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KaySwitch – Momma

Post by Ovie O, May 12th, 2013

In the spirit of Mothers’ Day, KaySwitch blesses us with a special song for all MAMAs out there. This is a very solid reggae tune which could even do well in the Caribbean Islands.

D’Produkt isn’t getting the credit he deserves. Dude is really gifted.

Happy Mothers’ Day to my Momma, and all the hardworking Mothers!


kay-switch-momma Art


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69 responses to “KaySwitch – Momma”

  1. Frank Williams says:

    nice song

  2. Ome says:

    e Clear like DVD.Carry go rasta man

  3. I Heard this Song Last Year! #Dope #DKM

  4. Fkid says:

    guy is more talented than his brother ..

  5. tags says:

    The perfect gift to celebrate mothers day with. I love this song. The emotion of it really flows and the tempo is just right. I can actually see my mum's face in my heart listening to this and I feel blessed to have her. Thanks KaySwitch! Bless

  6. Segun says:

    This is the perfect song for the moment. Dedicated to all true mothers out there! Thanks NJO team for putting this up.

  7. dbanj says:

    Yah,nice bro is defintely more talented dan I 🙂

  8. MrUnkpe says:

    What more can i say,Is the product….Kay 2 The Switch…He can Switch to any genre he like……..Tune Of This Movement..

  9. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    ol boy K-Switch dey shock me nowadays. Good song dude. #Irepmama

  10. Chuma Anagbado says:

    At last some MUSIC. No timgbam timgbam, Tinkolo, Kpangolo, Whinegolo…PHEW!

  11. chuma says:


  12. On reply jammmmmmmmmm

  13. Jose says:

    Sharp track. God bless you my dude

  14. Godsluv22 says:

    OMG…..This tune is extra nice…….BIG UP KAYSWITCH

  15. TeamLakers says:

    RIP MOMMA.. love ya heaps.

  16. @activ8ed says:

    I have to say K-Switch came as a big surprise- his talent
    Since him and D'Banj left the then 'Mo hit', his hidden talent started to show. Sometimes you just have to leave where you are to shine. Thumbs up to him!

  17. FatMoney Joseph Ojetokun says:

    My Mama is the best Mama in the World…Nice song…$$$.

  18. Dsam says:

    Kayswitch!!! Hope you keep proving to us that your full potential as an artist wasn't utilised with Mo'hits. I am still in love with your "send down ur rain" and this "momma" is going straight to my playlist. #SureBoy

  19. 9jafreak says:

    Big ups Kay Switch
    One of the most genuinely talented upcoming artistes in the industry

  20. peti says:

    thank God, one can finally hear music…

  21. Big Mouth says:


    THANK YOU FOR THIS POST!! Bless you Ovie O

    I Just finished listening to ''VERY TALENTED from Dr sid''…..
    This is absolutely Refreshing!! A breath of fresh air

    I Love this song so so so much!!

    Its just smooth and crystal… On REPEAT!

  22. sinzu says:

    at last dis iz music,afta listenin to dr sids rubbish.i can finally hear good music

  23. Omooba001 says:

    This is so mature….i cant believe this guy is rocking confam music…Dbanj invest on this dude oooo….he is gonna be there one day..gba broda

  24. TheTRUTH06 says:

    This guy is vocally correct. He rode this beat perfectly. Im impressed.

  25. whizhard says:

    Seh nuhhhhhhh…. Raaaaa!!!! this shit fire

  26. zunnybunny says:

    This song actually gave me chills. Way to go..I love my mother … Happy mothers day to every mother out there,including Fathers that are doing the mothering alone and the Women that wishes they were mothers too. God bless.

  27. S.A.O says:

    What a song..Kayswitch my Nigga…RESPECT…From the 10-10 and booty call rap, I always knew Kayswitch was a TALEN..I used to rate mo-hits musicians Talentwise this way…Wande—Kayswitch—D'banj–the remaining 2…

  28. Irie Man says:

    Respect Brethren Jah Guide and Protect I and I. great livication to momma dem

  29. Someone says:

    This music is water-tight. Me love me momma. A boom sound this.

  30. Musicplaner says:

    I cried listening to this song….i love this song!!!

  31. Twentea says:

    K-switch – this actually your first song i downloaded cos of the content and the message… more of this please.. Bigger U i Pray

  32. Kobokotohbad says:

    Okay, let's all say it together: WOW!!! In a state where everybody is giving us bullsh*t lyrics, here's a thoughtful song that I can proudly play for Momma….K-Switch, you try well well…. Time for that album to drop! my people ,wetin una think?

  33. Tj says:

    Kswitch fenk 4dis.luv u momma. Dkm in d buildin

  34. OWOLABZ says:

    Ol boy… see jam o… odikwa very very delicious! KaySwitch is G.O.O.D

  35. Ibo so says:

    I luv disssssssssssssssd

  36. Brandz says:

    Wow!! Impressive stuff. I don't care if D'banj has a hit single again or not because he is sorted for the rest of his life, but one thing I'm happy he has done is the fact he has setup his brother and given him the exposure and opportunity to flourish with all the Sony and other record label deals. Last I heard Switch is in south Africa doing shows and doing his own thing – Glad he's not just following Dbanj all over the place. I'm sure Kayswitch will make the most of this opportunity and we'll all support him. Well done Sir!

  37. Emeka says:

    This is MUSIC! Dope track

  38. Tobbie says:

    Pure talent!!! Big up brah! Praaaaaaaaa

  39. General says:

    jah bless my guy

  40. rat says:

    This is the only song that i rated on my itunes and i gave it 5stars. Made me think about my mum till I had tears in my eyes. I love her to bits and God bless you Kswitch. Banging tune…. Burn all that other rubbish music notjustok puts out daily.

  41. @kayswitch put wyclef to jump on momma remix and Grammy will be urs …best momma song in recent times. Respect to dear mama frm 2pac

  42. Where u put ya Name before dude? Dis z muzic!

  43. SHABA says:


  44. rotimiolowofela says:

    nice tune #tanks mama

  45. SolitudeDaChosen says:


  46. Sauce says:

    Contrary to your notion that this song will do well on Caribbean charts, I'd implore you to go listen to what's currently rated on their charts (Reggae charts that is) and then compare to this K-switch tune and make your own conclusion.
    Nigerians love to overstate their accomplishments. Not to take anything away from the stellar effort from K-Switch because in an industry that has been saturated with "whine am down, whine am left, whine am center" this definitely stands out from the awful noise out there but to compare this with the best of the Reggae sounds out now is overreaching and ill-informed

  47. Wale says:

    Take a solid Beats br Dr. Dre headphones and listen to this song. I can feel the raw emotions and ingenuity in the song. Pls, do a remix with General Pype and in Ovie's word 'Take it to the bank'.

  48. west life says:

    abeg make we hear better song nor be don ****** again and the Ma**** crew nosense

  49. paulmirabilis says:

    nice…this guy don work on hinsef

  50. Ynot says:

    Impressive !!!!

  51. TC CEO says:

    I definitely think Kay is one of those stars that knows what he wants and he will take his time to get there. Won't be surprise if he becomes 9ja next big star with a deep emotional connection to his fans. This song can do well any where, the message is universal, most people don't want the mother to cry, so most people will relate… this is the first song I have heard in a while that strikes me as having the the potential of 2faces African Queen.

    Kay, I wish you the best man, and remain true to who you are, that is the only way to make true music.

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