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VIDEO: Iyanya ft Wizkid – Sexy Mama (Behind-The-Scenes)

Post by Ovie O, March 28th, 2013

“Iyanya’s Sexy Mama video featuring Wizkid is going to be electrifying, if the ‘making of’ video is anything to go by.

Catch an insight to the crazy amount of work put into the video to give you nothing less than a visual spectacular, ranging from the beautiful ladies to the scenes and costumes…

This is definitely going to be an award winning video. Watch out!

Follow on twitter @Iyanya.”

Directed by SESAN.


YouTube Preview Image

In addition to the BTS video above, you can also view pictures from the shoot below.


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56 responses to “VIDEO: Iyanya ft Wizkid – Sexy Mama (Behind-The-Scenes)”

  1. Popo says:

    Ur not the first this time

  2. […] Read compete article from content source: VIDEO: Iyanya ft Wizkid – Sexy Mama (Behind-The-Scenes) […]

  3. sleek says:

    This is cool!…

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  5. Man 2 Man says:

    south african babes are really cashing in on our arts dem.. chai! naija babes why unna ugly na??

  6. tags says:

    Another "sexy mama" song where the barely clad chic takes center stage. I love Nigerian music a lot, but I look forward to when we will no longer be stimulated by beats and visuals alone. Stressing the subject of lyrical content is like overkill, but our music does need to evolve a step further and pretty soon. no sleeping on a bicycle!

  7. source says:

    liberty into a liberty tru dah site nd ur money is gone be warned.

  8. NBC says:

    This video will definitely be banned

  9. flytemode says:

    SA chics are played out jooor, the future is yankee and Miami chics…. just like NPZ , VECTOR and DAVIDO did…

  10. Capt.sehindemi says:

    yankee chics are finer

  11. kudi says:


  12. HAYMADz says:

    davido is far better than wizkid. Wizkid is poor. (FUCK YOU)

  13. Isaac says:

    Lukin 4ward to da video….u rock wizzy.

  14. good things are happening here.

  15. wisdom says:

    wizzy kill dem ooo u ar good

  16. lilscholes says:

    eme star i wnt 2 b lyk u

  17. Amicable says:


  18. pinkluv says:

    wow!!!! Kul

  19. Holy i g says:

    I want join u guys

  20. Chukwu Amaka says:

    when will this fucking video be out???

  21. Humbleluv says:

    I knw wat u can do my guy,i can wait to see de video

  22. Bros u are too much I dey feel you here in Ghana no size bros, we are working on a project will talk to your manager and see what to do.

  23. Bros u are too much I dey feel you here in Ghana no size bros, we are working on a project will talk to your manager and see what to do.

  24. olaide says:

    more mosule 2 ur elbow.

  25. confirm am loving it mhennn.

  26. wizkid the s swee@…….

  27. t money says:

    My name is t money omo oba Am up coming I love the song so much sexy mama one luv

  28. Starboy says:

    Nice video love u wizkid and iyanyan we waiting 4 the vedio

  29. Starboy says:

    No body does it better than you wizkid

  30. Starboy says:

    No body does it better than you wizkid

  31. fauze says:

    you are the sexiest and colest

  32. wizkid i luv u ure ma mentor..iyanya 2 of u egbori wole

  33. Roky Jeezy says:

    :::::::::Hi guy…introduction:::::::::::I’m Rocky jeezy I’m one on niger upcoming stars….I have 4 bam tracks with me but don’t have a good promotion if you kinda intrested to help me pls here is my num# 08134342881 ……I ts iyanya and me your boi wizzy I love you all OSheeeeeeeeee

  34. ANU BOY AKA A MESSI says:

    I Love wizkid, i love the way he sing and i love the way he dress i love wizkid 2 much

  35. Yea,talent is 4rm birth,lik wizkid n inyanya talented,loaded. Not 2 b wasted

  36. Mehn Cant' Wait for It to Touch Down.

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