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Boogey – Sanctum

Post by Ovie O, May 13th, 2013

When the Oga at the top of AbOriginal Music sent me this song sometime last week, I took my time to listen to it and fell in love with it right away. I could relate to it due to personal experiences.

Boogey‘s “Sanctum” is a deep, soulful song with carefully thought-out lyrics. This is what the pioneers of rap envisioned back then; good music with socio-conscious implications. I love it!

“Oh Happy Day!” Hip Hop Heads and Music Lovers Rejoice as Boogey returns with “Sanctum”.

Following on from the success of his instant-classic collaboration with Morell, “One Ticket”—which dropped in January—Boogey is back after a brief hiatus to bless hiphop heads and lovers of quality music alike, with his new single, “Sanctum”, a thoughtful meditation on religious hypocrisy, and the importance of faith and selfbelief in the face of seemingly-insurmountable challenges.

A glimpse into a more personal side of Boogey than hip hop listeners are used to, “Sanctum” finds Boogey attempting to reconcile questions of faith and personal morality in the face of spiritual and artistic obstacles, and ultimately finding peace of mind in a sense of purpose foundedon innate self-belief. Verses like “My name is Musa and I’m a Muslim/Been pushing to marry Mary/My parents think it’s some bullshit/What will your kids do: go to church and take
communion/Or go to mosque for prayers, and always do ablution” examine the contrast between the message of love and inclusiveness at the core of all religions, and the divisiveness occasionally practiced by their followers, while “Imagine me being tired of rapping/Ain’t getting paid all these people do is admire my actions/Imagine ‘em calling me a legend or comparing me to ‘em after this/But I ain’t hearing ‘em from inside of my casket” speaks to the hypocrisy of music industry fans stakeholders who demand musical purism from artistes, but are alltoo-often unwilling to support “true” music from artistes in “the struggle”.

Boogey’s earnest lyrics are masterfully delivered in a skillful, evenhanded manner digestible to all listeners. The understated-yet-suitably-atmospheric production supplied by Nigeria’s best-kept-secret Charlie X, and irresistibly haunting, ironicyet-uplifting hook from talented newcomer JaneSam, results in an emotionally resonant, radio-friendly song suitable for all listeners, and one of the most important songs you will hear this year.

“One Ticket”, is the second single from his forthcoming EP, “Something About David”, coming soon on AbOriginal Music.


Boogey - Sanctum Art


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44 responses to “Boogey – Sanctum”

  1. Bishop Sesy says:

    best ever)))

  2. Kamikaze says:

    Oh happy day…good music still exists.

  3. good music…too bad Nigerians dnt listen to lyrics..bleess up.

  4. Promo Prince says:

    Some people focus on the artist or the song, but I look at the label where there's one. These aboriginal guys have Ese Peters and Boogey and some other cats. Classic songs, Omote is still hot and now this, shows their music ideology and ethics. Oluwa bless your hustle. They should do more to promote the label. Holla at me!

  5. MBeezy says:

    Love this.

  6. zangyzanga says:

    kip doin wat u do boogey, I’d kip listening

  7. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    This is Emceeing as i knew it…good job. give that man a raise

  8. django boy says:

    dopeness. lyrics,concept,delivery and the beat. need I say more

  9. nuhu david says:

    extraordinary legendary rap calssic you are the best boogey thumbs up

  10. Sauce says:

    @theLastMan ..Aptly put

    Say no more!

  11. paulmirabilis says:

    This is pure…God bless your hustle man!

