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Burna Boy – Celebrate (Prod by GospelOnDeBeatz)

Post by Ovie O, June 14th, 2013

If you’re still not a Burna Boy believer, you’re very much in the minority. This guy is a problem! Listen to “Celebrate”; a joint he recorded while on one of many visits to Abuja. Gospel’s top-notch production catalogue is increasing by the day.


Burna Boy Gospel Art

Produced by GospelonDeBeatz [DOWNLOAD]

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52 responses to “Burna Boy – Celebrate (Prod by GospelOnDeBeatz)”

  1. hayorbarmmy says:


  2. kayus says:


  3. buks says:

    Pure Talent ! .. More grease BurnaBoy and Bigups to GospelOntheBeat ….

  4. VincoIsHere says:

    Some Artist will just go to studio to give us rubbish thats why we are not growing .Take your time, get good beat and Lyrics …

  5. daniboy says:


  6. Towabs says:

    Burna boy you too much…….peeps just watch how this song will blow up…..the more you listen to it the more it grows on you…keep it up

  7. anything he does..even if its rubbish…I love the way he sings. BurnaBoy <3

  8. @activ8ed says:

    This isnt bad per se. Its just normal. nothing special..but not bad like you guys make it seem

  9. DJ BIG N says:

    JAM OF LIFE…….the problem with NJO commenters, is they havent still mastered the art of judging a song, now open ya ears. U start by the beat, the content, delivery, memorable punchlines then the "outro"….lastly dont forget to connect your speakers to a studio speaker at the least….What!!! how dare you diss this song…..Quote me….when i play this song in the club, am gonna keek the response….and for the records, av never met the dude before, I only appreciate QUALITY….Am out.

  10. VeeJay says:

    It’s beautiful. I’m telling you.

  11. Omo Odua says:

    Burna boy is yet to fall my hand. Correct jam!

  12. Someone_Special says:

    Burna Boy hope this is a one off. Please do not change your style. Stick to the production pattern of your previous singles.

  13. Lasbrey Ejehu says:

    The way this guy sings, he will make any song go above average even if its not that brilliant….he is gifted!

  14. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    gifted children…this a good song. doesnt even need much hype.

  15. Oga@DTop says:


  16. C.Prince says:

    Burna always keepin it 100…………..if u nor like am….well…….. it aint for u!!!!!>>>

  17. funms says:

    this song is much better than the recent nonsense that I've allowed my ears to be exposed to. thank you, Burna.

  18. Koboko! says:

    Come on, this is a hit… is a jam!!! JUJU ON DECK!!!!!

  19. kenneth says:

    Right now, the hottest acts Burna boy, Phyno and Ms Kedike

  20. oaa148 says:

    At this point, anything this boy touches turns to gold. He has his own type of music, his own type of sound and he stuck to it. Thats why he is in his own lane. Good music

  21. j says:

    Nice beatz…

    Kayus…e be like say u get ear problem abi u be enemy of progress ni?. What is wrong with this song biko?….go and sing ur own…let’s see how many people will listen….*rolling eyes*

  22. MrUnkpe says:

    Gospel Fileee Be,Burna Of Life…..#RepeatTin

  23. Obi says:

    Truth be told, this is a poor song. I love Burna tho. Needs to either know how to work on fast beats or stick to his slow groovy beats.

    Not too impress with what Naija artistes are giving these days. They care less and lesser about poetry in their lyrics. The best music wud blend poetry with street slangs to complement a tight beat

  24. Jaybee says:

    Burna Boy toh Sure!!! #NoNoise….

  25. leumas says:

    This is a gud song.. For y’all hating. Do your own idea of a gud song n put it up for us to lisren.. Oluwa burna is d ish d yr

  26. YORITUNES says:

    ba pada pa … its a jam… file be.

  27. wariz says:

    He gat his muzic language

  28. @Rowllins says:

    Naija Una too get wahala, una no know wtin una want- today na party song tomorrow na blues next tomorrow na regea– abeg make una stop to de judge people talent- this jam is dope!!!

  29. iamobi says:

    DEY CALL ME BURNA……..What else? only the name will bring ph a grammy.

  30. ugoharris says:

    very cool. Love it Burn! Burn dem haters!

  31. tags says:

    No need hating. Burna is indeed talented. Definitely knows how to make music and puts his lyrics together we;;. The words just roll off his tongue musically, diction and slang on point, diversity on point. And he's got pedigree. I recommend this to any negative commentators here, go cop his mixtape from Burn Identity .. From furnace to inferno, he's not slowing down with his heat.. don't hate, celebrate!

  32. Periyayo Ughabojor says:


  33. Angel_junkie says:

    sounded like a hit on my first listen but i wasn't so sure…had to wait till the 6th tym….like it or not THIS IS A HIT!!

  34. Skittles Addiict Dada says:

    – Burna boy's music is amazing <3.

  35. Miklo says:

    whoever dis-likes dis song has hearing problem. dis Song DOPE. Keep d Fire BURNING BURNA we r proud of u. U have taken African music to a new dimension.

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