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R2Bees – It’s Alright (Prod by Killbeatz)

Post by Ovie O, March 19th, 2013

The R2Bees duo will be releasing their new album Da Revolution II next week. As part of the countdown to the release, here’s a new single titled “It’s Alright”.

I like the fact that these guys don’t always dwell on the Azonto buzz. They show versatility by putting out songs of different genres, and ALWAYS score hits in the process.

I’ll certainly be buying the R2Bees album when it lands.


R2Bees art


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33 responses to “R2Bees – It’s Alright (Prod by Killbeatz)”

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  2. Man 2 Man says:

    Chale!! dis pass kenke

  3. Tjay Nónii says:

    So if person go kill kill beats Ghana go just dey sing acapella be that lol.

  4. […] Read compete article from content source: R2Bees – It’s Alright (Prod by Killbeatz) […]

  5. kinpin says:

    Nice tune

  6. El Savador says:

    R2Bees!!! Wheeew. This is a fine track. I'm a fan

  7. Omoba Saha says:

    this tune is ill mern…Big up R2Bees…Raaa..

  8. mandem says:

    hearing some tune beneath the beat @ the chorus.. lool.. killbeatz is great

  9. *O.O* says:

    *O.O* please upload r2bees- Life ( Walahi)

  10. @Sir_Faizu says:

    Challe this make sense fucking!!

  11. blaky says:

    Dey Got The Best Producer Mehn.

  12. Dr Zaga says:

    This tune is madding….A remix with sarkodie will be insanic… me likey… still on repeat

  13. udo says:

    this is the hottest song 2013 believe dis……. its def ALRIGHT pple …….dis our ghana brodas dey do wicked song oo… big up

  14. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    Killbeatz has proven himself to be a dynamic producer, most especially with the R2Bees duo. I like their versatility. Mugeez elevates the group with his unique voice and flow.

  15. DEX says:

    All I can say is God bless Killbeatz, Can't say anything more than that tbh. R2Bees delivers as always. (Y)

  16. kenneth says:

    House party song…a failure in the club!!

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  18. TIME says:

    Dis R2bees Guys go kill person ooo big up…….KILLBEATZ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  19. Nati Ras Pepe says:

    2bees wana be tooo much.

  20. Tremor Buge says:

    this guys, the just know how to get to me, I refuse to be broke. it's alright

  21. Smoke'Wan BullShit'Walks says:

    nice sound

  22. Patrick says:

    Omo dat killbeatz boy na killer

  23. Sauce says:

    KillBeatz is abundantly gifted with ears for music. While other music producers in the region sees music 2-dimensionally, KillBeatz sees music in 3 three dimesion. Real audiophiles see music in three dimension – depth. Everytime I listen to a KillBeatz production, I find myself analyzing the producers thought process and why he opted for a certain instrument/sound at certain rift of the music composition. This guy is a genius..Listen to Life by R2Bees and Antenna by FuseODG just to mention a few. I know i sound like his PR but I'm a big fan of music composition and this guy's materials are exceptional.

  24. @chiefoace says:


  25. Toure Yaya says:

    charley 2bees be highest.

  26. GBE says:

    bumping this in my car all day. totally feeling this track

  27. they were suppose to nominated for BET last year instead of sarkordie.

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