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Terry G – Gbolagar + Run Mad + Pull Off

Post by Ovie O, April 13th, 2013

Everyone’s favorite madman, Terry G, has just released his FOURTH studio album titled “Book of Ginjah”. I’ve attached 3 songs from the solid body of work so you guys can have a taste of what’s in it.

Party-goers, Cele-goers, Igbo-smokers, Azonto/Etighi dancers… even regular church-goers… this one’s for y’all! It has a bit of everything in it.


Terry G Book of Ginjah - Track listings

Gbolagar [DOWNLOAD]

Run mad [DOWNLOAD]


You can preview and then purchase the “Book of Ginjah” album via itunes below.

[itunes id=”634900466″]

In related Terry G news, the video for Jump Am Pass was shot a lil while ago. View some funny pics from the shoot below.


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49 responses to “Terry G – Gbolagar + Run Mad + Pull Off”

  1. daniboy says:

    Terry G in the business of making us dance…weldone bro

  2. jayboss says:

    pull off!!! <3

  3. itsjustayo says:


  4. Phalaenopsis says:

    I am honestly surprised at myself. Never thought, I would be rocking to a Terry G song.
    Guys abeg make una just listen to Terry G's "RUN MAD".
    Now that is some song that got me rocking here.
    Good job Terry G!

  5. Phalaenopsis says:

    Terry G, make a video of RUN MAD and have it released already. Now, that is a club banger and party starter right there.

  6. yungem says:

    PULL OFF is a mad track ooooo just like Run mad 😛

  7. JOJO says:


  8. latest says:

    who else can kill the run mad track other than TERRY G- the father of all madness.

  9. imospecimen says:

    Run Mad is that joint, brah

  10. Lio says:

    Yep gingerman, let the madness begin

  11. John bobo says:

    Pull off

  12. Namebedis says:

    Pull Off na jam!

  13. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    Pull off is enough for me and the remaining 2 should please the masses

  14. Chelsea says:

    wuld luv 2 watch d video

  15. Don Tee says:

    the Jamz make sence………………me feeling the concept.

  16. KUDY GOLD says:

    yeah would love to see d video!

  17. DJ toh BAD says:

    once again he has sampled another song…..PULL OFF soundslike "SWAG TUN UP" by busy signal……

  18. samdoria says:

    Run mad is a badt ass jam.. Will always make u dance even if u dey dulling mode

  19. lol am buying this album for really lol I love terry j jams.

  20. Weeta says:

    Now what can I say…. Terry PULLED IT OFF, got everyone RUNNING MAD, doing the GBOLAGAR!

  21. ugoharris says:

    Terry G don am again. Love that Gbolagar track and I think that track is a classic.

  22. Pull it off mad riddim big up

  23. Terry G, nice1… U gat lots of Love in Canada

  24. Terry G, nice1… U gat lots of Love in Canada

  25. Oye1 says:

    Cant download pull it off n run mad,any help

  26. Terry G, nice1… U gat lots of Love in Canada

  27. Terry u ar mouthed, u 2 gbasky/ i dey gbadun keep it on!!!

  28. Ruud says:

    Even the child has GINGAAAA

  29. Ruud says:


  30. I live to love and apprecaite my lord……

  31. Mentor says:

    Ma man!Mehn u 3 much wen i go jam u nw Allah na u i lik bst ma prson spin it out Kingkong na ur ways i gbadu u……

  32. lol from canada I get love for terry, cant wait to see u here soon.

  33. lol am buying this album for really lol I love terry j jams.Gbolagar is my fav.

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  35. Sauce says:

    Imitation they say is the greatest form of flattery. If you ever listened to Swag Tun by Busy Signal before this Pull Up version from Terry G then I'm sure you wont feel the same. This was a poor remake of Swag Tun up but the other tracks were straight up fire. This is the classic Terry we've all grown to love. I'd say stick to your Akpako tracks and leave dancehall alone.

  36. Bugzy says:

    OMG! Terry G thumb up come see as Southy dey rock their BIG Butt for Club with your GBOLAR!!!

  37. E G O says:


  38. Baba i trust u in all ways i don dey loose control wen i see groove GBES

  39. I Want to be like u terry g pls give me ur number

  40. Ayuba musa says:

    Hlo sir am vry like your music terry g am like u 2 an i beg God protect u from ur enemies. terry g am need 2be like u vry much abeg call me wet this numb 08148834397

  41. GOLDEN BOY says:


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