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JoulesDaKid ft UrkelAce – Take Me As I Am

Post by Ovie O, March 17th, 2013

“Brand New Music by JoulesDaKid titled “Take Me As I Am”. JoulesDaKid hails from the camp that manages Ajebutter 22, Born Kings Entertainment.

The song shows JoulesDaKid’s versatility as he goes for a more heart-felt approach unlike his previous party chanting single “Aunty Dupe”. Nonetheless Joulesdakid keeps dropping quality material and he’s making a point that he’s here to stay! Enjoy.”


Joules Da Kid

Produced by Chordratic Beats


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8 responses to “JoulesDaKid ft UrkelAce – Take Me As I Am”

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  2. ogaINthemiddle says:

    THIS is DOPE…NJOK needs to give records like this proper props and not just copy and paste press release..omo joules never heard your music before but you TRY gawwn.

  3. Weeta says:

    Daaaaaaamn anyone feeling the BEAT!????? WICKED JAM! URKEL I see you. JDK smart move ft URKEL.
    SPOON or FORK / U dey chop FISH or U dey chop PORK no shaking loooool…. Dats was up!

  4. Kanye West says:

    Oshe! I've gotten some lyrics to confuse Kimmy small

  5. El Savador says:

    UrkelAce killed it! …That's all

  6. Yinoluu says:

    See how the blogger didn't even make any comment about UrkelAce.. why do y'all do this? Critique a song and only talk about one of the people involved? nothing about the beat or the feature? bad blogging tbh

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