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VIDEO: D’Banj Premieres “Finally” | The Beat 99.9 FM Staff Dance Along

Post by Ovie O, June 18th, 2013

Banger Lee of the Lee Temple is winning new converts to his sanctuary daily!

Watch D’Banj as he teaches the Beat 99.9 FM staff the dance moves to his new single “Finally”. This one is sounding madd heavy!!

Oh by the way, EJA NLA wants you guys to record a dance video to this song (when it “finally” drops here on and upload it online. Apparently there’s a “mystery prize” for the best one. Happy viewing, and goodluck to all those who will participate.


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54 responses to “VIDEO: D’Banj Premieres “Finally” | The Beat 99.9 FM Staff Dance Along”

  1. First!!!! D'banj strikes again!! Eja Nla!!

  2. deez nutz says:

    i am selling my first position, contact me for payment instruction.

  3. Ben says:

    Seriously, You cant Hate this Dude… He gat it all.

    I'm seeing this Track as a Hits, Kudos to KokoMaster…#DOPE

  4. dfg says:

    Banger lee!

  5. Guest says:

    Dbanj just knows how to package things and make it look big! bad man buruku….

  6. MANDHIP says:

    Wow, Bangalee the clear Winner!!!

  7. Gbendelite says:


  8. IYA D'BANJ says:

    YOU will run down if you hate this song. This is a definetly a HIT.
    THUMBS UP if you agree

  9. Club will love this one …..

  10. Someone_Special says:

    Spot on. You have said the simple truth. The thing is some people who claim to be D'banj's biggest fans (even though they don't buy CDs) see positive criticism as a haters' comment.

  11. KASSIM says:


  12. Drizzy Fkid says:

    This dude is the best entertainer…forget it..he will be heating the bank daily no matter what.

  13. Mee says:

    The Finally tune might just get a nice recognition like Oliver twist..can see people using this as their workout tape..(just saying) Peace

  14. Dsam says:

    "Finally", does anyone on here has any opposing opinion now that D'banj is coming back home to take back his throne? Oppose and die. I think some of us that constructively criticised his excessive and somewhat senseless international ambition can now stand strong and hit back at all emotional fans who refused to open their eyes to see the dark side of the international movement. Well done Banga Lee no Nigerian really hates you but we will not fail to hit you so hard with our only strong weapon (anonymous comments) whenever you go astray.

    Mehnn na that Orobo I go just concentrate dey rock if i dey that place..LOL

  15. Man 2 Man says:

    This na JJC dance oh, my hand no dey..

  16. EJA NLA straight from the Ocean,,,, 9ja BesT…

  17. Banger Lee of the Lee Temple is winning new converts to his sanctuary daily! If u nor wan join,,, keep your mouth close,,, where d haters? U can't jst stop him…..8ers go drink acid….or join Banger Lee temple…

  18. Welldone ejanla keep up

  19. Sabi boy says:

    Finally i on record my dance moves..ovie hw fr? mk i send am already?this one wey eja nla just dey share money anyhow..make i follow chop from the big apple..the song too madddddddd jor.

  20. @Arcussy says:

    yh we all kno he can't make it without mavin's …….i wish they shud accept him if he ask for reunion

  21. donp says:

    esky boy at it again(iya yin)

  22. Tochukwu Ayodele Mourinho says:

    abeg who do that beat?

  23. KUDY GOLD says:

    yeaaah dbanj…….madt beats…..finally!

  24. General says:

    this is crap

  25. DEX says:

    Aha! Welcome back D'banj. Biko, what is Lee Temple? Lol

  26. Omo Odua says:

    Only Banger Lee could turn a station of that caliber into a mini club with that joint! A very bad sharp guy. I hope and pray the song go places. Go on soun Dapo!!!

  27. badman blaze says:

    Jam of Africa!!!!

  28. Jaybee says:

    Haters, STFU already about the "he can't do without Jazzy and all" … GROW UP!

  29. D'cepe Emmanuel says:

    Five Star General Dbanj u r honestly untop of d world! I bet dis wuld compit or rather beat Oliver twist..

  30. Drizzy Fkid says:

    all na same bro

  31. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    LOL D'banj is most definitely THE ENTERTAINER. He at least recognizes his niche and knows how to please the fans. This will be an anthem and "dance craze" type of jam.

  32. DMANNA says:

    You guys are kidding? this is no way, shape or form close to Oliver Twist

  33. LADI says:



  34. @activ8ed says:

    The entertaining BIG FISH..He knows how to do this.

  35. Rich king: that`s a very rude thingto say about a fellow human.we re here to discuss the music and make our industry get better.hope we get focused.anyways,that's my opinion

  36. ugoharris says:

    Such is one of those rare talents that can make any beat entertaining. Bigups to him on this one as this is Another Hit from from the KOKOMASTER Himself!!!

  37. BigJhay says:

    why should i hate Dbanj eventho am a number one donjazzy fan.. this is JAM abeg no hating

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