11 responses to “Mai Atafo – Stay With Me ft Waje & Praiz (OST “Dream Wedding”)”

  1. Gidi Girl says:


  2. I pray every day for the DEATH of Kom-kom songs in the industry,,,,, this is classik.,,, OBS>(obeservation),, they was lesser crash in the love game during the era of celine dion, westlife, W.houston, etc, but since the arrival of this YOLO, #wineam, get high and pass out kinda songz, ,, its now all about divorce parties. Praiz n Waje, god song. Your number one fan.

  3. If I am not mistaken this is probably the best RnB collaboration I have heard throug out this year.. so good.. waje voice is just like a Nightingale.

  4. novex says:

    erm how is it mai ft waje n praise

  5. david says:

    Now this is a song with meaning. unlike the usual gba gbo gba gbo beat kind of song.

  6. paulmirabilis says:

    cool song

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  8. Its a beautifull song they got here,its really nice

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