EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: D’Banj – Don’t Tell Me Nonsense

Post by Ovie O, June 11th, 2013

EJA NLA!… Straight from the Ocean! Banger Lee… Straight from the Lee Temple! Respect!

With the D’Kings Men album set to (finally) drop later this month, D’Banj has decided to bless us with the video for his new monster single “Don’t Tell Me Nonsense”. This guy keeps proving doubters wrong by churning out quality videos for heavy singles. I don’t see anyone touching his “#1 Entertainer” crown anytime soon. Push the play button and enjoy the solid visuals.

Director: Matt Max.

Location: Lagos


YouTube Preview Image


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212 responses to “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: D’Banj – Don’t Tell Me Nonsense”

  1. Omooba001 says:

    First again…good internet good

    JJC how are you doing….just wanna give you a shout-out….

    Go figure

  2. KUDY GOLD says:

    yeah dbanj……kudos mr u still v got it…clean video!

  3. KUDY GOLD says:

    yeah dbanj……kudos mr u still v got it…clean video!

  4. sabi boy says:

    Ovie..matt maxx directed this video and not sesan..pls correct

  5. Somebody says:

    Eyin boyz…

  6. striker says:

    Wack ass video, Nobody's messing with Clarence Peters as far as african directors are concerned

  7. Musicplaner says:

    Tunde & JJC..Tunde & JJC…Tunde & JJC..how many times i call una..hope say una still get eyes

  8. realtalk says:

    zero concept. Madt quality!!!!! quality wins

  9. Wande Coal says:

    These are what we are lacking in Mavins "Business Strategy & Concept"

  10. sabi boy says:


  11. Lasbrey Ejehu says:

    what did I just Listen to? What rubbish!

  12. Brandz says:

    Its a 'Dark' video for the critics (The theme reminds me of batman – dark knight rises) and has 'Do not mess with me all over it'. Quite energetic and even feel drained after watching. Sure its not his best video but does massive justice to the song.

  13. Man 2 Man says:

    Video toh bad, Eja Nla toh fresh.. song was a bit noisy at a point..

    Kudos anyways

  14. sfelz says:

    D'banj, the one man Army. lol

  15. emi mimo says:

    location lagos nice video crisp and better than angel mikolo

  16. campell says:

    Didn't see this one coming! I think this song means a lot to Dbanj, you can even see the expression on his face. Nice Visuals

  17. kidle says:

    Mad video mattmax ur d bomb

  18. Tai... says:

    Dope!!! Dope!!! Dope!!!

  19. realtalk says:

    and yeah. weak song. no melody. i have watched the video three times. cant even remember the hook.

    • 0147 says:

      Motherfucker, you can suck skin off my dick ! Bloody bastard !!! So after watching this nice video the only things you can point out are weak song and no melody. Idiot, na person say make ur brain dull ???? You watch video three times u no fit remember hook…smh, you need to die slow meeeehn….

    • VincoIsHere says:

      Can you shoot your own video and let us see? all this hungry Naija niggas, thank God for internet in your life…

    • Asap says:

      Let me remind you the hook yeh? Eyin bois e gba oju e

    • #Ajebutter number 1 says:

      omo guy, u get brain damage oo lol u watch am 3 times n u still no get the message, how u dey pass 4 school lol

  20. slim says:

    Grt job I. LiKe dIs

  21. Shalewa says:

    You can't knock his hustle, he is hardworking.

  22. frazerX says:

    Crisp visuals. At least now we know Matt Max. Make oga Clarence no monopolise industry.

  23. Wow am sure mattmax travelled wif eja nla and shot dis video in america.weak song d video is too much4d song.bad video kudos

  24. na wa bad belle too much for naija sha , imagine some saying him know even know the hook , OLODO the hook na " Iyin boys Egba oju e" ….. Great song DBANJ keep moving high and let some people way never make kobo for their family saying trash …. Great video …

  25. VincoIsHere says:

    This is the most expensive video i ever seen from Nigerian Artist so far..Hope you guys know how much is renting of Helicopter? The Desert Shoots..The high clip of the DB head Quater…lol…9/10

    • realtalk says:

      u be fool oh. na green scren and internet footage be that na. those chopper shots na $20

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      hahahaha! you be confam learner!….rent helicopter bawo? kudos to KCee, he's pretty much the only naija artiste that hires/uses an actual helicopter in his videos.

