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VIDEO: Jesse Jagz – Redemption

Post by Ovie O, May 29th, 2013

Jesse Jagz  returns with a new single/video titled “Redemption”. Looks like dude is getting some inspiration from the likes of Vybez Kartel, Mavado and other top Jamaican acts in his quest to deliver conscious Dancehall music. It’s hard to tell what Jago will do next; he seems to have all the talents in him.

Inspite of the recent controversies surrounding Jesse Jagz, one thing’s certain… we’ll get a complete multi-genre album from the former Choc Boy.

Jagz Nation Vol 1: Thine Nation Come drops this summer (July).


YouTube Preview Image


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149 responses to “VIDEO: Jesse Jagz – Redemption”

  1. coffeebrownie says:

    jargo!!!! exceptional

  2. awww… Jagz my son has finally gone Majek Fashek… Na madness things now o… Looking famished, but nice song.

  3. baloski says:

    Jagz is so talented…bouy!!! Even all these Jamos in Brixton go show nuff respect. nice

  4. @activ8ed says:

    This guy sha. Talent overflow. well, let me gently add this one to my Summer Jams list o.
    Upcoming dreads to go with this ragga jagga shit. nice one lol…with some luck you can feature oga Snoop Lion.

  5. Namebedis says:

    Jagz! Jagz! Jagz! Finally doing what he actually likes! Sounds great man! MAN DEM NAH FI WEAR YUH OUT !!

  6. My Thoughts... says:

    Am feeling this…hope his movement keeps going on the ascension instead of staying stagnated.

  7. @activ8ed says:

    "Thanksgiving in the Ghetto-nigga, no Turkey, no teddy bear-everything so Chucky (child's play)" haha, nice

  8. hayjaybawa says:


  9. david says:

    just when i thought Nigerian music had began to nose dive comes this exceptional music from jagz nation…kudos jago

  10. Scothinks says:

    About time! Well done.

  11. laskidi says:


  12. General says:

    Keeping it real

  13. Jay Swags says:

    Respect Jago Jagz….

  14. gusto says:

    great hook but jaggz is super HIGH…..lovely song…No doubt

  15. cooncudee says:

    I no understand this SHIT!, I liked d guy b4, he’s started falling my hand jare, smoking, looking rough, he needs a good shave, and that thing on his head, seems he’s tryna draw attention to this rough-skinned face, I ont like…..

  16. Val says:

    Wow I just say Kahli Abdu on DAT video mehn that’s a real niggar I LOve u Kahli Abdu

  17. findout says:

    If to say i no sabi jesse jagz i for argue say na Jamaican guy do dis track. World class man, You hv to be high to really feel dis track. Jago welcome back bro!

  18. Chiggzy says:

    Shetttt Jesse Jargooooo This one HIT me mehn

  19. Apuesto Gregorio says:

    Swagga Ragga Jagga! hehehehe.. Nice Jam.

  20. IFECO says:

    Day 1 Fans of your music. No Choc city but Jags nation is getting there . Lets support this one man army

  21. liko says:

    Roll It Up, Aro Gbe igbo wa

  22. silas says:

    Dope really

  23. TeamLakers says:

    Bad man tin… you remind me of Vybz Kartel #FreeWorldBoss

  24. Twentea says:

    Jesse Jagz…. WHEN THEY HEAR THIS BEAT< THEY ARE DEAD! for those of you that have something to say.. Have you eaten today? then why are you hating.. #JESSE_JAGGA_JAGGA

  25. Danny L says:

    Lol.. Even though Jargo is weird sometimes, it's still hard to hate the brother he is just very talented… This is a mad jam!! Kudos.

