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Retta Rich – Kolo For You (Remix) ft Eva, Phyno, Casey Ed

Post by Ovie O, May 17th, 2013

I’ve been feening for something new from Retta Rich. Her debut single “Kolo For You” won her a huge number of fans a couple of years ago. It’s only right for her to do a remix. Check on it.

“Emerging star singer, Retta Rich has come to represent a distinctive sound, one of the very few African singers who is best described as Rich, Fun, Young, Pop and very Soulful since debuting in 2010 with the highly successful solo, ‘Kolo For You’.

A series of critically acclaimed singles including ‘Tomorrow’‘Would You Be Mine’ and ‘Who Be Fool?’ in 2012 have followed from the beautiful singer who has stayed active – performing and spending ample time in the studio, making music.
Here’s a new offering, remix of ‘Kolo For You’. Still keeping with the original theme of Soul/Pop and slight techno influences while fusing in some added horns and stylings, the “Kolo for you (Remix)” sees Retta in ace form as she dominates this Oscar Herman Akah-produced musical backdrop  – Retta, with her beautifully distinct vocal delivery filled with exciting Pop sensibility, Eva andPhyno’s infectious flow.
Look out for the music video from Retta who is currently working with NuffNoiz management team, but in the meantime, enjoy the“Kolo For You (Remix)” featuring Eva, Phyno and Casey Ed below.”


Retta Rich - Kolo For You Remix - Artwork


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22 responses to “Retta Rich – Kolo For You (Remix) ft Eva, Phyno, Casey Ed”

  1. poise says:

    Aint this past over due?… pls Retta bring new single out dang! I no know wetin Eva dey rap again o…Phyno made me listen to this

  2. biaphra says:

    appealing to the ear untill eva came on. Eva reminded me of nicki on this track….. i think it would have been better if she stayed original … ( the "high" eva i know).. overall a good track.

  3. DDM says:

    really good tune, love this direction, get mike ayasodo to do a bit of south african feel on it, rraaaaaa. love this cant wait for the video, but come retta are you still with joy? this industry full of things

  4. Brown says:

    Now this is a remix. love it. keep m coming.

  5. Eva why yhu copying Nikki minajs voice,that’s so wack and dumb of yu. Stop trying to be wat yhu not, nice sound coming out soon with my original sounds watch out!!!

  6. Fkid says:

    PHYNO …on point ..that dude killin

  7. paulmirabilis says:

    e make sense but after how many years,Retta?

  8. ThisDblo says:

    This is brilliant sturv. switching the tempo and the combo. nice 1 Retta

  9. Kyeee says:

    Phyno Finooooooo………………….This guy always kills it…..

  10. Linda Benjamin says:

    loving this remix retta,

  11. wilson says:

    keep up Waje,you're gonna make it big….

  12. I love dis song…Cant stop playing it.. NICE ONE PHYNO.

  13. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    Phyno is stooopid NICE! The guy makes you want to learn Igbo when you listen to him rap walahi

  14. MBeezy says:

    A remix of a 3 year old song is never a good idea..unless you are megastar status. That effort, money (if applicable) and publicity should have been diverted to a fresh, new, hot song featuring (a better versed) Eva and Phyno. Have got to come harder in 2013, lady.

  15. hmmmmmm I love retta phyno so am loving the song.

  16. Kosisochukwu Godson Eze says:

    Phyno d Play MAker……….Da best.

  17. anon says:

    bad move,,,,,,,

  18. fredrick says:

    Shhhh! u guys should keep quite am try to download the track

  19. mmuo says:

    Phyno you are really the play maker…..I bu ALOBAM

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