    • MR MR says:

      so f&%ck what??? we are looking at expensive videos now? I liked the video but your comment is disgusting.

    • paulmirabilis says:

      Yours is the dumbest comment I have read on this site in a long time.I understand that you're D'Banj's groupie but haba, you need to slow down your roll on this your groupie thing;all you need to do is use your brain a little.

  26. D'prince says:

    Mattmaxxxxxxxxx ur just d most creative music video director in africa.pls help more of our atiste wif dia video plsssss

  27. wizzy b says:

    Dis d best video d’banj has eva shot.no scandalous girls.and d girls r d real sexy ladies timaya can’t u see

  28. this is damn noise and not music.Dayo go back to your root.If you had started out with this nobody will like you…

  29. Eja-nla banga lee dis ur video na. Jay-Z standard.keep it up nice song nice video

  30. Mikel A Ayeni says:

    Video is Hot…Fire.

  31. Laila B says:

    Not likely you will understand or relate to this if you don't speak or understand Yoruba. Its not your everyday track for everybody but he spits hardcore.

  32. ahkim says:

    Nice song nice video

  33. jaspa says:

    Nice location atleast a nigerian director tot out of d box dis time.nice picture quality.Mattmax ur d BOMBEST

  34. Ceo Bans says:

    Baddest video….nice concept.

  35. Dapo is his name sir !

  36. Someone_Special says:

    Very clean visuals but never really felt the song. You can tell that D'banj is a hard-working businessman/entertainer, so more people will get to love the song after several stage performance.
    Ovie, is the video exclusive to notjustok.com? You guys use exclusive even when the same content can be found in several blogs and websites.

    • @OvieO says:

      Hey @Someone_Special, Feel free to check the youtube link/account used in "several blogs and websites" for this video.

      Aside that, exclusivity comes in many forms. It could range from an hour, or 2, or 6, or 12, or 24 hours depending on what is agreed upon. Now if u check "several blogs" after the agreed period elapses, and u see the same content, we're not gonna edit the title of the post here on notjustOk.com. It's not done anywhere on earth, bro/sis.

      But yeah, like I said, feel free to check the youtube link/account used everywhere else (even though no one cited their source). Therein lies your answer. :)


  37. annonymous says:

    This video is clean 80%
    concept 20%
    human visuals 2% (just Dbanj and Kaffy can be seen properly)
    Mattmaxx why do you have to focus mostly on Kaffy wen i can see over 30 to 50 dancers?
    "EYIN BOYS, E GBA OJU E" I cant see any thing of such in the video
    the mask those guys were wearing? cant see a need for that.
    AND FOR THE DANCE CREW i cant see a complete move. camera too fast to show Dbanj again.
    OVERALL………….. 40%

    • ttt says:

      go and direct a perfect video… banal comment, nbut you cant cuz your not qualified!

    • 0147 says:

      Black man, we sabi una type, na so so mistake una dey find for everything….you no see those fine girls abi, gay lol…ode…joko sibe shogbo ?

  38. annonymous says:


    • ttt says:

      such a very foolish comment i was lo0oking at a comment yesterday and it was complaining about there was no focus on the artist now this… he is not tryna pls you sha you can waste your time not appreciating improvement and lag behind….

  39. Brandz says:

    Just wait until he performs this on stage and you're all screaming 'Eyin Boys E gba oju e'. He brings out the hidden groupie in all of us. Lol

  40. david says:

    Im Feelin U Ejanla,Koko master,Ski banj,Banga Lee

  41. Nice video but I don't know what to say about the song, I think out of 10 I will rate it as 5.

  42. MBeezy says:

    I dislike this song vehemently.

    It is bad enough that DBanj is not known for any songs that promote peace or unity and is a professional political fence straddler, at best, when it comes to addressing issues affecting Nigerians. And now…a song that calls for violence? How tactless. Its one thing not to be part of the solution, but dont be part of the problem.

    Great work by Matt Max.

    • 0147 says:

      Hmmmm, black people !!! Person say him be entertainer you say make he come sing "food no dey, brother water no dey" Smh and when did you start being conscious of lyrics in naija…omo mr Mbeezy "gbedu yi omo fuck eh up !!!!"

