VIDEO: Jesse Jagz – Redemption

Post by Ovie O, May 29th, 2013

Jesse Jagz  returns with a new single/video titled “Redemption”. Looks like dude is getting some inspiration from the likes of Vybez Kartel, Mavado and other top Jamaican acts in his quest to deliver conscious Dancehall music. It’s hard to tell what Jago will do next; he seems to have all the talents in him.

Inspite of the recent controversies surrounding Jesse Jagz, one thing’s certain… we’ll get a complete multi-genre album from the former Choc Boy.

Jagz Nation Vol 1: Thine Nation Come drops this summer (July).


YouTube Preview Image


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149 Responses to “VIDEO: Jesse Jagz – Redemption”

  1. khb says:

    thats the bomb

  2. dmax007 says:

    tune#double check
    but that flag instead of atleast naija's na wa o…
    means my man is on a very HIGH level for sure :)))

  3. SBlazze says:

    Breath of fresh air as always Jargo! Only u one be bad guys!

  4. badman says:

    this is music!

  5. KZY says:


  6. Niyi Adeyemi says:

    Na wah o! na so so 'igbo' I dey see here and there. Good music but not a modest video…pure, confirm 'skunk'! Jesse, pls stay away from that sh***t fr now, u were a little chubby before but now, na bone bone I dey see…six packs don turn to two and a half..lolz. Nice song though.

  7. Zino says:

    Jagz is the greatest…….M.I

  8. GidiCHILD says:

    NIgerian damian marley in the making…. good stuff, keep it up bro

  9. Djozer says:

    If most ppl commenting could appreciate the depth of what Jesse is addressing in this song and from the looks of it, this album, they would be shaking in their shoes. This man is plugged into reality while you are fooling yourselves into oblivion. It is not a matter of mad tune, this is music from a soul crying out in a world lost and on the verge of a collapse of the paradigm. All the suffer wey full naija, una dey find mad tune lol..ok.

    • which_paradigm_lol says:

      Lol people shouldn't appreciate a "mad tune" again? O please spare me, Is it now suffer start for naija? Wetin my guy wan talk wey fela never talk? But as we can all see, it takes more than songs to change a country. So we continue to suffer and smile….and dance azonto

      MADT TUNE! I shall kpef to this one tonight!

      • Djozer says:

        mr. which paradigm…just sharap jor. u said nothing, why did you even bother to comment? some things pass ur power to grasp. go dance.

      • which_paradigm_lol says:

        lol Djozer you feel special abi? You feel DEEEEEP

        It hurts you that all we "sheep" are just living our lives in ignorance while the world crumbles……..and jesse jagz is trying to "OPEN OUR EYES"

        Stop cursing your brothers and sisters and ACTIVELY do something about it instead of PASSIVELY bathing us in conscious scatology

      • Djozer says:

        you are clearly a clown. not everything fits into your neat little box fam. so you are one of those concious vs. unconcious ppl? lol.

        my only point was ppl's lack of respect for the context of the song. why call for a commercial song when an artists expresses what he wants to say based on his reality?

        aren't you the one trying to force your perspective in this case? think before you talk my friend.

      • which_paradigm_lol says:

        UHH?? When you denigrate listeners for not understanding or appreciating a deeper context of this song, when you say we are "fooling ourselves into oblivion" are you not the one forcing a perspective?

        Djozer, i relay your statement back to you. Not everything fits neatly into your little box. The best songs in the world are the ones that allow the listener to interpret the song as they see fit.

        I am sure Jesse Jagz will not mind if some people just enjoy the rhythm, while others take his words to heart.

  10. Lasbrey Ejehu says:

    Eccentric…Love it!

  11. Hog En says:

    High Grad Tinx.. Just can't get enough of this issh…. Jagz off the Hook….

  12. Munkiwe MoonaQat Wadak says:

    Wow! I for one never saw this comming…boom!

  13. davidi says:

    REAL nigga…

  14. koko says:

    this is the result of original SK

  15. osas says:

    I love good video

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  17. orator says:

    look jesse is an intelligent black artistic individual. and i should be proud he left choc city bcos he has so much to offer.there is so much creativity in there so he needs to be his own boss if the world has to notice him .i guess no more teddy bears cus every thing is so chucky

  18. shefcee says:

    why cant i get tired of this music

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