Chidinma -Bless My Hustle ft Phyno + Kite + Jolly

Post by Ovie O, June 10th, 2013

Chidinma is arguably the fastest-rising female act in Nigerian music at the moment. She has just released 3 new singles “Bless My Hustle” featuring Phyno, “Kite” and “Jolly” under the Capital Hill Music/Goretti Company imprint and management. Check ’em out.


Chidinma Bless Me Art

Bless My Hustle ft Phyno [DOWNLOAD]



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69 responses to “Chidinma -Bless My Hustle ft Phyno + Kite + Jolly”

  1. Man 2 Man says:

    Wizzy will kill that bless my hustle beat, remix with him wouldn't be bad.. phyno went in tho

    Good job miss kedike

  2. wariz says:

    chiddy babe the best

  3. Namebedis says:

    Look at MY WIFE ohh!! Baby I will take care of you so teh yo no go enter studio again!!

    • Lynxxx says:

      if I Catch you, hmmmmmm, You go smell pepper #utunu

    • Chidinma's Brother says:

      All of una dey craze. Na my little sister una dey fight like piece of meat? Chineke punish all of una left yansh….Biko if you want my sister come our family house with orji/kola nut and the appropriate bride price-
      1. hummer for her brother (me),
      2. vacation paid for to hawaii for our parents
      3. $100K in familiarity fee to her family (of which I am a member).

      Chidinma's Older brother

  4. KOLA says:

    God bless her hustle….

  5. findout says:

    Chidinma se waa femi? Love you die….Nice tracks beautiful.

  6. Godsluv22 says:

    Chai dis woman has shown no signs of slowing down at alll…..Jolly na confam JAM….Thumbs up

  7. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    Chidinma is more youruba than Ibo. Interesting.

    • Godsluv22 says:

      Lol….How ?

    • DDM says:

      shutup ewu

      • Phalaenopsis says:

        Well, isn't it strange that she chooses to sing in Yoruba instead of Igbo which I assume she can speak. I mean , check her songs from the first to these ones. Chic dey form to use Igbo for her songs. Whatever puts food on her table, anyway…
        This is simply why I doff my hat for Phyno, Flavour, Psquare, etc. Jah bless yo hussle!
        The secret : Be comfortable in your own skin.

      • ogwa says:

        Why are you blaming her…..She be efulefu. DONT BLAME THE MESSENGER. Anyway enjoy music and stop caring if it is yoruba or igbo as long as it makes sense…

    • ugo = Knowledge says:

      If singing in yoruba = being yoruba, then many Igbos are yoruba. Know your history. The Igbos are known to integrate with their environment without holding back, but if the society had less people who are not ethnocentric and xenophobic, it would go a long way against, nepotism, inequality and even corruption. When we make statement stop and think….

      In my view she is only following the money, which is understandable, however in the grand scheme of things she is actually following her heart……God is good…Chi Di Nma…spread positivity,,,

    • login says:

      You can't be tush with ibo language! The language sounds too ibile ''Indigenous''

      Emini baller is a jam!

  8. jaybee says:

    She never Disappoints. #GBAM!

  9. Prince Don says:

    No plate and spoon but I eat them for dinner. Man of The Year.

  10. St Samson says:

    You have never disappointed me,
    You never will
    We are proud of you Chidinma
    God bless you
    Keep Reppin Naija

  11. boo says:

    3wack songs wooow….n bcs splash dropped hers wit phyno today u rush go drop ur own…buh ur own no come just enter a beg lockup…lol

  12. Someone_Special says:

    Well done Chidinma. You have the talent and a very good personality too. May the good God bless the hustle of every hardworking individuals.

  13. DEX says:

    The way she speaks the yoruba like she's actually a yoruba girl (Y) I think Chidinma is sort of underrated in my own opinion, in that she's not getting the 'full recognition' she rightfully deserves. I love all three songs especially Bless my hustle. Awesome stuff.

  14. obim says:

    Okbye…chi chi rest…I luv u u hear?buh chill d fuck down no hurry inlife…let splash own endorse dz year first…

  15. dfg says:

    sigh,,,i just want to marry this babe….

  16. paulmirabilis says:

    This girl is super-talented…

  17. Drizzy Fkid says:

    always winning my heart.

  18. JUSTOK* says:

    why are they taking this gal's originality to another direction why why why i like her old sound this beats don't bring out her best

  19. brand new nwanne abuzim tam tam…..

  20. Fowoachieve says:

    well make we sha show small love…she try..But no hard working in this…samething wey Tawa or Kubura can sing..

  21. kenneth says:

    Talent can never be hidden…..

  22. Chidinma do an release album naaa.

  23. 9jafreak says:

    Confused chic
    I just hope Miss Kedike remebers it wasn't Palangolo music that got her the Kora awards
    Chidinma has a chance to become a clerly defined music brand, but she's all over the place and at this rate, she'll soon be forgotten

    • seemuumu says:

      so it is now a sin 4 an artist 2 b able 2 show diversity .lol na wa o

    • david says:

      As much as i dont like critics. I have to admit you made a point.
      With every new release by her the standard and quality of her songs drop.

    • kenneth says:

      and you dont realize that for her to make a career of this she has to go commercial…LOOK KORA AWARDS dont pay the bills…….
      if you intend to make it in our mainstream music industry, you have to grovel!!! that means go commercial and also try to jump into the studio with as much mainstream artists as possible in order to garner some airplay….its simple….maybe knowledgeable folks like yourself might know her, but what of the Sule or Tunde on the street.

  24. ikenna says:

    These songs are wack? Really? TF is wrong with you people?

  25. Money dey Enter, she dey Tour, Wetin remain? BLESS THE LORD Oooooo!

  26. Olusesi Weloveyou says:

    super cool!

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  27. maccamillion says:

    make una fix the music player naw! e go just stop ah ah! jam of life!

  28. moxy says:

    Ovie abeg fix the player

  29. I can relate with kite… good job ms. kedike, good song.

  30. JAY says:


  31. I no am a sinner but no plate and spoon an I eat them for dinmer. wat else ghost mode dey vex.

  32. @activ8ed says:

    Bless my Hustle is a JAM!

  33. Under G says:

    imagine flavour on that jolly song!!! someone tell her that she needs to do a remix with him

  34. Ugo says:

    Nice…..Keep up the good work…Fan since (run dia mouth)

  35. novs says:

    chidinma, this is good. very good. but we need more emi ni ballersssss. I love your voice when you rap.

  36. Uwaifo says:

    Heard this on the radio driving to work . The best thing in the area of vocals since … well since slice bread ..

  37. D'cepe Emmanuel says:

    Preach it! Chi o Prtty o strong..Phyno Nwoke Ike.

  38. @Peterweez says:

    Chi my crush lol i luv everythin 4rm u but<Bless My Hustle> is extremely impressing ! That song shuld win the best song of the month bn June.God bless ya

  39. Phanny says:

    Chidinma, I love what you do & this time you blew my mind away. Keep it really hot as always!

  40. khalizee says:

    chindinma now you coming.
    this one dey ok

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