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Julius Agwu – Rejuvenate + Mama Soup

Post by Demola OG, March 24th, 2013

Critically Acclaimed Comedian, Julius Agwu returns with a pair of new singles titled Rejuvenate and Mama Soup which he has decided to drop 2 weeks before he turns 40 on April 7.

Enjoy the singles below and share your thoughts.

front cd

Rejuvenate DOWNLOAD


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30 responses to “Julius Agwu – Rejuvenate + Mama Soup”

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  2. Chydee says:

    hmmmm Nice OgboNo SouP

  3. Uyi says:

    Lmao… Ogbono soup!

  4. Nonny says:

    OK, Julius just stick to COMEDY!! #NotHating

  5. Guest says:

    Nice one bro!

  6. fashola says:


  7. Man 2 Man says:

    I came here to read comments, didn't even listen to the song.. hahahaaa

  8. helptheyouth says:

    we nigerians have problem so comedy money is nt enough for u,whats mama soup dude go crack jokes man,so many talent dat can do better but they will nt invest in them they cant help homeless people I HATE NIGERIAN NW WITH PASSION akpabio buying cars for 2face people are still starving 2 death senator mark buying big toys for dem no work for the youth y dnt they create job with all that money, in my next generation lord please i dnt want to be a nigeria if d corruption is still on

  9. Nice says:

    Wel 4 naija any which way na way as long as u no steal. So comedy or music he is making his money.

  10. imospecimen says:

    Uncle Julius over Tonto Dikeh

  11. bayo says:

    na song be this

  12. Duchylicious says:

    Mama soup reminds me of being woken at 430am to jog around what just had to be the biggest grounds and most beautiful lush forests with bush babies squeaking in secondary school or so we thought … (bush babies i mean)and doing so with our heart in our mouths if some wicked somebody spent the whole week dashing to and fro yelling “the king is dead” cos as far as we knew it a dead king in calabar needed heads wow wee memories hmmm come see stampede if one of d villagers decided to spice up their day by appearing as we jogged so they could rotfl as we stampeded like wilderbeasts hheheehhe

  13. Sweggu says:

    na song be this?

  14. who is your target market?

  15. fweaky says:

    Thi§ is so dry…gosh!!!

  16. Mama soup was a song we used to sing as kids when I was growing up in Port Harcourt. The song just reminds me of the happy moments of my childhood.

  17. ugoharris says:

    This song somehow dey sweet

  18. sammie says:


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