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Diwari – Ogun Mi (My Medicine)

Post by sweegdeddy, June 15th, 2013

The consciousness and maturity on this tune by Diwari is excellent. It’s a very nice and mellow song to listen to. Definitely check “Ogun Mi” out people!

“Recently signed to M Music, DIWARI is back with her brand new single for 2013 titled “Ogun Mi” (My Medicine). Written by her and produced by BIG L, this Soulful-Afro-Latin fusion arrives just in time for the Summer time. Having been born in England on October 1st, a proud Nigerian and a daughter of the ancient kingdom of Opobo in Rivers State, she has performed at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London England

 DIWARI’s performance skills and vocal dexterity were personally honed while she served as a choir soloist in her church. Acquiring a Law Degree and a Masters degree from Middlesex University and University of Westminster respectively, did not stop her from chasing her music dreams. This led her to contest in Season 2 of Nigerian Idol where she emerged as one of the finalists.”



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18 responses to “Diwari – Ogun Mi (My Medicine)”

  1. RIP SNaZZY says:

    Mature, Classy, Professional, Tuneful, Talented, Eclectic etc…these are words that come to mind when a song like this surfaces. Thank God for these rare gems that come to sharpen our music IQ in an era where most others seek to destroy it. Happy sunday.

  2. @activ8ed says:

    This one na MUSIC. Not for the weak-hearted at all.

  3. More, more, more! Notjustok you ppl should post more music like this. How refreshing that this is coming out of Nigeria. Classy yet not deviating from cultural heritage. I see this artiste breaking international barriers in a more dynamic way than her counterparts.

  4. na me talk am says:

    music only for the matured mind but i trust naija boyz dem go resing this topic
    pretty soon with tungba beats "ibadi e lo ogun mi babe,wine it to the floor babe
    and go down low or why don't you touch ur toe" i won't be suprise if this comes out

  5. Man 2 Man says:

    thanks for keep the hope alive.. good music shall take over

  6. VincoIsHere says:

    God, there is this Girl that I Like, She is my medicine. nice song

  7. Someone_Special says:

    Wonderful song for relaxation. Love the guitar strings. The song sound so fresh. It looks like analogue recording with all the various instruments.

  8. Tosin says:

    where has this artiste been? i like the beat, cool for my kind of peeps.. will diwari perfoerm at my wedding?

  9. EbukaLover says:

    @Tosin Is this a wedding song? abi u dey kolo? this is a song for my Wife alone in d bed room. Diwari u rock joor

  10. Yemi says:

    We need more of this not loud songs that promotes sex and all. Diwari you got strong vocal ability. I love this song. So subtle and rich

  11. MuzikBox says:

    Tune! My Medicine

  12. Jade says:

    Tune…… Good Mellow Music

  13. TOLS says:


  14. Foulplay says:

    I think we should live the baseless music artists to keep doing their thing its the reason why we can boldly all say this is real music…If they didn't churn out crap we wont respect this effort, from this lady…Waje,Omawummi,Ibiyemi,Lami, n Co watch your back..Dis year girls are not smiling..Look out for Temi Doll face,Efya and now Diwari in 2013…Foulplay signing out!

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