VIDEO: Chuddy K Confirms Split With SQN Music

Post by Ovie O, June 13th, 2013

We exclusively revealed back in May that Chuddy K has walked away from his record label SQN Music to form his own outfit, Kent RecordsSQN Music followed it up with an official Press Release stating that Chuddy K still had a valid contract with them. Now Chuddy K has gone on record, in an interview with Silverbird TV, to clearly state what we knew already: he has moved on.

This mirrors Brymo’s contract situation with Chocolate City as well as the “Kelly Hansome vs Kennis Music impasse”. Past experiences show us that it usually doesn’t end well for the revolting artiste, depending on how far the label decides to go. Hopefully this gets resolved amicably.


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26 responses to “VIDEO: Chuddy K Confirms Split With SQN Music”

  1. posh says:

    Its obvious this guy has low IQ. Unless his contract is different from what is usually obtainable, materials released under the label belong to the label for a certain number of year. He’s about to hurt his career seriously.

    • ogwa says:


  2. Spaco says:

    All dis re happening mostly bcos of greed..This 9ja records label should learn frm the western see hw YMCMB bought latest bugatti for drake that only has an album under their management….That can never happen in 9ja Oga nd Boss no fit dey drive same car!

  3. Spaco says:

    All dis re happening mostly bcos of greed..This 9ja records label should learn frm the western see hw YMCMB bought latest bugatti for drake that only has an album under their management….That can never happen in 9ja Oga nd Boy no fit dey drive same car!

  4. NAMETALKAM says:

    Kent Records or SQN Music na the same Thing to me

  5. Someone_Special says:

    This guy has got no clue as to what contractual agreement is about.

    • optical says:

      bruv u havent heard his side of the argument plus u dont know who was in breach of the aforementioned contractual agreement. so dont be to quick to judge.

  6. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    If this guy was my artiste, he'll be going blind on paperwork and broke on legal fees for the next decade to understand structures are there for a reason and a binding legal contract is not just a piece of paper but anyway its naija where any rubbish can fly…bro go and research the phrase "Dre day was Eazy E-s payday"

      • MAY mixtape out now! says:

        BS?…and u call yourself akata boy. are u even literate? try ****ing up a minor traffic citation in the US and see what they do with u.

      • Dsam says:

        LASTMAN, NJO go soon drop button wey una go dey click to pay for all this una English and swear for here so.

      • theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

        lol @ Dsam. i know ur joking cos me sef dey pull out dictionary for ur comments more times. But peep this…that akata boy knows what a traffic citation is if he really lives in the US.

    • El Savador says:

      How did you come to all this conclusions sir? They probably did something wrong to the man? If you're talking about legal then from his tone, they might have tried to influence things that didn't concern them

      • theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

        I see what you're getting at sir but for the purpose of this discourse its ok to accept both sides have tendered their sides of the story and make sensible deductions. His label say he's still got a valid contract and Chuddy K is now on record not using the media opportunity to deny the claim but rather, his omissions and tone imply he's walking away from a legal contract. I feel his pain but sometimes that's the nature of the business. Unfortunately people sign paperwork they don't understand and end up trapped without a break clause. Naeto C bid his time at storm records, outlived his contract and left quietly. That's how its done.

    • Zealot says:

      You are right bro, but with cases like 2baba and Flavour leaving their record label gave them bigger and greater exposure both with their careers and in their personal bank accounts, let's wish that he goes in the same light. All the best to Chuddy if na God ye will you go Blow more and more.

  7. denrele says:

    All i know is, both parties need to resolve this quickly. Firstly, u can not force an unhappy artist to work for u. Secondly, no body wins in this situation.

  8. realtalk says:

    He should focus on his music. he almost made it big, now he has gone back to irrelevance.

  9. Jaybee says:

    No One Gives A Flying "F"

  10. Omooba001 says:

    why una dey argue…i dey watch brazilian hair…anything u like make una do…dont just shoot across my window cos am scared of stray bullet

  11. JAHBLESS says:

    Busy bodies!!!

  12. Dsam says:

    It's a lawless country so anything goes. Dem no respect our country law or follow constitution na ordinary record label own wan respect, how na? Even goodluck dey follow constitution? Go arrest am na. All this our artist dem no worth am for real life, believe me. Dem too suck (English…hehe)

  13. ba-ba-badoo! says:

    he seems so… unintelligent

  14. ben Odukwe says:

    any record label dat has made an artiste this big has actually done 95% of its responsibility. This guy needs to see out his contract and stop been an ingrate. Very sad

  15. theman says:

    true, any record label that has made an artiste this famous has done a great job. naija artistes sha

  16. paulmirabilis says:

    This guy na fool sha…he doesn't seem to even realize the implications of a breach of contract…the funniest thing in the video was when he quoted "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

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