DOWNLOAD:Jumabee - Cassava ft W4, Jaywon, Phenom, Yung6ix, Morell, Buckwylla –notjustOk

Jumabee – Cassava ft W4, Jaywon, Phenom, Yung6ix, Morell, Buckwylla

Post by Ovie O, June 5th, 2013

Rich collabo. We’ve got SEVEN (7) acts on this “Cassava” cut: W4, Jaywon, Phenom, Yung6ix, Morell and Buchwylla, all brought together by Jumabee.

“Following the huge success of ‘FUJI TEKNO’  (featuring Vector), Kogi Born singer ‘JUMABEE’ delivers a brand new sweet and unique tune on ‘CASSAVA’ featuring W4, Jaywon, Phenom, Flowssick, Yung6ix, Morell & Buckwylla.

He is currently working on his forth-coming album under S2DB ENTERTAINMENT which will feature the likes of YQ, Vector, Jaywon, Adol, Guiterman, Etcetera and Sleeq.

Cassava was produced by Highly Talented Producer ‘Phenomenon!’ (producer of Morell’s Anti-Social ft Olamide)

Guaranteed club banger, Cassava is a must have on your High Tempo Playlist.




Produced by Phenomenon [DOWNLOAD]

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24 responses to “Jumabee – Cassava ft W4, Jaywon, Phenom, Yung6ix, Morell, Buckwylla”

  1. @activ8ed says:

    The cassava leaf be like igbo leaf lol

  2. @activ8ed says:

    na wa o, 7 pple for cassava matter lol

  3. MR MR says:

    just there

  4. Lord ev0 says:

    Mehn this na madt jam. Jumabee u shouldn’t have ended it abruptly tho. The chorus & beat are madt. Sure many fans would love to dance a bit more.

  5. I just wanna listen to yung6ix and phenom #nowdownloading

  6. MAY mixtape out now! says:

    weak and u know it

  7. daniboy says:

    yung6ix on point

  8. silas says:

    Love the hook

  9. bangerboi says:

    Boring!. Unnecessary, its almost annoying. at a point it becomes ignorant. Period!

  10. Cant stop jamming this mehn!

  11. St Samson says:

    Make the song Longer nao… U carry 7 ppl put for track u come end like say na only you dey hear am ..

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