    • timeless says:

      be speaking english there…d fact that someone decides to become an artist doesnt make it a must for him to sing about peace and unity!…he must not sing about it he can use his money and do sumfn,maybe go to the orphanage or something which he has done…and to be honest ,songs like that are always crap! always the same lyrics,change nigeria,we are suffering nnd blah blehh blehh u think u can stand hearing naija music if everybody starts to sing about peace nnd unity? these are kinda songs africans like coz we are very expressive ppl soo we'll always pick a hyper song over a love song anydays..soo deal with it

    • olympus says:

      His not going to solve the problem.. All the song that have been sand concerning Nigeria were has it lead us too… Omo problem don they there before them even born the Guy no be him go change am.. let him do what he is doing

  43. 0147 says:

    Eja Nla Nla….Eja toh tobi ju !!!! Iyalaya anybody, oya eyin boys egba

  44. Twentea says:

    To be honest, i think MattMax really did well for the video.. because after hearing the song, I wasn't expecting much from it cos the songs depict Violence.. I can't imagine the song been played in clubs or any form of parties where peeps had downed 10bottles just like LOS…. and again.. too much focus on Kaffy.. Why? to cap it all.. Good Video..

  45. poise says:

    Song aint all that but the video is definitely a big boost for the song

  46. sally says:

    mattmax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mattmax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mattmax!!!!!!!!!!!!! mHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD VIDEO QUALITY IS ON POINT!!!!!!!!

  47. sirvexalot says:


  48. Eja nla straight from da ocean!!!! Bad belle dey mad! Una no see Olamide cameo appearance?…..this is the most expensive video shoot ever from a naija artist!…….even tuface never shoot any video as gud as this!!!! Fuck all haters u can have a nice drive to first class HELL!! I Love D’banj!!!! Bangalee of Life D’banj is responsbile for the strongest Transportation of Africa Music to the internation Market!!!!! So don’t tell me nonsence!

  49. jonny says:

    Omo after awhile people go tire, this is not dbang oh,seems to be voice but really WHAT THE F&@K ISTHIS? I guess its the smell of new money

  50. Sirdum says:

    This song always sounds like an anthem for Ojuelegba under bridge 😀

  51. esdeesplace says:

    This song always sounds like an anthem for Ojuelegba under bridge 😀

    • annonymous says:


    • dollar says:

      what make u thing u better than the ppl in Ojuelegbe ? is better you better get ur head straight and stop criticizing.

      • esdeesplace says:

        Brov, ur reply rily shows what you think about people under ojuelegba bridge. U read my comment but chose to read the meaning you want from it.

    • VincoIsHere says:

      YOu need help…

    • Ben says:

      esdeesplace you are so fibble minded that you do not see beyond your nose. where do you stay in Lagos? probably in a slum the he government have forgotten. have you been to Ojuelegba lately? well if you have you wont make such an idiotic remark. Back to the matter: you cant know a good song nor a good video if you see or hear one as you are so oblivious to the reality of the world we live in. when you have no meaningful contribution to make on a public forum, i suggest you shut the hell up Stupid!

      • esdeesplace says:

        Dude, why all the insult or are you d'banj? I do not even stay in Lagos to start with though I was there for a while. I am entitled to my own opinion and if that causes you sleepless nights then I cnt do anything about that. You, my friend, really are a very sad individual.

  52. paulmirabilis says:

    Good Video but Wack song. I understand that videos can push songs but not when the song is this wack and mediocre. D'Banj needs to wake up from his slumber, this is the 2nd decade in the 21st century!

  53. I don't even know what to think about the track….. but D'banj looks cool :)

  54. kenneth says:

    **scratches head**

    Had to watch it more than once to see if i was missing something….still no connection

  55. Dejavu says:

    Banga Lee! Eja Nla!

  56. amando says:

    song rubbish , video tight

  57. Wow D’banj rily surprised me wif his new video,nice job atleast no shakin of buddy its jes too common in Nigerian videos.nice job bros

  58. efeckt says:

    Top video

  59. @activ8ed says:

    ahh, I cant tell you nonsense for this one o. This video no get fault. This song has been my favourite of all the songs DBANJ has released since leaving the then MO'HITS. Thanks for blessing us with this crisp video.


