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8 responses to “VIDEO: Halle – Dotty Shower”

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  2. burnazwife says:

    nah wah oo … c song …. haba .. dotty ko …. botty ni

  3. biaphra says:

    stepping out of the box …. nice one.

  4. realtalk says:

    another weak sesan video. when he shoots outside jand or yankee. ts wack.

  5. PissedOFF says:

    plus the song is just too wack and vulgar

  6. Bobby says:

    I certainly like the whole "dutty shower" concept, I'm gonna be using it as a slang with my babe….e.g. baby I need something dutty right now … anyway girl, nice video and it doesn't look cheap, classy stuff

  7. NaLaugh says:

    The office guy's part reduced the production value of this video.
    e be like say na hair clipper dem use shoot that part.

  8. tags says:

    Honesty the opening lyrics to this song disgusted me. Just saying

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