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VIDEO: Tiwa Savage – Olorun Mi

Post by Ovie O, June 3rd, 2013

Tiwa Savage blesses us with a heart-felt song dedicated to all those we’ve lost. I was almost moved to tears while watching this video. I really hope “Olorun Mi” moves you as well. God bless you Tiwa.

R.I.P to all those who have gone before us. You’ll never be forgotten.


Tiwa Savage Once Upon A Time Album Promo Art


“…Whenever I remember your smile, it helps to Heal my Heart;

Helps to restore my world that was torn apart…”  


YouTube Preview Image


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61 responses to “VIDEO: Tiwa Savage – Olorun Mi”

  1. KUNLE kINF says:


  2. Omooba001 says:

    When you are the first guy with a song like Tiwa savage….The feeling is good…now i watch the video

    Guys….i wan start a small debate for here ooo….Oya make una gather

    *whispering* for that video…i no see Mavin…e no concern me…but i wan know maybe i need to buy glasses or i no sabi as e dey go…oya gist me somebody…

  3. paulmirabilis says:

    Wow…Everything about this song is impressive…10/10!

  4. john says:

    S/o to the director George Guise, best director in London right now

  5. CEO BOKO says:

    Tiwa your voice is impressive!

  6. YORITUNES says:


  7. Sauce says:

    Wow!.. Touching song, equally poignant video. Great job by the Director for conveying the message without ambiguity and unnecessary fillers.

  8. hitman says:

    Oh my! I saw my home boy again, Dagrin! Blessed memory. Thanks Tiwa, God bless

  9. dickson juliet says:

    9ice song

  10. fan says:

    Massive Tune… Ms Tiwa delivers like DHL…. #RIPmamaLeks #RIPauntyGani

  11. optician says:

    @omooba001 yes you do need glasses. Its there right after ‘A 323 Production’ in association with Mavin Records…. Beautiful song and lovely interpretation by the dancer DKfash…

  12. dtyungman says:

    beautiful..dis z a wakeup call to always remember dt eternity comes after our life on earth…lets live right…cos eternity z forever!!!

  13. Mary ann says:

    God bless Tiwa Savage! ! ! !

  14. tko says:

    beautiful..may the souls of all those we've lost continue to rest in peace.

  15. Segun A Ogunnusi says:

    cool nice song.

  16. £_bow says:

    Classic Tiwa……nice vocals backed wit a cool video,luv it

  17. flytemode says:

    God bless u tiwa…. for this song…. rip to our lost ones, hope to see u guys in heaven when we get there…

  18. Twentea says:


  19. Someone_Special says:

    Very emotional and heartfelt song. Thank you Tiwa for a great job. It seems the female artists are doing more meaningful songs than their male counterparts. Omawumi and Waje's album are very tight and I hope Tiwa's will be just as good. The males need to up their game.

  20. DEX says:

    You can't compare Tiwa Savage with any other. Tiwa is just …Tiwa. Tiwa, Thank you very much for this song and video. May the souls of our loved ones whom we have lost rest in peace. Amen

  21. Musicplaner says:

    This song just made my day…ooooosee

  22. sick video, this same guy shot DizZY Gluefreestyle love his videos.

  23. wariz says:

    Ah!this song touched thepart of my heart…Da grin nd dem others

  24. Weldon Tiwa! God bless you 'Beautiful song/video concept. Bless the souls of the Dead!

  25. Emeka says:

    mavin spends good money to get the best

  26. Kukere 1 says:

    Reason why you gonna be charting the way. This is very thotful of you Tiwa. I admire this Lady mind. Godbless you

  27. bangerboi says:

    thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, this is what an artist should do!, to bless us!, to use it as a gift!!!, instead of sing about bullshit on stupid repititive dance beats all the time!, yes!!!!, mumu idiots be singing about breast and shaking nyash and bulllshit!. mcheew. This is it!!!. Tiwa thankyou!!!!

  28. This is the kind of Music we need and not some people singing Rubbish…Nice one from Tiwa…God Bless your wisdom.

  29. God bless the soul of the dead. Heart felt.

  30. oyemade adeseye says:

    i love u tiwa….great song God bless ur heart. i dedicate to my late father and late fiancee

  31. JI DA says:

    God bless d Dead, God Bless U Tiwa, God bless Me and U too

  32. aliuwatt says:

    i cant stop loving u TIWA SAVAGE

  33. Lasbrey Ejehu says:

    wow! found a new Respect for this lady..lovely Song…Beautiful Video. R.I.P to those we lost.

  34. D-DON says:

    u rily nid dog eyes not glasses

  35. D-DON says:

    @Dsam, i just saw ur comment, mehn u really made me laugh. Person dey high on tooothpaste again? Lol

  36. Mary Ann says:

    Tiwa savage is a blessing to us. Godbless you

  37. enigma says:

    God bless you Tiwa!

  38. Abimbola Sheriff Uthman says:

    she nailed dis 1.she really is a true diva.

  39. Max says:

    So touching and soul filling with faith…tnx Ty. RIP DAD Ur in a better place now.

  40. kidwiz says:

    Heart touching…….. woawooooooo olorun mi gbadura mi…… R.I.P Da grin, Goldie, e.t.c bless u tiwa

  41. oyekanmi says:

    God bless you for this tiwa!

  42. mtc says:

    nyc super song

  43. christiana says:

    I can't help buh cry after listening nd watching dis song, tnx to God fr tiwa nd tiwa tnx fr d song I dedicate dis song to Justice Esiri nd Pete Ene I love u tiwa kip up d gd wrk

  44. bangiA says:

    good touching song i dedicate it to emma mayanja AK47

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