    • iba says:

      i agree with you on this one. in my opinion the only video and song that has got my attention since he left mohits

  60. CAMI says:

    Lol…Funni comments wenever I click on anytin concerning D’banj here! Well, actually, D’banj has lost d fans in Nigeria big time! He does not hv d love of the streets anymore! He is like an abandoned son all alone in d jungle! No matter hw far he works, many would still not b satisfied bcos it is D’banj! All these started d very moment d news broke out dat he broke up wit old Mo’hits! I remember wen” Top Of The World came out, many hated on d song nd few guys criticised it cos it was D’banj! One thing is sure though, He Is The Most Blessed Musician in Nigeria! Sure dis is not his best song, but it is a club hit! Good work MattMax! Bless up peeps!

    • ade says:

      "He Is The Most Blessed Musician in Nigeria! "…… 2face? Wizkid? Fam, he's good alright, but deffo not most blessed

      • Demmy says:

        He's not the most talented but the most blessed.CAMI is right.

      • #Ajebutter number 1 says:

        def the most blessed jare, not the most talented tho like demmy said. buh anyhow, abeg make una no tell am nonsense lol

  61. sushag says:

    Dumb as ppl can’t u see dat kaffy had vry gud expression4d video.and its D’banjs song so y won’t dey show d artiste. Video 99%

  62. taofik says:

    D location is vry different frm all d oda directors location nice1.I love d gas mask tingi correct.Egba oju bad beLle haters.Nice song bangalee

  63. capsule says:

    See doz dogs,d car dashin d waLl,d helicopter,d gas mask,d bullet proof,db logo.Men its D,banj and u already knw.Nice job frm artiste and director Mattmax na u be King of all Naija directors…….thumbs up

  64. Ben says:

    Some Fooools are just ranting on here, You keep Re-Playing this Video at the same time calling this video a waste of Money, how much una Papa give ham when he was an upcoming artiste? if you want a Song for Peace or Whatever, why dont you Listen to MJ or promote one of your family Members. there's no need of disliking someone's hardwork, remember he is also a Hustler like you. WATCH this Video Packing Award Sooooon

  65. latisha says:

    D video rily rily boosted d song.buh I love d song.nice video.picture quality 99%,visuals 99%,concept 99%……..all d costumes r vry diff frm all d oda videos hv eva seen,…Great artiste great director

  66. fresh boy says:

    Egba oju twentea abi 20kobo,mumu tho badt.O lee!oju e ti fo danu.commot4here joor!nice work Eja nla thobat ati director Mattmax tho lee!1million gbosa4una

  67. shizo says:

    Abeg make I no lie dis video got to get a grammy4best song and best video in africa,no psychs no beef and mattmax needs 2get an award home and aways.keep d gud work u guys.

  68. sesan says:

    Awesome,evrytin great no oda director wld hv don any beta4 dis video.great!!!!!!

  69. Superman says:

    is it just me of is D'Banj getting fat

  70. Lucas says:

    African Numbers One

  71. E G O says:

    D'banj don VEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. ajmammie says:

    Quality video for a wack song…

  73. starboi says:

    Nigerians have always been biased, so I'm not surprised by the kind of comments I've been reading. C'mon guys! This is a good song. He got kicked out of his own record label…what do you expect him to do? Quit his job? Even if he's the devil, at least, RESPECT HIS HUSTLE!

  74. plange says:

    Ovie, we know say u dey for him pay roll, keep laying to him. he should better switch to a plan C, this plan is not working ohhhh, empty song.

  75. DM says:

    Mattmax u were God sent to help d career of banger lee.BANGER LEE!nice song joor,tuale make haters go die.nice job see doz dogs dey vex.all oda dogs we’re dem use4oda videos na bingo.Make no oda director copy ooo.

  76. FckGalzLuv$ says:

    Lovely video~~!!! I love tis song die….

  77. mumu na Dapo not dayo… root ko,, Stem ni

  78. Anonymous says:

    go and do ur own

  79. lol says:

    This is beyonce's run the world concept… plain and simple

  80. Michael Diala says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha Sheu ur just mean!!!! looooool

  81. daniboy says:

    Common on it's D BANJ… African very best.

