VIDEO: 2face & Annie Idibia’s Traditional Wedding

Post by Ovie O, March 25th, 2013

For those still living under a rock somewhere in South Sudan, 2face and Annie Idibia are officially married. Traditional marriage done. White wedding done.

Here are some scenes from the traditional wedding held in Akwa-Ibom State a couple of weekends back. So colourful, so beautiful, So… what’s the word… I can’t even find a suitable word to quantify it.

Congrats 2baba! The #1 Ambassador of Nigerian music. You have chosen well. I see you Annie.


YouTube Preview Image

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63 Responses to “VIDEO: 2face & Annie Idibia’s Traditional Wedding”

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  2. kpere tins says:

    2baba..You came You saw and You conquered.Happy married life to you and your african qeen Annie

  3. DEX says:

    Aww, bless them. Their kids are so beautiful as well. God bless their marriage.

  4. Ur_Papa_Senior_Broda says:

    aaaaaaa Baba of Life…. Make me sef do go marry ooh *hiss*

  5. Guest says:

    awwwww :) hml…

  6. yinkus says:

    2face Idibia, "We follow buy ur Cds Ooo, now u come carry ur wedding go Dubai where we no go fit chop Ur Rice. ♓☺w many Arab don carry wedding come 9ja. Well sha if u sing ur next song make u ready go sell am 4 Dubai" – >:O Angry Nigerians. Abi now

  7. Spinner says:


  8. waterooney says:

    Happy married life fellow naija legitimate citizen,but why u no come do am 4home na? Although me no say u go get ur own solid reasons ooo,but all d way let us try to raise our nation not to downgrade it in all this manner,can’t even blame u even our foolish ministers,governor,head of the nation,and their worthless stupid cabinets does same thing afterall they stole those money from us.they took it down there to do as they like so I wonder why every citizen won’t follow their miserable bunch of fools leader to celebrate wedding in overseas.

  9. slows99 says:

    Thanks for posting the video but using South Sudan as an adjective isn't very right to me. Just my opinion

  10. 2rock says:

    Baba, it's really painful you didn't invite blackface to your wedding o

    • karl says:

      You guys should find out the real truth and u will see blackface must have been the one causing trouble out of jealousy!! Nigerians do this a lot… If blackface was pure hearted and didn't have any grudge towards 2face, as a good friend he should be happy 2face was wedding and he ,as close as he was to 2face(like a brother) he would NOT need an invitation, knowing 2face as he is, 2face would never try to stop anyone NOT to mention blackface from attending the wedding. BLACKFACE is a hater !!

    • tko says:

      have a seat please ..kmt

  11. busolanrewaju says:

    D thing wey pain me pass be say why 2baba no carry his children go only Anne daughter go becos na her mama dey do weddin.well sha no lele.U killed d weddin.U ar mouthed

  12. Dblackz says:

    Happy wedluck 2babas

  13. Dblackz says:

    Happy wedluck 2babas

  14. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    I wish 2baba and Annie a Happy married Life…You do well. Although me i also feel say a "Talk of the Town" wedding should be held in that very Town. God forbid there will be a next time for this couple to correct that. Others should learn. Naija 4 life.

    • tko says:

      we tend to forget that a wedding is about THE COUPLE and their preference and not what people expect or feel should happen.they chose a destination wedding,THEIR CHOICE and everybody must fact everybody dealt. He owes nobody anything.

      and 'correct' what? correct that he chose to do his wedding in Dubai? come on man.
      What should others learn? Lol..smh

      Happy married life to the couple.May God bless your union.

      • BIG MOUTH says:

        tko…abeg tell am O!
        Their marriage is not politically motivated….its personal!

        Dude i just let you off this one easy….

      • theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

        alaye wetin be let off easy? Na just say man no wan make una take 2baba wedding matter collect star that's why i'm dying this matter asap. Its tiring to constantly repeat and explain stuff all d time too.

      • theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

        Sorry i can't answer your questions or discuss the how's and why's on this page out of respect for the couple. God bless 2Baba and Annie and grant them a blissful union.

