DOWNLOAD:VIDEO: Tonto Dikeh Falls on Stage @ Iyanya Kukere Concert, London –notjustOk

VIDEO: Tonto Dikeh Falls on Stage @ Iyanya Kukere Concert, London

Post by Ovie O, June 13th, 2013

LOOOL!!!! POKO!!!!

Oh My Goodness! What in the world is/was wrong with Tonto Dikeh?! The Oh Box folks just sent in this clip of Tonto Dikeh’s “special performance” during the Iyanya Kukere Concert in London. The fall isn’t even the worst part of it. Just watch.


YouTube Preview Image


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80 responses to “VIDEO: Tonto Dikeh Falls on Stage @ Iyanya Kukere Concert, London”

  1. Apuesto Gregorio says:


  2. iLbeatz says:

    Dear Tonto, are you mad? 🙂

  3. temi says:

    definitely on the Molly -.- smh

  4. Drizzy Fkid says:

    lol….wetin dey give poko..

  5. Findout says:

    Wetin dis girl go smoke? She is def high on something…O ga o!

  6. bobbyano says:

    LMAO tonto let on the stage

  7. This no be craze na total nonsense mtschewweee.

  8. bobbyano says:

    tonto is such a disappointment thank God london fans didnt even give her d scream she wanted,msthewwwww

  9. Ugo Moka says:

    this chick must have been high on something…..lmao.

  10. john says:

    my girl do fagbo…gat her highh….as e dey hot….looool..

  11. debo says:

    Dear tontolet. In one word U are crazilly-mad *fact*

  12. silas says:

    Lmaoo. what did she smoke??

  13. ike says:

    Say no to drugs

  14. opseg says:

    Let’s talk reality, is just d matter beef…..she fell down once dey nearly show it more dan 10 tyms. Dats wat dey beefin…………..Tonto keep tryin…


  16. Someone_Special says:

    Hope she did not inhale something that was too strong for her. Her behaviour on stage was very weird. She was surprised at how fast the thing starts to kick.
    Actress wey wan be musician na suegbe oh (in fela's voice)

  17. OKOCHA says:

    This is not funny one bit, i don't know why we nigerians are letting this garbage into our music industry. She is a grown woman for Christ sake acting like a fool on stage, (not because she fell alone but her whole stage act and all the songs shes released) and the fact that this happened at another person' concert shows her level of respect for other artists. She was paid to perform at Iyanya' concert and acted a fool. Her mates, Beyonce, Rihana and even our own Tiwa and Waje are more talented and classier than this fool. Very soon, she will be called out as the classless maggot she is, not by me or you but by other artists in the industry. PS I am sure as hell Iyanya didn't find it funny and the other big nigerian artists who are watching this aren't impressed one bit.

  18. 65649 says:

    All these entertainers don catch una….dem know say una like talk talk…News dey sell pass music these days! This sh!t was staged jor!

  19. YORITUNES says:

    Haha, She's cute and ready for all of you, hopefully this act takes her somewhere. POKKKKKKOOOOOOO!!!!

  20. Omooba001 says:

    Hahahahahhaha…..i guess she shebaraba herself…i wont listen to this….i cant afford to fall when my Oga at the top is addressing me

  21. DEX says:

    Lmaooo! Forever funny! "Ion hear you…before I came to London, I hear that you are the berst, when I went to Americuhh I hear that POOOKOOO!!" LOOOL DEAD! She was clearly on something. Man, this is WAY past embarrassing. My ear drums hurt from all the screaming. Is it with this behaviour that other people will invite you to come and perform at their various events again?

  22. LMAO… POOOOOOKOOOOOO… *drop dead*

  23. jack says:

    she smoke skank…. Anu ofia.

  24. Tonto Dike was probably high on something cause there was no composure on her part

  25. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    …some Burna Boy Karma…honestly this babe just needs to chill out cos in yankee its around this time the celebs hit rehab

  26. high on cheap drugs….wtf.

  27. Na so says:

    Damn she was fucked up so bad! Too much alcohol, drugs? who dash am? What a mess.

  28. GetDoe says:

    Damn!, she's seriously high! what a shame tho. Im sure when she sober ups she wont believe what a fool she just made out of her self. smh

  29. Dafido says:

    Oloriburuku and Oloshi Haterz, I have watched the video several times, she doesnt nothing but make me laugh, Haterz keep hating.. what have you done with your life?, but hate beside your screen.. She is doing her thing… Tonto abeg I dey feel u die and notjustok, should not have upload this video on their website, cos I think its a music site and she was not singing at that moment, Please notjustok. comot am… Tonto Baby

  30. Fowoachieve says:

    Walahi make dem cast this out of this country..Cox she pass some evil to our ladies ooo..

