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Yemi Sax – Yes/No + Sho Lee (The Jazz Remixes)

Post by Ovie O, June 13th, 2013

Banky W’s “Yes/No” is still my favourite Naija R&B tune since… well… “Strong Ting”. At times, I just listen to the instrumental and let it put me to sleep. Thankfully, Yemi Sax has given me something extra to add: the Sax remix.

If I had to critique it a bit, I’d say he should have taken Banky off the verses completely and serenaded us with just the Saxophone playing, then let Banky’s voice come in for the “Yes/No” chants on the hook. But hey, that’s just my opinion. Excellent work still!

Be sure to also listen to the “Sho Lee” sax remix (original by Sean Tizzle). Great outcome! Add both Jazz remixes to your “Cool evening” playlist.


Yemi Sax





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8 responses to “Yemi Sax – Yes/No + Sho Lee (The Jazz Remixes)”

  1. Drizzy Fkid says:

    Sho lee…sax killed it.

  2. Drizzy Fkid says:

    Sho lee…sax killed it.

  3. silas says:

    Sho lee is pretty amazing

  4. @activ8ed says:

    Bros Ovie, I'll have to agree with you. When I saw this first, I thought ohh nice (Talking about the YES/NO Sax Rmx), was immediately going to download to put on my friend's wedding song playlist…but im a little disappointed, Banky's voice was in this too much, and my brain was confused between thinking im listening to the real song or the sax version. The switching was way too frequent.

    Sho Lee was perfect!

  5. @activ8ed: mr oga,u be olodo o! The concept of the yes or no is a call and response. Nigeria’s are used to spoiling good thing.u for collect him sax make u help am play am full.Grow up man.Good luck mr oga music analyst.

  6. Yemisi Sax is Really Good!!! Am a Lil Dissapointed that most Nigerian Artist who perform live, don’t invite him more often to play with them.

  7. Meehn! Yemi killed it all, we waiting for the burial ceremony of tha beatz

  8. Haba says:

    The artist's inputs aren't necessary and actually annoying. I want to enjoy Yemi's skills without Banky's half sentences butting in. Either you put all Banky's vocals in, or none.

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