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VIDEO: eLDee ft Sojay – We Made It

Post by Ovie O, June 19th, 2013

eLDee has always been one hell of a songwriter and conscious music maker. He raps when he chooses to, and he always kills it. “We Made It”, which is one of several great songs on the “Undeniable” album, now has a video. It’s as impressive as the song itself. Perfect story-telling in the lyrics and the visuals echo every word. Great output from start to finish.
Special shout-out to Sojay for blessing the hook with his amazing voice.
“After 15+ years of success in Nigeria’s music industry, eLDee chronicles his ups & downs in an autobiographical video for the fan favorite “We Made It”. With Trybe Records’ soulful crooner, Sojay, belting out the heartfelt hook, eLDee takes us back chronologically; from his childhood aspirations of being a rapper, to his Trybesmen days, and finally to his more recent successes with chart-topping hits crowding his résumé and the successful launch of his Trybe 2.0 label.
The CEO of Trybe Records is known for his pop hits, but takes us back to his hip-hop roots in “We Made It”, flowing effortlessly over the rolling bassline and haunting flutes commissioned by Cobhams Asuquo to serve as backdrop to the story of his rise to fame. In the video, what starts as a routine interview grows reflective and soon with an assist from award-winning Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli, we are thrust into the childhood exploits of Lanre Dabiri – before he was known as eLDee.
The song marks the 3rd video shot off eLDee’s critically acclaimed Undeniable album, with club hit “Higher” and wedding anthem “Today Today” already receiving high praise and heavy rotation on video channels around the continent.”
Director: eLDee
Co-Director: Mahmoud Olympio (MOfilmworks Production).


YouTube Preview Image

If you’d like to check out behind-the-scenes footage, click here.

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51 responses to “VIDEO: eLDee ft Sojay – We Made It”

  1. Eruku Makanaki says:


  2. Man 2 Man says:

    na me be fist? well lets wait for admin to release comments..

    Loving this, great song niz viddy.. Don told his story well here

  3. Banky says:

    First !!! Nice One

  4. gbenga says:

    eldee has never disappointed me. Meaningful inspiring music!

  5. Tony Nwakpa says:

    Finally! a music video I can watch confidently with my kids, no meaningless ass shaking and materialistic insinuations. I have been a fan since trybesmen and I have to give it to eldee, one of the only true role models out there.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful! inspiring!

  7. big tunde says:

    best video out right now

  8. findout says:

    Touching…Nice 1 eldee. Only hope you can drop one more album to make it 5, Rap album will be lovely. Lovely vid tho!

  9. moxy says:

    sojay's voice………………..damn……………….no homo

  10. Jaybee says:

    She be dancing for just a CAR KEY? Where the CAR at? lol Nice Video tho.

  11. paulmirabilis says:

    Fantastic Video….Eldee the Don!

  12. Damn Gatta Appreciate Whenever U See an Artist, who not only Respect their Craft, but also; Always Looking to be Better @ It… Eldee Da Don Baba “Twale” Nice One!!

  13. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    …this is a well rounded song and video with genius touches everywhere…infact u'd have to be a genius to bring up some valid hating points on this one. Gr8 Journey!!!

  14. Sauce says:

    “Some how they saying i motivated dem

    They eating they dont know how it got infront of them

    But i aint trippin, i’m just tryna get infront of them”!!!!!! Boss Shit!!!… eLDee just claimed his throne on this one!!!!

  15. @activ8ed says:

    such a nice product. people will be people….when the B-T-S video was many were hating saying Eldee wanted to do it he is a master of none…now i dont see those bad comments

  16. Eldee you sabi.if I hear more English I go add.Your music too gbasky and you dey rep to the fullest.

  17. realtalk says:


  18. realtalk says:


  19. kamal says:

    this is the music the future and the reality ..bro you re a super star ..your songs always touches my heart ..kepp it up

  20. ☤✡ Angel Junkie ✡☤ says:

    beautiful story, song and video…couldn't be told any better.

  21. eLDeeTheDon captured every moment with this video. Cinematic approach has an effect on the mind. The truth was captured in every scene. Can’t see anybody faulting this.

  22. silas says:


  23. NewinTown says:

    Eldee come out of retirement and get back to the studio with Sarz. Jay-Z still dey rap, U no see that his video recently?

  24. Folasanwo says:

    6 A1's and 2 A2's ….. o boy, elDee know book oh :)..

    lovely video…watched it 3 times non-stop already 🙂

  25. MrUnkpe says:

    Song Of The Week..

  26. ropo says:

    i've been a fan of eldee for a while. i love shake body remix. he is a lyricist when he raps. keep doing you bro, and i wish you even more success in your music career. don't rest yet. keep pushing and you will be surprised at how far you will reach.

  27. DEX says:

    Lovely video for a lovely track. He's come a long way. It's only fair that he should reap the fruit of his labour. Respect!

  28. MBeezy says:

    Love it.

  29. rixon says:

    eLDee stays on point….Love this !!!!

  30. ajmammie says:

    ACE!!! This has a touch of class…

  31. Naomi says:

    Now this is some real ass song/video… Please VIDEO of the week

  32. 9jafreak says:

    Respect BOSS

  33. trickX says:

    Classic from the Boss. Sweet music. Sweet Video. Like I woulda told it. Impressed.

  34. Koboko! says:

    WHOA!!! JUJU ON TRYBESDECK!!!!! Thank you, yes, thank you Sir for not wasting 5 minutes of my life . This is a very descriptive, interesting, thoughtful video…The real Chairman, Oga, this video was very motivating. I am very impressed… Heading to itunes to get your album now….

  35. seanpizzle says:

    madt tune bruv…dey dun know…its a bad man thing…eldee da don…

  36. godson says:

    pure genius….. from music to production and video , dont stop doing what you doing . music is ur manna from above like u sd on that track with banky ,God bless u sir !

  37. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    I like how he pointed out that some don't still accept the fact that he is a pioneer/veteran, still expecting him to come and prove something like a new cat. Eldee set the trend for majority of the new cats.

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