VIDEO: M.I Off-Air Interview With Olisa @ BeatFM Studios, Lagos

Post by Ovie O, March 25th, 2013

M.I dropped his single “Chairman” in grand style last week and the buzz surrounding the release was felt both online and offline. Here’s a rare Off-Air interview of M.I by Olisa Adibua at the BeatFM studios the day the joint dropped.

I wouldn’t even call this an interview. It’s more or less 2 guys gisting… the only missing is some alcohol and a bar.


YouTube Preview Image

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13 responses to “VIDEO: M.I Off-Air Interview With Olisa @ BeatFM Studios, Lagos”

  1. wonderkid says:

    in the 7:57mins,, "the loyalty" M.I throwing shots at jesse? just saying.. cool interview! now M.I is back on the radar deff an album coming out.. Im just quite not as confident about M.I as before

  2. Olaniran ayub says:

    You are the best like a bird in it’s nest……..



  4. Dsam says:

    M.I, I just happy as you no go dey foolish urself say u wan freestyle bcos u no just good for that one but ur name na still M.I

  5. obie says:

    lolz,@ ur not pulling a wizkid are u,lmaoooo

  6. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    Good interview. Olisa remains one of the few naija OAPs i can listen to without changing the station. M.I basically this album needs to either be as good as IM2 or better to be relevant.U can do it and pls fight to retain Jesse's track in the cut.

  7. Jay boy says:

    Na wa! Na who be best raper nw

  8. Jay boy says:

    Na wa! Na who be best raper nw

  9. Jay boy says:

    Lo! We want another star to come and say somethin about themself: klever jay is roukin d street let him come, terry de rap man wer is he,

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