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VIDEO: The Official “Top Ten Nigeria” Countdown on Soundcity TV

Post by Ovie O, May 3rd, 2013

The ‘Top Ten Nigeria’ show is seen by many as the most authoritative Top 10 countdown of Nigerian videos on Television. Big thanks to the Soundcity Crew for pushing this through. Hopefully we’ll be bringing it to y’all on a weekly basis.

Hosts: Adams and Pearl.


YouTube Preview Image

PS: If you wanna watch any of the videos on the Top 10 in its entirety, feel free to use the “Search” bar on the top right corner of the page here on

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51 responses to “VIDEO: The Official “Top Ten Nigeria” Countdown on Soundcity TV”

  1. Ifeanyi Nzeribe says:

    Fuck no azonto cant be the best vidoe.

  2. helen says:

    Antenna by fuse odg amazing I can’t stop listaning to it defos one of the best Nigerian songs as well as fire by Doneo

  3. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    fake and gay…so these two core nigerians pretend not to know what ogbanje is? i like the idea but i think the show is redundant cos we have NJO giving us the hits in realtime…sorry 2 sound so pessimistic but this fakeness presenting pisses man off. Tired of this self-hate identity crisis haba since 1960. boost naija jare

  4. timiblazer says:

    Nice one! really like the countdown

    You can Check out If you love good Music !

  5. TOOLS says:

    these guys are fake…

  6. deji says:

    yea really sad that the channel i use to be a fan of is so lame, lack of content or creativity.

  7. Sauce says:

    It doesn't get any worse when your hair cut looks like toupee and your co-presenter's hair looks like horse tail.

  8. sholascott says:

    Presenters are fake as f&&k how come u dont know the meaning of Ogbanje ? na wa o

  9. snipez says:

    dis guy ie getting too fat

  10. RichBoy says:

    Nigerians must beef .. whats wrong with you guys.. cant you just come commend them ?

  11. garry says:

    how can azonto be over gobe….. fake presenters fake show

  12. Nenye Ibeanu says:

    wld prefer dis on a weekly basis too notjustok…pls try nd make it happen…I've alwz loved dis show.

  13. musiqCAPTAIN¡¡ says:

    I had to lol! Fela don talk am, colonial mentality…E be say you be colonial man You don be slave from before Dem don release you now but you never release yourself. #Colomentality. SWAG MY ASS KMT.

  14. adewale says:

    the lady look more fake, starting with her name: Pearl, i believe that name is not giving by her parents, but a self proclaim name….most chi-chi and bolanla , and iyabo don change there name to Pearl., Chelsea, and so on…… @the LASTMAN ..u are right. f&&k all this 9ja FAKE presenter….Note; that is the Fake once…

  15. @Barthadavid says:

    OMG…some of you people really need to go back to school. Spelling is atrocious and you grammar is ridiculously ignorant. Adams and Pearl, you guy are really Fake….No beef.

  16. mina says:

    at first read i thought ppl were hating for no reason, but after watching this i understood. it came off fake and trying to be american too much. where is te african element, except for the music? where is the nigerian accent, where is culture and "africanness?" well they better audition presenters and replace this two, cuz they are not working at all.

  17. they are so irritating! and what kind of top 10 is that? there are more better tracks to be on top.

  18. Fuji says:

    were is Ghost Mode Phyno and Olamide …you carry nonsense videos line up here

  19. MrUnkpe says:

    Notin Like Top Ten Nigeria, Called This Paid Vds On Soundcity Tv,All D Artist's Paid Money B4 They Put Their Vds To The List….Lobatan

  20. Afoo says:

    Fake peps now that NJO come up with sound City top f**k 10 you we soon go to top CNN top 50 lol dis guyz need to go back to school gush…..

  21. samziluv says:

    Naija is ar d best in d world

  22. Macaulay Rume Dante says:

    I really can say much am just praying you guys try better… but thumbs up it ain't easy.


  24. Hazzan says:

    Hmmmm god go help sha

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