  15. henrz0 says:

    hapiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wedluk 2baba,notin dey….hapen….i ves say blackfaze no dey there…..remenba african queen?

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  17. oh mah gash 2baba carry go.

  18. login says:

    You guys should watch how dbanj self go marry this year! lmfaooo…I'm 90% sure dbanj will get married this yr! watch.

  19. shybb showz ngosa says:

    nice wedding 2baba!

  20. oviee says:

    2baba u get mouth.

  21. tootee says:

    correct baba hapi married lyf,bt u no invite me o.

  22. 2baba na your life enjoy it am happy 4 u.

  23. DUKE says:

    There’s always that “special” lady that has the key to your heart no matter who you are, it’s another thing for you as a man to recognize or know who she is, 2baba found his, make sure you don’t miss yours… Happy Married Life 2baba, Congrats Annie.

  24. RuggedFury says:

    Happy married life to the BIGGEST export out of nigeria after crude oil.

  25. Nelly says:

    I want dis video in my phone

  26. beloved001 says:

    Pls hw do I download vedios

  27. onyemefu chukwudi. says:

    Hw can I download this video.

  28. Tony Abraham says:

    The video is not opening

  29. jaccinta says:

    I want dis vedio in my phone

  30. Emmy James says:

    Kindly send me this video

  31. tRuLyFe says:

    2face اجعلك لا العقل هذا النيجيريين غبي، نحن نعرف انك تحب بلادنا (دبي) وفقا لمن أنت تكون، لذلك نحن دون ابقاء زوجات الغيار لانك كنت بحاجة إلى ترقية طارئ الأطفال إلى واحد عشر. يشعي الله

    2face make u no mind this stupid nigerians, we know you like our country (dubai) as per who you be, so we don keep spare wives for you just incase you need upgrade the children to one dozen. ishi allah

  32. Somto says:

    I LOVE 2 FACE IDIBIA!!! BABA you are my best musician in the world! No other connects to my soul like yours. Happy Married Life! Weda d wedding na for China i for still come, i had fun watching you take Annie to Altar. Even though you don't know me, i know you and i will tell my kids kids about you

  33. suraj says:

    Tu-baba ..i most greet u baba !wish u long life to see yr children grand kids

  34. ogunjobi Enitan says:


  35. Money T Ebipade says:

    2baba right choice.abeg no look corner again o………

  36. cool dat's why you are 2BABA happy marriage life.

  37. Goziem Cobac says:

    this tuface na just clown…great sense of humor.

  38. Rowland Freedom Amara says:

    2baba so na so u be your own abi we wey be say na we the buy your product u know make we wittiness the wedding na him u carry go for Dubai I still use my money buy ticket from Dublin to Dubai still u carry security put for your wedding na wa ooooo u no do well my man… well enjoy your honey moon. lol

  39. tina says:

    u do will i like ur still

  40. Wow 2face idibia a big tuale 4 you hve finally settle down 2 me i belive dat all de girl dat do pest you arround dey will now live u 2 rest 4 some time,2face i so much appreciate you and annie 4 marring each orda had it been i hve such opportunity i won’t hve miss it,so 2baba 1 love i wish u and ur family happi marrage and haapi new month is ur boy M_real

  41. Anietie Isaiah says:

    Thanks man for choosing my sister, I wish u guys a hapy married life. Iam from Eket

  42. ruth abians says:

    Long married life…u Ve earned it.

  43. I will really love to watch this videos

  44. Idy e Essien says:

    Any man who found a gud, luving n karing woman wil go 4 her no mater hw long n wat it takes. Annie u ve proved dat u deserve 2 wear d crown. Hapy maried life girl frnd.

  45. Desmond says:

    Happy married lif

  46. zeny king says:

    wishin 2baba long life n more prosperity

  47. Nelly says:

    Wishing u happy married life

  48. pedro says:

    HaPpy married life

  49. Elvis says:

    Happy married life to Innocent & Annie Idibia

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