Dr SID ft. Sarkodie, Ice Prince, E.L & Lynxxx – Chocolate (West African Remix)

Post by Demola OG, April 26th, 2013

Dr. SID returns with the remix to his fire single which he originally dropped on the Mavin Allstars compilation.

The energy on this track will GinJah You!




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43 Responses to “Dr SID ft. Sarkodie, Ice Prince, E.L & Lynxxx – Chocolate (West African Remix)”

  1. woaaa…nice colabo. dats d hit.

  2. Niggah Webbzy says:

    Don Jazzy Is really a Don. Every Beat he is Murdering it. Collabo of life. #DopeShit

  3. Jiggaz says:

    Jaaaaaaaaaaaaam !!!!! Naija is on fire!!! Dis joint is banging!!! Big ups to Ice Prince, Sarkodie, EL all of you killed it yo!! From Naija to GH !!

  4. zunnybunny says:

    O boy…. this song no bad o. By the way,it's Don Jazzy again(on the beat)…oh no, "Mavin" (in tiwa's voice). Any how good song sha.

  5. lexzy says:

    this is so cool. Sarkodie you are da bomb.

  6. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    cool tune well cooked Jazzy beat propped mostly by sid & sarkie #ok bye

  7. zunnybunny says:

    One Word = "Fire".

  8. Monie E says:

    LynxXX Otunu….ya head d dia.

  9. Dalo Martins says:

    why do una dey scream? this is just ok….

  10. dapo says:

    why Lynxx dey rap?? this rap just wack… my 9ja people dey lack original rap… thank God yankee don open my eyes…

    • ehimare says:

      Daft ass comment! any one with ears knows he killed his vrs on this joint so carry ur foolishnss else where! wetin yankee gas do with this remix? wat is unoriginal about this song? ode!

    • someone says:

      Since yankee don open your eyes why you no go listen to yankee music and comment there? Na you be the first person wey enter yankee? I dey yankee nor dey put food for table oh.

    • TJaZ says:

      You sound like a village boy that won visa lottery. That said, I actually thought Lynnx had the best flow on this track, I scrolled down and I see this nonsense you commented here.I'm like WTF

    • TJaZ says:

      The only originality you should worry about if the originality of your PHoolishness

  11. GODSGRANTMI says:

    Its TRUE m sweet lyk a chocolate. nice beat, nice collaboration.

  12. folasanwo says:

    Nice song….. everyone delivered…

    Now, the album artwork (or single artwork)… was gonna say it looked like a meme cos of the font and layout, then i looked at the bottom right corner "Make a Meme!"….wtf mehn, have you heard of corelDraw, photoshop, fireworks, illustrator, or even paint!


  13. someone says:

    This is how remix should be done.

  14. Godsluv22 says:

    This remix is HOT…… Up Dr. Sid……lol

  15. ehimare says:

    omo bois repped on this remix, every artist brought it!!!! some sick lines!!

    Lynx – i make her bend over like shes pricing cab! lol sickk!!!

    mad tune sid! keep it coming

  16. Danny says:

    Best beat so far in 2013 and good delivery from all da guys..Sark was @ his usual best n the lil said about Iceprince the better…my favorite on this track is E.L who i have always underrated but he hs proved me wrong..this is the definition of ‘Remix’..Africa Forever

  17. Danny L says:

    Jamest Jam!! All of them delivered on the track. Naija/GH sickness!

  18. Badass says:


  19. Ines Bamen says:

    Donjazzy the shit…period,,

  20. Tjay Nónii says:

    Ice prince knows how to rap but his lyrics are sooo wack..thas if you listen to lyrics.

  21. manchara says:

    Dr sid now that you sound Dprince how now………….. Nice delivery from the Ghanian guys ….Ice prince stood his ground…But then again normal beat actually from Don baba..But Dr sid always a snitch forever a snitch…….I had expected you to have released an album by now.

    Hope no one is outshining you now..Crack Head…..Props to Donjazzy but close ranks with your man.He is still the Issh ……

  22. ephraim says:

    all banging hard on the track. perfect collaboration

  23. olode says:

    Lol Nothing special about this beat now

  24. bruno nas says:

    I think the choc boiz r just cool.Allez chocolatecity.

  25. St Samson says:

    Make a Meme lol

  26. alapomerin says:

    Bad Remix… Hottia

  27. hitman says:

    Obidi widip onbede…whatever that means, Sarkodie is just a very maddtttt lyrist. So forceful, so on point. and Lynxx itunu. I like that guy on tracks.

  28. Abenah says:

    About to listen

  29. Dickson Agbontaen says:

    ice is the best.

  30. Emeka says:

    Sarkodie And EL killed it to tha maximum….any way…da rest too didn’t disappoint..

    sick tunez…

    Real Isshhh

  31. Hakunamatata says:

    What else?

  32. Mandino says:

    wat gwan inna ma guy ice prince me fil yah, kodustrically sarkodie ma flow yan gad 2 b english, guy 2 dy capise

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