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Post by Ovie O, June 18th, 2013

Here’s an exclusive look at a typical work day with the Omo Baba Olowo himself, Davido.

“Few months after the huge success of his debut, Omo Baba Olowo (The Genesis), Nigeria’s Honorable King of the New School; Davido, began to work on his sophomore album. A few weeks after recording his vocals for his first single, “Gobe”, we spent a day to capture the final process to the release of the record. 

This documentary/montage closes the door to the entertainers performing persona and briefly presents Davido, the individual on a work day, it recaps only a few things O.B.O had to do to prepare for the release of his single, Gobe.

Davido currently has 3 singles toward his sophomore album.”

Filmed by @Damiereel.


YouTube Preview Image

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23 responses to “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: A Day With Davido”

  1. twizzy says:

    fyn boi

  2. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    i was just guna say sean tizzle looks like a davido clone and then a davido video pops up…think i earned this FIRST place y'all…damn i need a hobby

    **clean production documentary…I see u shining dude, its nice to have nice things but pls remember to take it easy.una nearly take speed jam me for lekki phase 1 the other day headed for the same curve where Wizzy got totalled. safety first.Bless up!!!

  3. YORITUNES says:

    Wow, we finally see a serious side of Davido. i like . . . brings back Gobe

  4. iyle says:

    Big up bro.

  5. Irawo says:

    Clean…Documentary Montage? nice move… me likey

  6. Th()G LiF3 says:

    rotf at the creepy guy on the window. Davido!! OBO

  7. schemes says:

    Lifestyle moviie !

  8. Little Kitty Howard says:

    Omg. Davido. Why. Why did you force us to listen to that horrid Akon remix of Dami Duro? I even forgot how much he annoyed me when he called Nigeria "Nigero" …Fucking lame. Akon is such a leach, when will you Naija boys learn to stay away from him? His buzz is no longer. He just wants to branch off of yours.. Anyway. I love your voice to piecesssssss. I like the fact that you don't try to fake an American accent. Your voice is so super authentic. Xoxo

  9. Dsam says:

    Some females cum for the video sef, una notice am?

  10. amanda says:

    hi am amanda, dave u got d stret ligten up gud1@davido

  11. amanda says:

    dav u got d stret

  12. I luv this boy ooo <3 seegobe.

  13. jayBoss says:

    youngest richest artiste in Nigeria

  14. Surface Banks Banks says:

    Davido 3 much.

  15. John Book says:

    I need my money!!!

  16. josh says:

    teeymix studio sha!!!! n

  17. stephen opara@slimz says:

    cool man it good seening u all d day on new things like this man nice one
    cool man

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