  82. Odeeeeee Omeka…. Go sing nawh make we hear waiting una go bring out.. Fool

  83. DrBell says:

    Haha, I love this. Industry is quiet at the moment with everyone trying to play nice. Keep insulting your artists and you will get more of this. FYI if you're not Dbanj please don't try this, it might just be career suicide.

  84. VincoIsHere says:

    Una dey abuse the song, can you check the comments, 114 COMMENTS….WOW

  85. Somto says:

    For those who do not know, Dbanj is making Oliver Twist Remix ft. Psy. Omo i no be Dbanj fan but as i hear am, i just love the guy and his moves, he'll top everybody when that video drops. BTW this video speaks for itself; Class!

  86. oMo Aiye says:

    Eja nla still on top….

  87. Jigga says:

    Nice one, but i no like his new look. I'm don fat.

  88. fawazy says:

    totally disappointed wit d director….cme on didnt dey spend money on d video….it looks so disorganized, d dancers nt complementing each other…… the song has alot of potential to blow far…always imagined d beginning of video being in slow motion ….he shud better do remix video……

  89. Emeka says:

    Very expensive video. Really like the dog thing. And ’em gas mask guys. Kafee on point. BangaLee toh badt

  90. Nice song and video…Its a very good street anthem…

  91. mbouty says:

    i dnt care if u b CHAIRMAN u d talk nonsense….. super beef to M.I 10million hit song Chairman!!

  92. St Samson says:

    Why Dbanj head come fat for this Video… Wetin happen …

  93. ugoharris says:

    Really love the video, and d song has good production. Dbanj delivered well on this one 2.

  94. wariz says:

    baba video

  95. Godson says:

    BangaLee Omo Iya mee wa Gbayiiiii Plenty…

  96. stinD says:

    madt video

  97. bravo says:

    Creative video is now the new trend>>>>>>> lets go dere Fileeeeeeeeeee

  98. KALINE says:

    i have watched this video like 13 times and i keep wondering if it was really shot in nigeria…..this is the best video that has been shot by a nigerian director.MATTMAX MATTMAX YOU ARE THE BEST

  99. THRUTH says:


  100. tunde says:

    fantastic job, video so on point… MattMax killed this one. Eja nla baba lojokojo…

  101. Biodun says:

    EJA NLA all the way, Dbanj never fails to deliver… Eyin Boyz e gba oju any body to ba beef…

  102. Monic says:

    OMG! how did they pull that off? the building collapsing behind Dbanj, the helicopter landing strip and the SUV breaking through the wall? this MattMax guy is blazing… Dbanj i love your work, you never dissapoint. please keep representing Nigeria, we love you.

  103. SHOLA says:

    In one word: PERFECTION!

  104. john says:

    THIS is top video

  105. Evodia says:

    when i see videos that can outrightly compete with international videos i feel proud i am African. Dbanj you have done absolutely well with this one. Thank you.

  106. Debimpe says:

    This video will do very well locally and internationally, i am proud to be Nigerian. thanks MattMax and DBANJ. Awesome video.

  107. Saka says:


  108. Victor says:

    Great video, deserves multiple awards. MattMax best video director of the year. lol

  109. Oloro says:

    Eja nla toh bad gon, awon boiz e gba oju ota aje. maaadest video toh bading…

  110. Keshi says:

    The video gave life to the song Simple!

  111. Sherif says:

    Goand sing your own nau make we hear…. when a young man is doing well, support him. Dbanj you na baba… hot video.

  112. the boss says:


  113. Bolaji says:

    The dog is so wild, wow! i love the scene where the jeep went through the wall… and the db Helicopter. So on point. the director make brain gon ni. Nice one Dbanj

  114. Shuaibu says:

    Creativity at its best. great work with the video Dbanj.

  115. Ogogoro says:

    this video makes me wanna slap someone. Am slapping the next person who messes with me. even is na my papa. hmmm thats the alomo talking…

  116. terry says:

    the video is ok

  117. saneman says:

    Energetic and captivating

  118. Sheu Lukman Adebola Owoake looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool hve never laughed soo hard

  119. Lucky says:

    this video is insane, even my mama like am… shes afraid of the Dog though lol!

  120. Olaitan says:

    CRAY CRAY CRAY, as in seriously CRAY… Dbanj OOOOOOOSHEY!!

