VIDEO: Sarkodie – LIES ft Lil Shaker

Post by Ovie O, May 8th, 2013

Off the Sarkology album comes the video for “LIES” by Sarkodie featuring GH rapper, singer and producer Lil Shaker.

Director: Nana Kofi Asi-Hene Of NKACC.


YouTube Preview Image

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31 responses to “VIDEO: Sarkodie – LIES ft Lil Shaker”

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    • Cheals(Wado) says:

      My guy do you save this shit and copy paste ubiquitously on each post? Be creative for once in your life, post new comments this repetitious comment is becoming an epidemic if I were NJO I'll ban your ass for lack of creativity, it's a comment and not a submission of an essay. Get a life, and great video Sakodie.

    • jimbavia says:

      I'm so sorry for you, wish you could type better things with your time, i guess you are above 36 years of age ..ennnh .. dady please grow up na .. haba

  2. Chuma Anagbado says:

    Sarkodieeeee! Nice

  3. Chuma says:

    Sarkodieeeee! Nice

  4. our own twista in Africa…..always on point and he knws how to target naija market well by mentioning our own stars every now and then especially wiz kid…chale me i no hear wetin u dey talk o but i know say d thing dey sweet for my ear

  5. dis is vewi 9ccccccccccccccccc!

  6. Sarkodie definitely kill it! good one!

  7. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    hope Olamide's yoruba material gets as much airplay in ghana as Sarkodie's Twi gets in naija…cos i'm sure almost 100% of nigerians dont know what to do with this material.

  8. Iamontwitter says:

    I have no idea what he's saying but the song is just nice…this can't be normal lol…but i think i heard akwa ibom somewhere there..obinipobede greater things ahead of you Jah bless

  9. When i listen to Sarkordie i sincerely fear for M.I. Wish i understood what he (Sarkodie i mean) says..

  10. Osas says:

    Olamide material won't get much airplay in Ghana because sakordie doesn't sound like a crying baby forcing it!! Jeez when i listen to olamide i want to puke…. Dagrin was natural you go know it when u listened to him!

    • SeriouSLY #24601 says:

      OK. SO?

    • theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

      i'm guessing u mad cos u don't know what he talking about. one thing for sure, nobody that understand what olamide is saying will write this comment

      • Osas says:

        Hahahaha only a mad man knows another mad man.. See this yoruba man i used to respect but man i can understand your tribal bias olamide is your bro i don't speak yoruba so if i am to listen to him he should stop crying cause i want to puke anytime i hearing him screaming.. Besides i hope notjustok pays you for all your comments cause i doubt you have a job…. Only Dagrin, M.I and a few other naija rappers can be compared to Sarkodie and thats my opinion if you don't like it please go and kiss olamide's ass…..

      • theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

        1 thumbs down for sounding so inept…you've taken it to far bruv with all the unneccessary insults, u wasted so many lines saying blah blah blah when all you had to say is…" i cannot relate to olamide because i don't understand yoruba" don't cage yourself in some BS local dialect politics bruv. I sometimes even take my time to translate hisl lyrics here out of sympathy for the non yoruba speaker. I enjoy sarkodie cos i speak twi, i enjoy phyno cos i speak igbo. I relate to olamide cos i speak yoruba and anyone speaking the other 4 languages i control. calm down and expand ur horizon. btw i must address ur assumption that i don't get paid. I'm blessed and well fed with some to spare. if i need more i go and get more. perhaps it must have skipped ur notice that the man behind these comments might be intelligent and can make things happen. I consider my time here community service to spread some knowledge and hopefully get some back. I don't need people like you to respect me on the net bruv, we are all anonymous and It adds zero to my banking. Take it easy and next time u want to press reply on my comment make sure u get ur mind right first.

  11. General says:

    so touching

  12. tags says:

    Bottom line, this is material! Might not understand what he's saying but the delivery is top notch. it's alright for an artiste to get airplay across the globe regardless of where he's from. Most important is that you can relate to the music somehow!

  13. *strawbry* says:

    damn. Dis man is mnuah.

    Im in ghana. I wish u guys cud andastnd wah he’s sayin. Trust me, u wud hav given better comments. Tnx 4 supportin our man. U knw we luv ur men too, talkin of wiz’k, mi, davido. etc samtyms we dnt get wah dey r sayn, buh it ends up hittin here, nd we dance 2 Ghana+Nija= B00M !!!

  14. Jay to da J says:

    sark on point

  15. this video is extraordinary.straight up sarkodie.

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