  12. Godsluv22 says:

    OH MY…… This dude has tried over the years brining out great rap lyrics but Naija fails to listen…..To say the truth this guy is one of best rappers in Naija right now….Your head is there bro…..Thumbs up

  13. Kamikaze says:

    I have been waiting for @lastman to speak and once again he spits truth. As far as MCs go, today, right here, right now, Boogey’s the truth. Tose that have made a name for themselves in the game should feel threatened, and rightly so

  14. desmond says:

    Been long I heard this…*tears of joy*…I feel it too boogey

  15. volcano says:

    Like honestly this guy is my best naija rapper right now. He stays conscious in most songs. Still lovin his mixtape #classic material

  16. Random says:

    he spits raw and fire too! doesnt he deserve to blow but alot of people rather listen to music that dulls the mind! and even alot of you claiming he is dope wont fit up ur head to pay a dime if he ever performs at a show. hes not commercial enough yall would say! quit the BS serz

  17. S.A.O says:

    reminds me of Nas, especially his flows in the collaboration album with Damien Marley..

  18. Mad Prof. says:

    Awesomeness infused with dopeness (Boogey style). The lyric conscious fans need to listen to this one.

  19. brainwavzz says:

    My candid opinion is that boogey is an act that’s way ahead of his generation, blessing us with the kind of songs that 10years from now, we go “wow”…like it takes futuristc craniums to decipher the pure art, raw talent and class act he brings to the board… for SANCTUM…perfect blend of indecisiveness caused by inner demons and outer pressures which we face daily, but sadly know that our answers lie in that little place we can find peace of mind within ourselves..where truth lies oppressed but very much alive!! We all have our sanctums…we just have to expand them and make our worlds brighter…as per boogey nd the whack state of the music industry… There are still those of us who believe in true art…pray for better days…Boogey is currently our Sanctum…stay strong brother! Bless you. And I won’t fail to give kudos to Charlie X and JaneSam….you guys level of professional mastery made the song a perfect blend of CLASS act. Bless y’all, more grease to ur elbows, thank you for this song…we appreciate much.

  20. Pappytee says:

    This is a very great effort. Deep Record. Big Ups Boogey! Meanwhile, its gon be on REPEAT for a while..

  21. Ill v says:

    Best i ever had *in drake’s voice*Boogey is the next thing after modenine’s cry/just go listen to mathematics by him and boogey../:*

  22. @benkaycie says:

    Boogey defines modern hip-hop…Art-ificial intelligence mixtape is wonderful! I listen to it almost everyday :)…sanctum *pause*…I recommend y’all listen to it atleast thrice a day :|…keep up the good work david, u’re destined for greatness!

  23. JustanotherNigga says:

    Can M.I and Vector pass the mic ?

  24. Weez Absan says:

    This dude is awesome. he just succeeded in opening my mind back to great music with the true meaning of art and message. too much clueless music around these days.

  25. Lark says:

    hiphop is alive…ain't dead in 9ja!…wit lyricists like Modenine, Boogey, Vector…hip hop is alive. great job Boogey!

  26. @activ8ed says:

    Boogey has been making sense since the "Enigma". This will go to my " Cool/Easygoing/sensible Rap Music" Playlist straight away , where it will meet songs like Masta Ace's " It's Beautiful" , J-Cole's " Too Deep for the intro". Bless U Mr. Boogey. "S.D.C'S Word to Kobain"

    Hurray for Meaningful Rap!

  27. @activ8ed says:

    Boogey has been making sense since the "Enigma". This will go to my " Cool/Easygoing/sensible Rap Music" Playlist straight away , where it will meet songs like Masta Ace's " It's Beautiful" , J-Cole's " Too Deep for the intro". Bless U Mr. Boogey. "S.D.C'S Word to Kobain"

  28. @activ8ed says:

    yooooooooo!!!! I can effin relate to this ! omg! truly meaningful rap. Deep like the first cut. chai!

  29. @activ8ed says:

    A song that you can relate to like a cousin 🙂

  30. @activ8ed says:

    Verse 2: story of my life

  31. leo says:

    if you don't change style that means you brough back real hiphop back in nigeria .. Just keep it 100 bro

  32. MArk'n says:

    Just had to comment.. Too good a tune.

  33. timi says:

    deeeeep!!! lyrically on point! this is real hip hop as it was intended to be! i’m officially a converted Boogey fan now! nice one!

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  38. Boogey is the best rapper in the world.

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