  26. Dsam says:

    Jargo is officially on the other side now oO, see gobe. I no dey smoke to feel am pass like this so but mehnn this is international standard no doubt. KAHLI ABDU I see you oO

  27. farah says:

    This video expresses the inner workings on a musical genius…original and mind blowing

  28. Iamontwitter says:

    Jesse Jags …i like the fact that this guy is doing his own thing now ..i respect that…hope it turns out very well for him he was lowkey for too long.. Nice jam too kind of song

  29. gomes says:

    i have listened to this song over and over and over again,, this beat is just toooooo gbassssssskiiiiiiiiiii(durella voice),,,,,,,,nice one jagzzz nation

  30. jefferry says:

    his looking like ghanian artist kwaw kesse… but jargo is on another big thing…..

  31. paulmirabilis says:

    The fact that Jesse Jagz is super-talented cannot be disputed.This is good music. I wish him the best!

  32. Thrombosis says:

    Big ups to Jargo.. not afraid to be different…

  33. login says:

    Ol booooooooooooooooy! Mad

  34. gomes says:

    i wish tuface was featured in this song,,,,classic

  35. Davemak says:

    Damn Jargo is on another whole new level music wise …. this is international quality music there , both production wise and style wise … kudos bro … keep it up

  36. o wow……. this is some next stuff! this one no be vybz or movado things…i see resemblance to BOB marley, talking about vanity, and Salasi, and babylon is Jesse Jagz going Rastafarian..its a Lovely track by the way speaking some heavy truths on this one.

  37. Zunnybunny says:

    This truly is not a very commercial music like we mostly see this days. I respect dude’s talent,quality and versatilty but this particular style of music is honestly not his root. Only few Naija can relate to what he’s saying in Rasta language. I rather prefer him on some rap s**t, Production skills and/or Naija pop. Hey,that’s only my personally opinion…what do I know?…he’s doing his thing, just my 2 cent.

  38. oaa148 says:

    Another artist staying true to himself. He is the most complete musician we have in Nigeria. He can literally kill any beat, any genre. Conquers all boundaries. Looking forward to the mixtape. Its gonna be a crazy summer

  39. My God will bless you… Mo love Video eee.

  40. killz says:


  41. This is some dope shit. Jargo is a multi-talented individual. Apparently, amongst the few best we've got in Naija.. Thumbs up man.. Anytime your CD drop..I am going to grab my copy instantly..

  42. this is mad track. I suggest with 2face for the remix.

  43. Oboi this boi na original BADOOSKI ooh see wetin him dey yarn from his mouth. He is a multi-talented individual please tell him to feat tuface on his remix and he will definitely hit a billion like on youtube! jah bless respect large.

  44. oluetson says:

    Jagz jst added me to millions of his fans, wow really conscious dancehall track. Keep up the tide man

  45. Someone says:

    Jargo is definitely not just your average artist. This guy is pushing himself. I love the sound. You can still do this genre of music without marijuana.

  46. whizhard says:

    Raaaaahhhhhh Jargo!!! One question tho i just wan know how many high grade spliff contribute to this beauty

  47. Man 2 Man says:

    I swear, this dude has taken a different dimension.. what a breath of fresh air… madly impressed..
    It wont be a surprise if Jamaican top arts beg for a remix

    Respect! Respect! Respect!!

  48. OWOLABZ says:

    different and dope

  49. i am jazzy says:

    what a song.. i'm feeling u jaga. cant wait for the album

  50. Yu jus cant get enough of jargo! Always sumtin new to offer.

  51. mixturez says:

    Damn. Deep Shit. Jaggz. The revolution has began. "Dem no go know until achire boxers"

  52. nA m£ b DiS says:

    Definitely vybing to this!… much love bruh!

  53. ……….truthful description of life in Nigeria, we need revolutionary soldier to enact changes truthfully.

  54. Chukwunonso Chukwudi Obi says:

    see talent. sheye eruja wetin you think?

  55. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    whoooooo he's nice…like i said before choc city took a massive L with the departure of Jargo. It might now stand to reason why he left cos it looks like his creativity might have been capped by other people's visions also get the feeling Jargo had a lot of input in the concept of this bam video. Bakewell and send no bagger bro.

