PREMIERE: Phyno – Man of The Year (Obago)

Post by Ovie O, March 23rd, 2013

In the words of Lynxxx, “This year, by December, Phyno will be HUGE!… Phyno makes Igbo sound like… Spanish” (See interview). Most industry stakeholders echo Lynxxx’s sentiments and strongly believe Phyno is next in line to hit it big! If not this year, sometime in 2014 for sure. But it’s inevitable.

Unlike many other Igbo rappers who kinda sound dated (no disrespect to anyone in particular), Phyno has modernized the game, appealing to a much wider audience with his unique lyrics and delivery. Whether you’re Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Urhobo, Ijaw or from any other ethnic group, you just gotta love Phyno. Listen to his new hiphop joint “Man of The Year (Odago)”.

“GhostMode” (featuring Olamide) is still causing major havoc in the local scene. “Man of the Year” is guaranteed to follow. Indigenous hiphop at its finest.


Pyhno_Man Of The Year

Produced by Phyno


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135 Responses to “PREMIERE: Phyno – Man of The Year (Obago)”

  1. Ghost Mood says:

    AJONWA…idikwa too bad…Ghost Mood

  2. Razy conpuer says:

    Omen is not just dat easy,but 5inally u ‘re now on dey top nomatter worth phynofino

  3. Egoigwe says:

    ife balu aba abago’

  4. Now his Finally here, say hello to Phyno 'the man of the year' maka na Obago!

  5. dmercy says:

    Phyno fino, 0bago

  6. legal says:

    ife obula oso ha na eme,ama m na afa gi ga na ere,phino chi na alurugi ogu,onye o na ewe ya tinye isi na otele okuko. U 2 much i hail oo

  7. legal says:

    ife obula oso ha na eme,ama m na afa gi ga na ere,phino chi na alurugi ogu,onye o na ewe ya tinye isi na otele okuko. U 2 much i hail oo

  8. klord says:

    kill em all, ibuzi spatacus, too late cos de re all dead nd u re a god in d game. I c u nwanne. Ha n’ ewe iwe ha duru onwe ha je court nwanne sue uy self maka na nnekwu mmowu abatago na ogbo.

  9. Mann says:

    Phyno is a class act. He is here to rule. Repping 042 for real.

  10. emmanuel says:

    taaaaaaaa let them waaatoor and make way for the main man is here phynofino nwanne noting mega ifegi na amasi m so much otu my gal si amasi m any raper come’s around any etieya jaja

  11. syekid says:

    I day Feel uu men.uu 2much.u ar my mentor men

  12. Clintiano says:

    Any u go u dey colonize. Shai obago and all ur rap na atom ka dodo, anytime i hear dis phyno nwane.

  13. yung smallz says:

    am a yuruba boy feeling this jamz and just wish to see diz dude one day

  14. netosweet says:

    man of the year

  15. Phyno u go kill person Hbp don go man of d year I salute u?

  16. Phyno u r really man of the century. keep it up man.

  17. Ella says:

    Jeez! I st heard dis jam om rythm 93.7fm,phyno you Rock!ur rap’s tyt

  18. Rozzay says:

    Onye si n’omu k’okete nwanne biko belu-ebelu…..igbo unu di tuuu..much..phyno fyno…gaba n’onwelooo…….

  19. lizkid says:

    phyno tait him tait c dis guy prince nd 9jafreak comparing phyno 2 M.I..ICEPRINCE.ND SARKODIE UNA 1 KILL PHYNO him get rap 4 mouth comment him dnt compare him 2 his GREATGREATGRANDFATHER’S. Phyno u’re mouthed but dos 3 people re ur G.G.G.F.

  20. Pete.c says:

    Now u’re finally here…phyno i luv ur songz…

  21. PhYNO…ajo nwa na asu engliqbo wen d ask i say i do it 4 mah people,fa fu m ha si m phyno y i ji zi a rap na iqbo m si ya were nwayo i ma na jesus na asu igbo….u r 2ruly d onye nkuzi ndi nkuzi….strut men

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