charges for stealing a beat from Ghana for commercial purpose…we all think thats impossible because,well this is Africa….but shit changes. 🙂

  10. fire kyan kool………………………….rahhhh RANKING FIRE DEM.

  11. It’s pointless to take someone’s opinion personal. Opinions are based on individual mindset. So get over it “mates”. Anyways I second @Lastman’s opinion. Morally, I don’t get the moral of the song, but it’s Nigerian Market, anything goes, people just wanna dance. And as for the price tag, that’s just irrational to place price tags on humans. The visual representation is questionable.

  12. nice vid pato.. kip it burning.

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