Olamide – Otis (Freestyle)

Post by Ovie O, May 26th, 2013

When I heard Olamide‘s “Otis” freestyle yesterday, I wasn’t sure how I felt. For that reason, I decided to sleep on it. Today, after listening a few more times, I’m still not sure. Baddo gets it right most times. Other times… I’ll leave it at that.

It looks like the Freestyle was done @ DJ Lanre’s Factory78 studios. Take a listen.


Olamide Suit 2 a


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27 responses to “Olamide – Otis (Freestyle)”

  1. OR3M3JI says:

    I'm disappointed with this one .. Poor delivery Baddo !!! Please don't let your recent success get into your head because music isn't about putting out new songs every week. I'm still a big fanatic of your materials !

  2. sholpizzle says:


  3. all I need is a sponsor download my songs on hittmp3.com search for s9b.

  4. @SanusiY says:

    First to listen not bad though

  5. Nwa Aba says:

    First. Oya time for church

  6. twisty twisty says:

    first of all go down low..i am numba 1

  7. dee says:

    @Ovieo its a freestyle from 2011 and there is a video of it on YouTube as well

  8. It'z Akivie Gift Vwarhe says:

    olamide is xo dem good.

  9. D.j French fries says:


  10. GEJ's father says:

    there is already a video for this on factory78 you just basically converted the video to mp3 and called it a track lol way to go NJO lol

  11. Menhhh dis shit iz tight!!! Thumbz up olamide and u r not madt!!

  12. MR PUNA has done it in another style, thumps up for you only bro……..LIVE LONG and drop more…….

  13. VECTOR's freestyle better than this olamide's own.

  14. oh yeah yoruba, eghlish errtin kill em.

  15. NAMETALKAM says:

    if am Jay Z I will sue this boy to court this is the second time Copy CAT..

    • nen says:

      dis was jst a freestyle..a cover of d song…he didn't release d song as a track of his album.. evn MI made a version,

    • Victor Ikpeba says:

      define freestyle.

    • theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

      dawg don't even go there Jay Z can't sue jack especially a dude all the way in naija it simply doesnt work like that btw Jay's no saint either, he outrightly stole "give it to me" from Omilio Sparks and till today not a cent returned by way of royalty. He'd previously bragged about fcking people for their publishing in "ride or die" 2yrs earlier plus On "watch the throne" there is a controversial uncleared sample in there which KW and Jay jumped on belonging to Syl Johnson.bros abeg free yayo.

  16. Emeka says:

    Olamide is just too good. He killed the beat mehn. Baddoo Baddest guy ever liveth. Nice joint

  17. BadooLee‘s “Otis”… Baddo gets it right most times. Alway tripin Noni.

  18. Tosin says:

    definitely not a bad free…..

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