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S.S.S (M-Trill and Rraz) – Fastlanes

Post by Ovie O, May 7th, 2013

The South-South has a pretty good hip-hop scene with the likes of M-Trill flying the flag. He collaborates with Rraz on this cut “Fastlanes”.

“Rapper M-Trill has not just been busy in the studio but also linked up with upcoming rapper Rraz to release a collabo rap album.
The duo which go by the name SSS (South South Syndicate) say the collaborative initiative is to give the south of Nigeria more credibility in Nigerian Rap. 
Both rappers are almost through with their individual ‘Nigerian sounding’ album efforts which should drop this year.  But the essence of this album is to show skills on the microphone in a cosmopolitan urban hip-hop way only PH rappers can.  
The 1st single ‘Fastlanes’ has Trilla and Rraz rapping over ‘Eminem and Royce d 5’9’s single. It was mixed with additional production by Charlie X and Sean Stan.”


M-Trill S.S.S


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46 responses to “S.S.S (M-Trill and Rraz) – Fastlanes”

  1. Paw Print says:

    Madness who are these guys?

  2. analysiz says:

    Dope! Dope!! Dope!!! Rraz I know personally_i can vouch my salary on dat dude to tear anytin up anyday anytime_no matter the outcome_kip puttin fire on ur income,it’d soon pay off no doubt…nice joint!

  3. Antoi Pepper says:

    This beat is ill… Loving it!

  4. Jite says:

    If you don’t know, now you know. Ph city ripping at its best…

  5. That's ma mens an em >>>>>>.

  6. naddy says:

    On point guys, actually the best rap I have heard in a long time. #BigUp9ja

  7. Bobby says:

    I'm happy to see the south back on NJO. There are more of them…get to listening NJO. Southshout to Rraz and Trilla! I dey feel am. we need more.

  8. NwaDiAla says:

    Rap flows were sick….But i hope dem get day time job cos we know say straight hip hop like this no dey sell for naija….See all successful naija rappers don go traditional…Know your market biko.

  9. Magic says:

    without a doubt!!!

  10. creative minds; pitakwa guys r n top, nice colabor.

  11. xL says:

    Too madt my ph own…..

  12. tosin says:

    finally!!! this is real rap,on repeat already!!! thumbs up to M-trill & Rraz….

  13. Nicely Originals. Da Microphone-Killa Murdered This One As Usual. Rraz Kept The Tempo. Nice One Lads. We Hope To Hear More Of This Collabo!

    May God Bless The Works Of Your Hand!

  14. Nicely Originals. Da Microphone-Killa Murdered This One As Usual. Rraz Kept The Tempo. Nice One Lads. We Hope To Hear More Of This Collabo!
    May God Bless The Works Of Your Hand!

  15. King says:

    cool raps, buh i wantd an early chorus

  16. Godsluv22 says:

    I'm feeling this mennn…..Punch lines on point…..Much luck to these guys

  17. Owomizz says:

    This is great|lovely song

  18. how much do I pay to get such materials?,,,, Dope. the industry must create strategies for songs like this to sell, because in places like uganda , TZ, south Africa , East Africa in general, songz like this makes waves, buy out shows, hip hop mental crowds, gather to make noise, but here, ,,,,, I rest. M trill, I've been waiting for you longtime.

  19. Davewops says:

    This shit is Dope…

  20. Color potatoes, making the chips.. M.trill oti ya werré o… See rap.. This trilla is one of the few real dope mcs out there, word!

  21. dis shit aint dope but dopey…never heard anytin dis razz and gud. nice work mtrill, braz…watchin out 4 u pumpkin pie.

  22. Daghost says:

    “I’m flowing like I’m curing alzheimer’s, you must remember me” Say what now?! Dope! SSSslaughtering the competition! Keep it up.

  23. Darl Aig says:

    smh.. Bad meets Evil. That is Eminem and Royce the 5'9 JOINT.
    M-thrill is good though but I expected a new thing from u.

  24. Foxan says:

    the delivery and lyric came correct…datsAll…RealHipHop

  25. Good and Great music as always from Mtrill and Rraz..Hiphop @ is Best,Great Rap,Great Delivery..Thank You for Goodmusic..Tuale for the Bosses..

  26. Esthie says:

    Awesome!!!!! Dudes, this is d best rap I’ve heard after a long while!!! Keep it up fellas!!

  27. Shit’s banging…..u r gud…

  28. Fast Lane in one word *Dope

    In two words *Very Awesome

    In three words *Una too much

  29. Mason says:

    This sh*t Cray.
    you guys are on point like Acupuncture.
    More power to ur elbows.
    keepz it going…….

  30. Chu Osakwe says:

    MTRILL is just unbelivably unstoppable. I like, i really like!

  31. choco jay says:

    This is some Dope #Shit…no need 4 weed anymore…this is the kind of Quality a RAP song should have…Bigups M.Trilla & Rraz nice jam

  32. choco jay says:

    This is the defination of #DOPE…no need 4 weed. proper Quality of HipHop…Bigups M.Trilla & Rraz…Nice Jam

  33. jkaen says:

    Dis joint is not jst dope, buh weed!! Ril hiphop mehn, buh tink some nigerian vibes would av bin fused on d jam..

  34. eyebee says:

    This is the life I am living…nothing but on #Fastlanes! Really cool lads….loved it from the first day I listened…

  35. Warilamini says:

    Finally the Southern force. Trill and Rraz . Brilliant Collabo , now we know what's coming .

  36. Shita M says:

    WOAH!! Now this is "ish"…..Its been a while I heard top QUALITY rap from Nigeria.

    Madt choop guys………………………… Keep it up

  37. Iceprince dey learn work sha…………….Need not say more.


  38. nice one. m trill and rraz, u guyz killed it.

  39. Becca says:

    AMAZING!!! Great lyrics and a lovely combo. I enjoyed listening to it. It is fierce and also clear so you get the message. I love Rap and I say u Guys nailed it. As always, the pleasure is all mine.

  40. Chinedu says:

    Just like twista, speed and lyrics were on check..I tried to criticize, searched and searched, not a fault I found..this is rap..we don’t always av to disrespect women & their body to make a rap song..thumbs up Gees

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