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Barzini – Seeing Things

Post by Ovie O, March 17th, 2013

“AbOriginal Music is at it again: following on its success with recent popular releases from soft rock singer Ese Peters (the instant classic “Omote”), rapper/producer Eclipse (the twitter and social media trending “Olodo” and “How far Na”), and super lyricist Boogey (“One Ticket” featuring Morell), the label unveils its latest offering, “Seeing Things”, the new single from rapper, vocalist and entertainer extraodinaire Barzini.

A light-hearted, humorous celebration of party life, the song finds Barzini extolling the pleasures and after-effects of a particularly fun night out. Filled with witty one-liners (“no crack cocaine, but I got a lot of white girls on me”, “girls all around my neck something like a bow tie”) confidently delivered in Barzini’s nimble flow over a seductive beat by Eclipse, and underscored by an addictive and entertaining hook sung and rapped by the charismatic rapper, the song is made for heavy radio and club rotation.

“Seeing Things” is Barzini’s debut single under AbOrigial Music. However, keep an eye out for new releases from Barzini over the next few weeks and months: a follow up single to “Seeing Things” is already on the way, as are an EP (“MPD”) and a video for another single.”


barzini seeing things


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5 responses to “Barzini – Seeing Things”

  1. Oscarmedia says:

    Up with my favorite rappers this is music

  2. daddyjayboss says:

    mehnnn!! i'm also seeing things 😛

  3. Weeta says:

    Seeing them things oooooooooooooooo………….

  4. This song makes me want to go drunk so I can dance better to it. Its the kind of song we need in hotel night clubs, cool. I like the creativity that came during the first breakdown, that "pls dnt tell ma mumy..' Me feel you bro, then mixing was perfect, panning the stutters gave it real flavour and swifts my head right left right left. thumbs up. I wish your record label knows the worth of what they have. Good work Maan! Spane5

  5. this is my sorta stuff, love this beat, how could anyone sit still?
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