  31. kr@z¥ says:

    Yeah she fell down on the stage, I just love her fighing spirit, the will power to make it inside her. She has been jonsing wen it comes to music but believ u me, u ll dance to her musik. Sooner than u expected.

    Pepl saying lots of nagative stuffs but its nt gonna be worst than wat dey said the 1st time she realised her 1st singles. But believe me she made money from the downloads more than any 9ja musician.

    You are hating, have you eaten today???

    Please try get brain.

    She ll blow in the musik industry belive me.

    She did it in the movie industry.

  32. Jboy says:

    LMAO….She is definitely high, she was not just composed. May God help her!!!

  33. og@dTop says:

    Mess Up of Life. Had my best Laff so far on njok. She is getting Closer 2 joining d Glo Ambassodiz. Pepsi should quickly endorse dis Wifey Material Called Dikeh pikin

  34. HIBECKZ says:


  35. chunchong says:

    I think she is on drugs

  36. To all the tonto supporters, you guys are not quite nice individuals, to be praising n encouraging her in this kind of behavior, even to the point of saying she is living the life. My ppl, this is behavior when one is under the influence of a substance, n that substance has now control their motor functions n brain capacity. She needs help. We know that she smokes excessively n drinks alot, So its not like she’s nit doing anything. Tonto, have fun, enjoy life yes, but don’t get ahead of yourself n let the devil has his way. This kind of disgrace should be a wake up call to you.

  37. Chuma says:

    Those who their gods wants to kill, they first make them mad. Gradually, this girl will destroy her movie career with this music and co. stunts. You guys keep cheering her on. We seem to have forgotten that you just can't do everything and please don't give me that 'hater or hating' crap. Are we meant to consume this? My real pain is the hurt she is doing to herself. This girl has not even scratched her potentials in the movie industry but thanks to people like you who encourage mediocrity, she now thinks she has done it all and is making desperate attempts to prove the so called 'haters' wrong. I'm sincerely sad!

  38. V Shan Sfs says:

    omg i love iyanya <3 ^~^ thats my bwoi ! him and Davido n a few others

  39. General says:


  40. vicki says:

    too much po and coco displays poko…….this girl must be cray cray upstairs having the guts to even have someone interview her saying it was the long dress that made her fall,”i slip”

  41. Danny L says:

    Aunty Tonto.. lol. smh

  42. Like seriously, wahz she thinking!!! Itz not funny, she’s jzt fooling aroung for attention!!! Big upz NJO

  43. opeyemi says:

    obviously shes high on smthn. make dis babe stick to her acting abeg. bullshit performance

  44. Tunde says:

    loooool whats the name of the comedian, "Tonto talk to dem" 😀 *tears*

  45. @activ8ed says:

    The video editing is sick lol

  46. El Savador says:

    She was very drunk

  47. El Savador says:

    Someone definitely made her drink too much that sucks for her

  48. JUGNU says:

    no comment.

  49. ♫★♫ zunnybunny ♫★♫ says:

    Lmao… this babe is high on something. It's POKO baby…!

  50. sage says:

    she burna boy and miguel homie

  51. Sj Asi says:

    she is a star fuck watever happened!

  52. drizzybright says:

    she smoked igbo……….i guess…….lolzz

  53. potentials says:

    Meehhh,! I dnt knw d prob she has o. Am sure her friends and advisers are jst like her. Sings terribly, ordinary cat walk sef na war. She almost messed d concert. Tonto my honest advise to u is to stick to acting ok!

  54. abel says:

    this is not weed or highgrade , this is ALCOHOL

  55. golden says:

    tonto don fool her seif again….

  56. shaky says:

    lmao I don die I swer. I was at d concert n my mouth was wide open watchin all dese. I luv her doe

  57. Ada says:

    lmaooooooooo llmaooooooooo

  58. michael says:

    omd!!!!!!!!!! lmao wah the fuck was she thinking anyway?????

  59. Dis wont just stop embarrassing me…why?

  60. janie says:

    Guys take it easy, we re too judgmental whereas many of us life's are worse than hers, u are only a thief wen u are caught.

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