  56. asgrl says:

    I'm blown!

  57. Izeek Ceo says:

    Definition of Music. Jesse Jajaga very consistent artist. Nice1, amazing track bruv. Jags Nation movement…….ceo.

  58. Wat else…. is Jesse jags nation baby… damn I love it.

  59. B elect says:

    this is……………… lovely song; sometimes an artiste finds himself and realizes he must do his calling, Jesse has changed his approach, or maybe simply went back to what his heart wanted to do all the while……

  60. HUGO na my name says:

    Jesse Jagz don turn Snoop Lion? #JustAsking

  61. wariz says:

    Who noticed d beat…OMG sure Jago did dat shit himself

  62. flytemode says:

    mad tune……osheeee

  63. wariz says:

    I swear no play,best song it is till d year runs out only if jargo drops anoda hit like thizz and stop gettin attention sayin is face is rough,we all know its been like dat nd we cool with it

  64. wariz says:

    Beat of life by jargo himself nd nice video

  65. G load says:

    Shout out to ol d musiction’s

  66. zangyzanga says:

    D BEAT ALONE GOT ME HIGH, NO DOPE!!!! Jesse, me fit remix diz baby smday

  67. zangyzanga says:

    Admin, u gat beef wit me or wat???????? STP HIDIN MA COMMENTS

  68. tim says:

    Jess nation #Dopeshit….

  69. 9jafreak says:

    Song of the Year!
    I'd like to see some Collaborations with Nneka, Asa and 2Baba in the future
    About time, a serious, top-quality genre/market evolve
    You know which kind of songs/artistes has a chance of nomination at the Grammys
    Sleeping on Jargo is anachronistic man.
    Salutations to ingenuity
    And yes, from the three tracks thus far from the Idols and this one, I'll be looking forward to this album

  70. DEX says:

    The way he can fit into any genre is amazing. Bigger tings a' gwarn for homeboy this summer. Summer's gonna be live though.

  71. wow….Jesse Jagz on point! great track!

  72. Koboko! says:

    HaHAHAHAHAHAHA, just read the funniest comment ever….. OLUWAJAGO, abeg, all rappers, singers and talentless artists out there, please come to this link, get good earphones/speakers, sit down with a pen and a note pad and please watch. Notice how :
    1. there are no women shaking their nyash stupidly to the catchy tune
    2. He can pass a message while looking gangsta
    3. The crisp, clean video…this is what happens when you hire a director with vision…
    Omo, anybody wey no like this video should "go to the bush and whistle with the birds…." JUJU FROM BABYLON PON DECK… Ovie, how far the song mp3 link

  73. Spaco says:

    In life you can only get better when you are doing YOU…Gud luck 2 Jagz Nation!

  74. funmilafe says:

    This is some Grammy standard Drop~ No Joke.. Dude got the Universe on some Dope Ish!
    Kudos Jago! Kudos.

  75. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    can someone please post the actual youtube link to this video? thanks

  76. Chuma says:

    The people that give us hope. WIKID!

  77. Fuji Badcard says:

    Jesse Jaga jaga please get Damian Marley pon the Remix …..Respect


    Na high grade kpom this guy dey kpom… This na jam Ooooo!!!

  79. baloski says:

    This is about the 12th time I'm checking out this video. Shuttling between NJO and YouTube. You might say I'm not serious, but this 'sthi' is off the hook! Cant get enough of it.


    This song go soon spoil my laptop cos I don over play am…. Damn!!!

  81. jaybleeng says:

    good clean crisp video – i love it

  82. biaphra says:

    ganja tune… 10/10

  83. luvmusic says:


  84. kenneth says:

    That blunt blazing chick just gave me a hardon!!
    Great video!!

  85. Babs says:

    unparallel. Other noise makers should learn from this dude. Total package. Lyrics, video, attitude very on point. Simple and makes lots of sense. Please tell dat Aboki guy to stop making noise and make videos that makes sense.

