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VIDEO: Olamide on The Juice with Toolz

Post by Ovie O, May 31st, 2013

Olamide is looking madd fresh on this interview with Toolz on The Juice! Money good oh!

“Olamide a.k.a Badoo is one of Nigeria’s finest rap artist. His unique style of blending yoruba and english lyrics separates his work from others. He has recently risen to become a huge force in the nigerian rap industry with top charting tracks like “First of All”, “Stupid Love” and “Voice of the Street”. He emerge with the hit “Omo to Shan” featuring Wizkid a few years back and since then has continued to drop massive hit songs. Toolz gets The Juice on Olamide as he shares his experinces in music, relationship, controversy regarding his signing to DKM and whats next.

So!!! First of All…”


YouTube Preview Image

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52 responses to “VIDEO: Olamide on The Juice with Toolz”

  1. kr@z¥ says:

    Olamide baddest niggar ever liveth.

    God go mk u biger.

    Oda rappas wana chok ur yash cos u dy ahead and dy ar under.

  2. Spaco says:

    Badooo on suite…Lol

  3. bebeto says: First to comment . jjjjjoooooooo

  4. airfresh says:


  5. Mee says:

    Oya ..First….Give me KuliKuli

  6. sirvexalot says:

    Baddoo ist

  7. airfresh says:

    Baddoooooo, nice 1

  8. Cheals(Wado) says:

    Badoo Sharp boy no pimple
    See the way you dey make toolz dimple
    Who say rap no simple never sample a badoo single
    No lele bad ass interview O she

  9. I Senior una says:

    FIRST!!!! *rips off shirt shout out to Baddo!!

  10. Demmy says:

    Top Notch ,Badoo on point.

  11. Badoli….Badt man Thing.

  12. Koboko! says:

    Badooooo….this guy is too real…forward to the part where he raps about how music chose him and what not…..much respect….#firstofall

  13. kenneth says:

    Ovie..i dont trust you..these clips are more about toolz than the artists she features

  14. oaa148 says:

    baaaaaddddddddoooooooooo!!!!!!!! simple

  15. Badest nigga ever liveth…

  16. baba says:

    straight up…

  17. MAY mixtape out now! says:

    Badoo…just another positive story from the hood. God bless you for showing how resilient peeps from the Bariga network or any hood can be if given even a tiny bit of opportunity. If una know how many rappers dey Bariga since the 90s wey never blow u will understand how special this kid is.

  18. sonya says:

    Dude looking fresh now. Anyone remembers when dude use to have pimples all over his face. MONEY GOOD FOR REAL. BADDEST NICCA EVER LIVETH.

  19. Omooba001 says:

    Mehn Toolz fine ooooo

  20. Making money everyday from coast to coast no be easy tinx na.

  21. A$ap Rockii says:

    Toolz…Big beef! Nice one baddo!!!!

  22. david says:

    Baddo Lee..Lovin It

  23. EJA NLA says:

    Nice and interesting interview,but i must olamide sound abit nervous and shaky at the beginning.

  24. General says:

    My nigga already kush up!!!!!!…olamide badoo

  25. Imospecimen says:

    Not hating on a youngin though – Baddo that white sock no follow at all. Bless up.

  26. baddoo ton robo! won le meet up pelu network e…….e scares gan! osa mo

  27. badoolee of the very present lee temple……… no watching and setting ooo.

  28. Olatunde Fasasi says:


  29. heykay says:

    Badoo,sky ΐƨ µя limit.thank Фď 4 µя life

  30. @abyola says:

    I love the Juice and I love Toolz but i think this interview was poorly conducted. The guy tried coming out of his shell and portraying his full personality when Toolz sent him back in with her "poshness" and made the whole interview awkward. You have to let artists be themselves.

  31. flytemode says:

    lol, Raz boy, toolz reduced him to his level, saying naija female stars no reach, even for Yankee here sef grown men dey trip for nollywood stars… u can buy suits for all I care, but u will still be a local, raz, uneducated, ignorant nitwit….. going around wishing death on people..

  32. 9jafreak says:

    Arguably the best The Juice interview
    Badoo was smashing

  33. DDM says:

    sorry is this kid on crack? not hating you give phyno opportunity to work with you, mate your sick. phyno is hot and so unique. the song is already hot.

  34. leo says:

    Another snoop lion in nigeria jagz lion nice one

  35. artified says:

    Can I meet him?

  36. Baddoooo Ur Own Pple Dey Feek U, Just Keep Us Impress By All Da Kin Tin, Je Ko Ma Durosoke 4lyf, i belive one day i wil follow u do colabo& I Lov To B Seed Of YBNL,GREAT NATION


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