Timaya ft D’Banj – Mind Over Matter

Post by Ovie O, June 6th, 2013

“Banger Lee… Open Sesame! Mind divided by Matter.” D’Banj has a special way of making an entrance. Timaya stands his ground as well on this mammoth collaboration of 2 of Nigeria’s biggest acts. The jam is called “Mind Over Matter”. Check on it.


Timaya Dbanj mind over matter-1

Produced by Young D [DOWNLOAD]

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97 Responses to “Timaya ft D’Banj – Mind Over Matter”

  1. asdcfvg says:

    dbanj..best hype man

  2. Dochy says:

    Bangaleeee Osheeeeeee

  3. sureboi says:


  4. sureboi says:

    i carry first

  5. sureboi says:

    nice,,, but i m first

  6. BIG M0UTH 凸(`⌒´メ)凸 says:

    That Awkward moment when haters realize hate is not working on Dbanj! lol

    Timaya came through on this one!


    • Dsam says:

      You still wan start argument for this IMPRESSIVE post? U never tell us wetin you dey smoke.LOL

      • BIG M0UTH 凸(`⌒´メ)凸 says:

        Haha Oga Dsam!

        Long tym … i hardly spot your comments this days, as if you don lean back a-bit right?!
        Nah..i just dey appreciate the IMPRESSIVE music hustle!

    • HATER says:


  7. yike1981 says:


  8. really like the sound of this one. timaya sounds really good and ejanla's delivery was real sweet….bangali! what does that mean pls? lmfao…all round feel good track…tiimaya's adlibs tho….too funny.

  9. ifa says:


  10. MR MR says:


  11. David says:

    Nice collabo men

  12. sirvexalot says:


  13. Gold Medal says:

    dis joint go.

  14. @baba_O_89 says:

    bango too get plenty names! from ejen'nla to bangali. haha

  15. Spaco says:

    Already build a mansion 4 my mother….Timaya i tap frm ur blessing IJN(AMEN)

  16. Ben D' Neth says:

    Beat of Life #DOPE.

  17. Hibeckz Toolz says:

    nice beat……more grease to your elbow nigaa.

  18. timeless says:

    hahahahah!!!! dbanj ohhhhh!!!!!!! this guy dey craze!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! INTRO OF LIFE!…OPEN SESAME! should start trending sharp sharp! infact dbanj should make a full song on that! mehn this guy killed me mehn am going mad!

  19. alvin says:

    Egberi papa n Koko master are on point

  20. […] Lee… Open Sesame! Mind divided by Matter.” D’Banj has a special way of making an entrance. Timaya stands his ground as well on […]

  21. marykate says:

    A very lovely combo can’t wait 2. Watch d colabo dbanj and timaya.

  22. @asmennha says:

    dbanj is just some crazy nigga….love this

  23. Emeka says:

    this is fire

  24. Emeka says:

    and its d banj kinda thang so he killed it

  25. Stan Ukorah says:

    two Big stars keep going Timaya you are the guy.

  26. Ifeanyi Okolo says:


  27. banger eee says:

    9ice song, but the beat sound too similar to our everyday naija beats.. Or is it just timaya experiment.

  28. D-DON says:

    Eja la straight frm d ocean, dis guy is really entertaining. Dkwnloading…..

  29. shaba says:

    NICE jam ejanla straight from the ocean beat of life

  30. D'cepe Emmanuel says:

    D'banj 2013

  31. Timaya always on point. Plsss off d music. I wan go work

  32. lee temple says:

    Where are the haterz now? Eja Nlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  33. Koboko! says:

    When I came on the site this morning, and saw BangaLee on Timaya's track, won't lie, I expected mediocrity, but the song actually makes some sense, lovely beats from Young D as usual, Timaya, you too much…Leggo

  34. larry says:

    Hahahahaheheh Bangalee aka Ejanla won’t kill me wit all d ajasaa, u both did a very gud job, is on replay and loving it, bt come to tink of it, ow on earth did dbanj remember dat word “Open Sesame” cus d last time I heard dat word was in ” Ali Baba and the Fourty thieves” u are vast skibanj and u kill dat heavy beat. Oya dj take it away n mix it wit The Matter by maleekberry ft wizkid.

  35. Oluwaphemy says:

    Beat of Life with Eja nla himself…. No negative comment yet. Thumbs up Timaya.

  36. EJA NLA says:

    eja nla straight from the ocean!

