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Fada CY Presents: Joromi (Tribute To Sir Victor Uwaifo) ft 2face, Darey, Kefee

Post by Ovie O, May 5th, 2013

“‘Joromi Evolution’ is a 6 track album conceived by Fada Cy and produced by Tee-y Mix, to honour a living legend, Sir Victor E. Uwaifo, using the 1965 hit, “Joromi”.

The track, “Joromi – tribute”, features the likes of Tuface, Darey, Emem, Keefe, Angel F and Rooftop MC’s. We also have Kunle Ayo, Tobikeys and Jerrysax doing other amazing guitar, piano and saxophone versions in this same album.”


Joromi CD (Main)

Produced by Tee-Y Mix [DOWNLOAD]

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16 responses to “Fada CY Presents: Joromi (Tribute To Sir Victor Uwaifo) ft 2face, Darey, Kefee”

  1. Val Ogun says:

    Nice collabo….kudos

  2. TOOLS says:

    NICE …nce one guys

  3. BIG MOUTH says:

    WTF is this??

    You don't mess with an African all time classic like this!

    Felt like college students doing any thing!
    One or two people only should have hopped on this!

    Anyway i regard and admire deeply their thoughts to honor a Legend!

    Sir Victor E. Uwaifo, Respect Sir! One of my ever favorite!

  4. justnotok says:

    abeggggiiii dem nor try… weak lyrics

  5. saka says:

    does'nt just sound well composed… perhaps they needed more time to come up better lyrics… u cant just destroy a classic tune like dis… everybody on this track should be arrested….

  6. Someone says:

    They just turned a great song to garbage.

  7. Someone says:

    This is just too poor. If you want to pay tribute at least do it well.

  8. Please where can I download or buy the full album?

  9. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    I felt they could have left this alone entirely. I grew up listening to this song on Vinyl courtesy of my Dad who is an avid music listener and expert.

    For such a tribute, it could have been Tuface, Dare, Flavour, Niga Raw, Duncan Mighty or something like that. Furthermore, a tribute with about 70% of the instrumentals, chorus, hook still the original? just messed it up even more. I would have preferred they played the original song for our listening pleasure.

  10. Alex says:

    I had always loved this song since childhood, but right now I don't know whether I'm loving it or hating it.

  11. Slimton Saint Ceeman says:

    ~ Them high… or dem nor see work do for studio… na dem say na Sir (Dr) Baba Victor Uwaifo music dem wan take play…. dem no try….. I like say dem respect d man but no b like dis….

  12. west life says:

    These Guys should be respected for such a concept ,. nice one ,…

  13. this is very impressive.

  14. What a superb idea and a magnificent concept in this song as a deserved honor to the living legend, icon, master, professor and king of Edo Highlife melody/song

  15. Honour to whom its due! I think the initiative is highly welcomed cause he is such a legend. The music speaks volume ever green and for all generation unlike wat we hearing this days. This song is kinda disjointed sha, but the initiative is 100%.

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