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VIDEO: Davido – One Of A Kind

Post by Demola OG, May 31st, 2013

Davido who dropped his One Of a Kind video moments ago, is definitely evolving music wise and attempting to expand his relevance into the entire African market.

The sound and feel from One Of A Kind, will definitely permeate several countries in the African continent.

Lovely video!!! Please share your thoughts.

Couldn’t help but notice the obvious absence of B-Red and Shina.


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75 responses to “VIDEO: Davido – One Of A Kind”

  1. Apuesto Gregorio says:


  2. bobbyano says:

    first of a kind,nice concept

  3. First Kill Ur Fada.. says:

    Menn dis dude Ain't relenting on the hustle….Hard Work Pays…….TEAM1ST#….

  4. gbengbetiele says:

    very Bad Video !

  5. findout says:

    Not bad…Big ups bro!

  6. Phalaenopsis says:

    F*cking love it!

  7. SISTER CARO says:


  8. Tochukwu Ayodele Mourinho says:


  9. OKOCHA says:


  10. mkystones says:

    Davido always on point. Badoskiiiiiiiiiii. Call me your daddy

  11. kamal says:

    wowow nice video

  12. Young Swag says:


  13. Emeka says:

    davidooooooooooooooo dope

  14. @chonkis says:

    This is a Great One. Nice work and keep working hard

  15. Music Scout says:

    Very calculated African move. Pat yourself on the back Davido. You are a thinking man. Will I AM type things. This song will definitely be endorsing something in Africa pretty soon.

  16. Apuesto Gregorio says:

    Nice song n dope video.

  17. Sika Seeker Ukoh says:

    Impressive once again Mr Davido….nice1.

  18. @chonkis says:


  19. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    first and dope vid…davido don go

  20. mixturez says:

    Dope video. your head dey there David O

  21. jimmy flames says:

    straight to the point. very decent and nice. but not up to the hype.

  22. Wizboyy says:

    Na wa ooooo!
    Davido don past me sha!
    Lastman you agree wiv me dat this boy dey better me now

    Sick vid tho……#teamdavido!!

  23. Niyass OKO says:

    Dope 2 my role model. OBO, wonderful video

  24. Someone_Special says:

    Clean video but Nigeria flag contains green and white not lemon and white. Well done

  25. Henry Godwyn Umejuru says:


  26. Wizboyy says:

    Na wa ooooo!
    Davido don fly high shaaaa!
    Lastman abeg we no agree dat did boi don better pass me

    Sick vid though…#teamwizboyy to #teamdavido

  27. Twentea says:


  28. Twentea says:


  29. uncle femi says:


  30. gbengbetiele says:

    someone special….d concept is not to use any coutry's flag……rather to allow the colours to show in 'smoke screen ' then it is your work as a viewer to figure it out …………I guess i did d figuring out for u

  31. DEX says:

    The video made the song better. Nice one Davido.

  32. wariz says:

    davido sabi hin selling point…OGA AGBA

  33. Changeclothz says:

    Davidooooo has come to stayyyy……….dope ass video

  34. cooncudee says:

    Haven’t really listened to the song, na freesttyle he just dey do, buh nice video sha!…..I love d part where d girls are floating…

  35. boring song boring video.

  36. Tomy says:

    Honestly yes this is a good video, but one thing i don't get is that if he can afford to do a clear video like this, why settle for a very poor and low budget video like the "Insane girl" Video. I mean that was pretty low standard, even lower than Patrick Elis Videos. He really should put more money towards his artist and not only Himself.

  37. kenneth says:

    why is Davido always jumping like a tout??

    Dude chill and be cultured in your moves….

  38. oaa148 says:

    The concept covers the song and it looks like he's having fun. He is working on his stability in the industry and these songs and videos will cement his position in the industry. Nice video

  39. 9jafreak says:

    Great Video, so good even the Godfather had to give himself a cameo appearance
    But Davido needs help with Lyrics, like his brother and friend Wizkid

  40. 9ic one brooo. keep it up no dullin.

  41. Fowoachieve says:

    Nice one…Cool One..

  42. striker says:

    Best in Naija n Africa , hand down!

  43. EJA NLA says:

    young man with great ideas…this is sounding like another club anthem. bless

  44. "O baby oya call me your daddy.
    o girl you are one of a kind" <3.
    one of a kind track..see gobe master <3.

  45. kyrian says:

    did anydody noticed that sina rambo and B-red are not on this i ask whats happing on HKN

  46. Luiz says:

    Wow it really nice nd cruze…….best video keep it up

  47. knifey says:

    cool one….more grease to your elbow bro…but try to reduce the jumping ish really…it would have been cooler..just like you were calm while pointing at the map!! that is the concept behind the beat i think …but nice video though..

  48. amando says:

    i love davido die… am proud he is from my state.
    whatever you voice out is cool. i love the song mennnnnnnnn

    i know d amando , anywhere you from i want to know…catch it

  49. John bobo says:

    Wizkid's ''The Matter'' jam pass all the songs davido don release after dami duro!!!

    Feel free to argue!

  50. JIBOLA says:


  51. NAMETALKAM says:

    Why Sina Rambo and B-red are not GOBE and One Of a Kind video?

  52. ugoharris says:

    Very cool. Keep doing ya thing, young man

  53. song would work for big brother live shows shaa.

  54. Fresh11- says:

    Ogbeni this is rubbish, go school abeg

  55. Davido you gat me all in this one, indeed you are Daddy.

  56. willie says:

    Omo c gobe……….tomb up bigger brother………u re identifying ur sailing point mehn………..always on the beat………..haterz go hug transformer or enter kainji dam………..

  57. fuck this video.nice and cool.

  58. Lasbrey Ejehu says:

    You have got to give it up for this dude, he makes Good music when you think you've seen all of him. nice tune..lovely Video.

  59. 4 me dis song is whack buf thumbs up 4 d video bro

  60. which 1 have u produce ? mumu

  61. you know nothing about songs then

  62. cynthia says:

    Nice song,ad I love the sound ad the video,handsome dude.keep it up

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