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VIDEO: Chidinma ft Tha Suspect & iLLBLISS – Emi Ni Baller

Post by Ovie O, June 12th, 2013

It’s the one we’ve been expecting for quite some time. The video for Chidinma‘s hit single “Emi Ni Baller” featuring Tha Suspect is finally out, and as usual, we’re bringing it to you guys fresh out the Capital Hill/Dreams lab of Don Tobeliano’s (iLLBLiSS) Residence. Now THIS is how to look like a baller. Happy viewing.


YouTube Preview Image


In very related news, have you heard Chidinma’s 3 new singles? Listen here.

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66 responses to “VIDEO: Chidinma ft Tha Suspect & iLLBLISS – Emi Ni Baller”

  1. YORITUNES says:


  2. YORITUNES says:

    Now lets speak, this right here is quality. When you know how to direct photography, light design. All you need is a story and a nice car. A bag travels from beginning to end ok, The Ogas mansion is outside some cheap apartment buildings. But only Clarence Peters will fool you to love this story because of its beauty and clarity. I love this. Im Hi btw

  3. MR MR says:


  4. guest says:

    first. loooool

  5. Godsluv22 says:

    YESSSS OHHH…….THIS WOMAN AND VIDEO SCREAMS CLASS……Thumbs up to one of naija's BEST female artist…..

  6. LATEST MUSIC VIDEO: Chidinma ft Tha Suspect & iLLBLISS – Emi Ni Baller.

  7. iLbeatz says:

    E be like say make I pocket Chidinma.. Nice video. Nice song……

  8. iLbeatz says:

    Legendury Beatz!!!!

  9. poise says:

    I lor it

  10. paulmirabilis says:

    nice viddy

  11. SB_01 says:

    Chidinma, will you marry me?….Quality video….fineeee gurl,…Chai, omo lo dun to yi. Make i comot, my gf dey come.

  12. DaRobstar A.N.I. Ent says:

    now this is what I call good music, backed up by an equally nice video. thumbs up, all y'all showed up big time, Chi, Bliss & Sus great job.

  13. tout says:

    one word…BAM…BAM AGAIN…. IN SHORT BAMEST!!!!

  14. BIG M0UTH 凸(`⌒´メ)凸 says:

    Haha iLLBLiSS jacking B.I.G swags!

  15. watchd it twice alwedy! quality! oshee!

  16. Concerned Citizen says:

    Head Quarters of Quality!… cant even hate on the Capital movement…you just cant hate. Crisp visuals that equally complements the jam…una too much
    Btw, e be like naija artistes dey vex this week o…dropping videos anyhow…God Bless una hustle

  17. iba says:

    can i give a big big shout out to chidinma’a stylist in this video? very tidy

  18. Nino_Alpacino says:

    Dope video, picture quality is makes so much sense..

  19. Concerned Citizen says:

    Head Quarters of Quality!… cant even hate on the Capital movement…you just cant hate. Crisp visuals that equally complements the jam…una too much

  20. kenneth says:

    She has the swag!!!……

    She can gerrit any time!!

  21. nich says:

    look at her african dressing….so powerful……the video is so clean and quality is powerful,…..but i must chidimma for keeping her dressings purely african, it makes her music and music videos unique………..the nigerian music industry has exploded honestly….

  22. ajmammie says:


  23. nosmaninc says:


  24. ManOfAKing says:

    Nice song and a crisp video to compliment it. So for iLLBLISS mind him be Rick Ross oh. Him just copy all Ricky Rosse moves n style. E just remain him add small weight.

  25. JUSTOK* says:

    Were is wizkid in this song and video daaaaaam i see GRIMMMMM SHIT GOING ON HERE

  26. JUSTOK* says:


  27. ugoharris says:

    Nice one from Chidi babe. She just go gangsta on this one.

  28. 9jafreak says:

    Truth be told,
    Peper finish for this video
    Clean as clarity

  29. don says:

    Ibos n yoruba songs….dope….

  30. Olayemi Ifidon says:

    becos of u i go watch am

  31. wariz says:

    oshay omo yii chidinma

  32. wariz says:

    omo chidinma still fyn pass her counterparts nd she dey cut her hair OR maybe dats wat makes her beauty come out like mammywater nd distinguishes her frm d likes of……………………………………………………………………………….the list goes on nd on

  33. FKID says:

    suspect …dey careful with hw you dey touch my wife body …

  34. Someone_Special says:

    The video is clean and nice.

  35. Man 2 Man says:

    Thank God there is no azonto dance on this vid..

    loved every bit of it.. awesome

  36. Chukwunonso Chukwudi Obi says:


  37. striker says:

    Clarence has done it again!

  38. MAY mixtape out now! says:


  39. KUDY GOLD says:

    damn gal…u just made ankara look hip n cool…thumbs up!

  40. Olumide says:

    Seriouly i like this video but the video would have been nice if wizkid is in the video because the original song is far better than this one…gba

  41. Mista David says:

    Love this girl more. Ms Kedike

  42. daniel says:

    ill bliss always dope oga na boss

  43. Mr Who says:

    small time now the breeze go blow n fowl yansh go commot sey na suspekt dey chuk kedike this 1 wey he jst dey hug her up nd down so.

  44. Sauce says:

    Great song..The video would have been a lot more interesting if they had a story line. I was expecting some "making it rain" type of scene, some shopping scene with bags and bags of clothings and shoes..Some champagne poppin and bathing scene… How you go say "gbogbo moet lori table" with 3 bottles of NOT MOET ?…lol

  45. James says:

    honestly the worst video clarence ever directed in my opinion , pls i dont mean it in strong way, why show money in bundle makes it raz, sorry for me is not worth it, if you could afford that ride, then your rich, illbliss great work but you should remain boss not move around with suspect whom i found irrelevant in the story cos being rich to being street boy sorry i am too rich for that.chidinma someone who can afford that ride dont move that much is slow movement, which is what started the video looking good but you lost me along the line, sorry , i love you guys but this one didn't work for me. honest two star out of ten, like the colour and the pictures, good light, i like the wide angle but african art can you guys please stop waving hands on lens it makes no sense i understand you want people to notice the wide angle, great we could see it.

    i feel i shouldn't write this but guys i had to

  46. rimi says:

    ill bliss dey like Eldee; all talk no substance. too much mouth.

  47. realtalk says:

    so glad it wasn't a club video with people throwing money and popping champagne. love the fresh approach.

  48. Max Chy Egwuatu says:

    SUSPECT! u dey throw blow like one kyn girlie :)).

  49. Lasbrey Ejehu says:

    haha..nice tune….lovely video.

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