  37. shun confirm says:

    banging ish mo like

  38. Brandz says:

    JAM! They both killed this one. D'banj will be around for a long time! Young D!!! Una do well

  39. Dsam says:

    Our prodigal son don dey come back home ooO, all thanks to "YEEZUS" dropping soon. Honestly, D'banj needs personally come up with an explosive track like this one for it's been ages, really. #OnRepeat

  40. Baba Suwe says:

    yung D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! datz all

  41. Someone_Special says:

    Tight collaboration. Young D and Timaya relationship is working very well.

  42. Egberi papa n Koko master are on pointer on this JAMMER….

  43. tune of life, banga lee#.

  44. mr tim says:

    mind over matter tttttttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmaaayyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  45. Twentea says:


  46. DR SID says:


  47. ajmammie says:

    Good sound production.. but nothing special! why na only songs about haters Timaya dey do? Abeg make we talk true…. nothing special about this song but the fact say Young D do something different…

    • mjo says:

      bro me don tire for timaya..haters,haters,haters everytime..abeg i need different lyrics…but the beat na dope!!!!!!

  48. A$ap Kill says:

    My brain just settle to play this song properly…This is a jam….Lord Dbanj!!!!!

  49. Mr Karisssma says:

    Haters don tire…lol

  50. Oga@DTop says:

    Not really feeling this… YET so maybe it will grow on me

  51. St Samson says:

    Oshe Banger Lee.. Eja NLA

  52. Brandz says:

    LMAO….Kokohitto, Love portion. D'banj is crazy I swear

  53. mandhip says:

    really really MAD joint , young d, timaya, bangalee(EJA NLA) you b muderer !! Chaii

  54. mavis Israel says:

    Jam of life….# O̲̣̣̥n Replay

  55. Lasbrey Ejehu says:

    Good one….

  56. seun says:

    Each time i listen to Dbanj, i end up thinking of money.

    Eja Nla straight from the ocean.

    Formula 1

    making money fasters.

    Dbanj, come o where is this lee temple.

  57. paulmirabilis says:

    good collabo

  58. Man 2 Man says:

    Inspiration came from wizzy's "The Matter".. almost same BPM, I thought Young-D's beats are always fast tempo..

    Egberi Papa 8/10 ** Eja Nla 6/10 = niz song

  59. J.P says:

    D’banj’s Intro though is………KILLING! Who is Better Than D’banj musically??? No 1………I hv personally learnt sumting 4rm D’banj….FOCUS nd HARD WORK! Despite d fact dat he is one of d most hated nd criticised artistes in Nigeria, He is not looking back! D’banj is Most Blessed nd Hates nd Criticism re meaningless! He said………”BANGER LEE…….OPEN SESEME……..MIND DIVIDED BY MATTER” Into of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. D-DON says:

    Some pple will just come here & start hating and their own voice is like dat of crocodile. Wat is wrong with dis song now?

  61. Emeka says:

    Very badt song. Where two elephants fight na the beat go suffer. Lol. Dope jam

  62. 9jafreak says:

    Hardly a beautiful noise
    Calling this mediocre would be patronizing
    This generation sef na wa

  63. Musicplaner says:

    Banger lee..Badoo lee

  64. Major says:

    ''mind over matter'' is like a common naija song.nothing special. but like it bcause it make me dance

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  66. Timaya Timaya good job!

  67. nice bars… u guys killed d beat.. young D nice beat.

  68. chilling wit friends in oil and gas……….. funny…

  69. meee says:

    This timaya just dey go wack everyday

  70. president says:

    D bang is bad ,.. even if he drops 2 lines ,… hahahahahahaaha i am laughing ,.. Bagali is the new one ,.. abeg this guy is one top ,.. Timaya nor mind this haters ,.. they are hungry ,.. i love you from the start men ,… carry go

  71. Timaya u dey make me proud my oga.

  72. Say's B says:

    Big names , wack lyrics , ain't feel your shit.

  73. Magic says:

    Hennessy, molly and dis song… and my friday night is made

  74. ply says:

    dis guyz are just making noise here….ddey no won clam down do better music>>>

  75. Hrh Eze Bigfish says:

    everything timaya do is okay for me

  76. @activ8ed says:

    Lyrically very lacking. Whether you give me negative vote or not na una sabi.

  77. KELLYBROWN says:

    bam song bros kellybrown i pray to be unto like this my music is just my life and i appreciate the song oredrs musicians bcs is not easy just go and test the mike and see how it is:::: kelly brown mr i mean no harm i love this man

  78. we are proud to be nigerians once it comes to music.

  79. DGraphicsGuy says:

    i must av missed this post…… Unusual collabo… but usual expectation from both artistes… BANGER!

  80. Kelvin says:

    Chai Dem Mama Soldier. I done already Build MANSON for MY MOTHER.

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