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EXCLUSIVE: LKT ft Davido – Alaye (Remix)

Post by Ovie O, April 29th, 2013

While we await the release of the video for “Alaye Remix” by LKT and Davido, I’ve decided to break y’all off with the song itself. You’ve watched the studio recording session, viewed exclusive pictures and watched B-T-S footage from the video shoot, so it’s only right for you to get a chance to slam this banger.

The original killed clubs. The remix will do same.

Official video drops shortly.


lkt-davido-alaye art

Produced by Young D [DOWNLOAD]

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59 responses to “EXCLUSIVE: LKT ft Davido – Alaye (Remix)”

  1. tyabo says:

    where is da vids na?

  2. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    Ovie wasere…straight into my mixtape

  3. ajmammie says:

    confirmed gbedu!!! njo.. wa sere…

  4. I was waiting so long for dat! LKT and my boy Davido they kill it <3.

  5. Peter Ik says:

    so sweet to come agine.

  6. First Kill Ur Fada.. says:

    Davido did murda on its lines nd lyric…..SHARP! !..

  7. Lkt and Davido More to come # 9ice combination #.

  8. Guest says:


  9. Pacs Layi says:

    Bad collabs wasere davido!

  10. Moji ninu 504 tuntun says:

    Okanran lomo…who r u? Olenuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu davido 😀

  11. Ceo Bans says:

    Davido u r not baba olowo, u be omo baba olowo…. nice song though..

  12. Alaye song itself make sense pass dis remix. Sorry to say but na PURE RUBBISH. I was expecting sometin more meaningful.

  13. Timileyin says:

    Pls who can edit a pix like dis one,lkt and davido ow bad gan

  14. max says:

    See as davido dey furstrate all nigerian artist , nice work lkt

  15. kolade says:


  16. Changeclothz says:

    damn i gbadu yoruba language dieeeeeeee haha #Omor Ibo

  17. Mr OnZ says:

    sick tune.. Mixtape reloading… DeeJay ONZLosobe

  18. 9jafreak says:

    One of the best remixes to one of the best breakout songs of all time

  19. 215yorubaboy says:

    o make sense gan gbabe

  20. Oluwaphemy says:

    Seriously, I cant count the number of times on replay on this song… Nice and killing Beat… Listen with correct earphone. Tungba aye.

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  22. Becca says:

    Love! Ready for the video. Hope its not just nyash everywhere

  23. FLY KA$E ENT says:

    confam!!! if ur hating on dis, u defo still on dat 3310 level… sleeping is too small.. ur dying on a bicycle

  24. Gloria says:

    Love this!!! They killed it!! Daviodo>>>

  25. DJ xammy says:

    Alayemi dey feel u 4 hereoooo

  26. Femi says:

    Met him yesterday…said he’s sick and I hope he gets well soon for that video cos he even managed to voice

  27. iMaKeBeats says:

    Madddddd!!!!!!! Even Davido!!!!! Alaye Mii o!!!!!! Bikonu, Guys I got affordable beats for sale, starting from $45(N7200) Hit me Up on +2348136749561 or email

  28. david ololade says:

    gbedu to bad………….. okaran lomo who are you…………..

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