  86. Getting high on dis dope muzik…..My kinda song! Get Vector or Olamide on your next track. Another name (Yung L).

  87. Somto says:

    I knew this guy had something more inside him, i am rather blessed by this song. Sitting in ma condo, puffing Jay and replaying this before anything else this Friday morning. Office i'll be with you in a few

  88. musiqCAPTAIN¡¡ says:

    "Youth never hear nothing,Babylon Empire never share nothing" that's so true and for you who don't know what Babylon is, Babylon is the western world.i hope Nigerian/African youth will learn to know that this western people doesn't love us but all the same all we can do is seek the face of the man at the top. anyway good song from love #AFRIKA.

  89. Phalaenopsis says:

    F*cking massive! Lyrics, video and above all delivery by the artiste on point!
    Nigerian musicians, abeg no more "I am a big boy", "see my car, my house" music. Those kind music no dey trip me.
    You never go wrong on just making pure music. Much love for Jesse!

  90. Musicplaner says:

    Madt inspiration from SK…I love this song..dope!!!

  91. asian_buns_rock says:

    Nice tune,

    But i hate it when artists start getting too condescending and self-righteous. I think you have to find balance in your music. Even talib kweli will tell you (as he raps about being a prisoner of conscious rap) no artist wants to be pigeon-holed in one category. The ability to balance this tight rope is what separates the mediocre from the great (like tupac)

    The truth is, sometimes you want to hear conscious music and sometimes you want to do the azonto

  92. poise says:

    SICK TUNE!!!!

  93. Cool musik.great concept.keep it up.lady v,I see you doe

  94. Shigogo says:

    Taking 100% control of what you know how to do best…. Jeesy

  95. J-ROSSI says:


  96. wariz says:

    E go better 4 jagz….nd thizz song naa grammy str8 up

  97. Jamal says:

    Kai!! to come up with this nice music, e mean sey d weed dis guy dey burn nah originah quality

  98. khb says:

    thats the bomb

  99. dmax007 says:

    tune#double check
    but that flag instead of atleast naija's na wa o…
    means my man is on a very HIGH level for sure :)))

  100. SBlazze says:

    Breath of fresh air as always Jargo! Only u one be bad guys!

  101. badman says:

    this is music!

  102. KZY says:


  103. Niyi Adeyemi says:

    Na wah o! na so so 'igbo' I dey see here and there. Good music but not a modest video…pure, confirm 'skunk'! Jesse, pls stay away from that sh***t fr now, u were a little chubby before but now, na bone bone I dey see…six packs don turn to two and a half..lolz. Nice song though.

  104. Zino says:

    Jagz is the greatest…….M.I

  105. GidiCHILD says:

    NIgerian damian marley in the making…. good stuff, keep it up bro

  106. Djozer says:

    If most ppl commenting could appreciate the depth of what Jesse is addressing in this song and from the looks of it, this album, they would be shaking in their shoes. This man is plugged into reality while you are fooling yourselves into oblivion. It is not a matter of mad tune, this is music from a soul crying out in a world lost and on the verge of a collapse of the paradigm. All the suffer wey full naija, una dey find mad tune lol..ok.

  107. Lasbrey Ejehu says:

    Eccentric…Love it!

  108. Hog En says:

    High Grad Tinx.. Just can't get enough of this issh…. Jagz off the Hook….

  109. Munkiwe MoonaQat Wadak says:

    Wow! I for one never saw this comming…boom!

  110. davidi says:

    REAL nigga…

  111. koko says:

    this is the result of original SK

  112. osas says:

    I love good video

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  114. orator says:

    look jesse is an intelligent black artistic individual. and i should be proud he left choc city bcos he has so much to offer.there is so much creativity in there so he needs to be his own boss if the world has to notice him .i guess no more teddy bears cus every thing is so chucky

  115. shefcee says:

    why cant i get tired of this music

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