  121. melvin says:

    Big move by Eja nla… i guess he has put a new team together, i hear db Records now have a media wing called DKM Media. i guess this is DKM media at work. MattMax oooshey! Eja Nla Banger Lee ooooshey!!

  122. David says:

    Proudly Naija! on point lomo… Eja Nla has done it again ooo, Africas best, take it to the bank!

  123. Ben says:

    And whats the reason for your amusement?

  124. chuks says:

    Dope video…

  125. Mac man says:

    Ejanla I tink say ur video go be like d same old video wer girls pack full tenk God say u surprise me for dis one.evrytin fit ur talented song keep d gud work n hardwork

  126. Sherif says:

    Sw dis vid yestiday and decided to comment today.una finish work for d song ,clean video nice concept

  127. Tunde bash says:

    Ahhhhhh mad song madder video best director of d year best song of d year d most talented artiste of d year d most consistent artiste of d year

  128. Good team work,nice both song and video,love d energy in d video.u guys kept us in suspense by starting d song slow and d video slow,it make plenty brain,kudos.

  129. Mayo wa says:

    I watchd d video in India and nw d song is ma ring tone.was d video shot n America,I also love olamide n may d’s part.

  130. Sholalawal says:

    Award winning song,award winning video

  131. daniel says:

    Brilliant video, good song, unique…

  132. philip says:

    Great work team Dbanj

  133. Mojisola says:

    When I first saw the behind the scenes pictures, I never imagined the end result to be this nice… it’s a classy video 80/100

  134. richard says:

    Beautiful work, hard core. Good funding, Good video.

  135. Idemudian says:

    I was not a fan of the song until i saw the video… great move eja nla, lovely video.

  136. danfo says:

    Anybody Wey do anyhow go see anyhow, baba you too much! Keep it up jare. Street Credibility…

  137. Solid vibe says:

    Dis video is d dopest in Africa and its an international standard.tenk God even our musical video is getting to dat level and not only our movie industry

  138. Padi papa says:

    Best video in d world baddest song in d world.oshey

  139. Pepsi says:

    Banga lee of life u came back to shoot ur video n u dint disappoint us.keep moving high wif such intelligent n brilliant video.weldon uv done well.nice location very different frm evry Nigerian video location.tenk God for once a director surprised us.e se oooooo

  140. why are u all attacking him , nigerians our problem is we hate the fact, @Temmiechannels u dey call am fool make e go sing….Them false ur dapo sing…just be good in whatever you doing thats all

  141. Erastus says:

    Hehe.. Even DonJazzy Fanz are begining to cross boarders…. nDbanj Please keep it up..

  142. Davido Temmietallest Daodu says:

    Na wa for all of u oooo..una no sabi omeka ni ….na im produce Gobe ,back when,holla @ur boi and the rest…he is has a deep root in music #mumupikin#

  143. JUSTOK* says:

    this guy takes coke i swear

  144. Kseet says:

    Which one is CRAY again??? I think I can now tell you nonsense cos this song is one of the reasons

  145. and that's how you know he's crap without trying…

  146. Uzoamaka Nwoha says:

    I smell Kanye West all over this video. as in "Run this town' video concept…

  147. darry says:

    Reading loads of dumb comments here of people who don’t know shit about video shooting.. “Dbanj rented the Helicopter” no big deal in that but did he also go to d desert to shoot that desert scene? Or did he demolish 2 buildings too for the scene? wack brains!!

  148. Crucialforever says:

    I kinda dig his new bad ass look.

  149. 'iamDeepee Addy says:

    This just made my night ….lololololol

  150. den send you message mumuni oooode

  151. anny says:

    Ode mumu.dem know go show u d place wey dem shoot d desert scene.

  152. anny says:

    Ode mumu.dem know go show u d place wey dem shoot d desert scene.d video just make too much sense and brain……..

  153. Heather says:

    loved the vid and song.

  154. i av never actually seen this video to the end because halfway thru i just get dissappointed….. video quality is on point no doubt… beat sounds like beyonce– girls run this, choreography is def from beyonce's video…. the song… i think i given banger lee a very high regard that making a song like this just……

    i know people like the song…. i like dbanj so i wont hate wont thou i dont like it./…

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