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VIDEO: Kus Ma (of Camp Mulla) ft Kanja – How High

Post by Ovie O, March 21st, 2013

Kus Ma, a member of Kenya’s superstar group Camp Mulla, releases his debut single and video titled “How High”. He employs the services of another Kenyan rapper, Kanja, on this tough cut that’s as good as any hiphop joint doing rounds across Africa at the moment. A powerful video gives the song even more elevation in terms of its total package. And how about the Biggie Smalls sample? Dope!

This is quality stuff!

Produced by Kus Ma

Directed by Kevin Bosco Jr.


YouTube Preview Image

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9 responses to “VIDEO: Kus Ma (of Camp Mulla) ft Kanja – How High”

  1. word says:

    nigga with the silver chain look like he wearing one of those chains that comes with a girls bag or purse lmaoooooo. why is it that long abeg whats the brand coz it looks hella fake

  2. Ojetayo Abayomi says:


  3. […] Read compete article from content source: VIDEO: Kus Ma (of Camp Mulla) ft Kanja – How High […]

  4. kenneth says:

    Fresh video, but those chains???
    Dude those chains just made them look like wannabe….

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