VIDEO: Tiwa Savage – Without My Heart Ft Don Jazzy

Post by lalaboiy, March 11th, 2013

All I can say is WOW! Tiwa put in some massive work for this video and these two Mavins are looking on point!. Ever solid work with the song and Video. Enjoy below and share your thoughts.

– Lalaboiy

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93 responses to “VIDEO: Tiwa Savage – Without My Heart Ft Don Jazzy”

  1. balabroda says:

    This video is just like the dump i dropped in the washroom this morning. Just proves that Tiwa signing to Mavin was a huge mistake

    • terry says:

      What u said is either illiteracy or mediocrity!!

    • cash calito says:

      u are a big fool guy no sense at all how can you say such trash from your mouth it shows u aint even matured…this is the best video i have ever seem so matured or what the hell were you expecting to see nude bitches or what,i live outside naija and shut the hell up fool like cant even put up a show and here you condeming another man's handwork i wish i be see u mk i slap that ur useles mouth

      • balabroda says:

        Lol you're an original olodo. you live outside naija so??? where you think say i dey? idiot! learn english first. come slap na….put hand inside your computer slap me. olodo!!!

  2. same noni says:

    black and gold ent noni

  3. Fragile says:

    well i know understand this video…

  4. krypticmoh says:

    not your average Nigerian video. thumps up !!!!!!!

  5. chinon says:

    outstanding…. u definitely cant hate on tiwa and donjazzy.

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  7. JUSTOK says:


  8. JUSTOK* says:


  9. Kemi says:

    Tiwa you are perfection. Beautiful voice. Nice body. Gorgeous face. You are fucking perfection!

  10. Kemi says:

    Tiwa you are perfection. Beautiful. Perfect voice. Nice body. You are perfect.

  11. agent206 says:

    Sorry, this isn't the video for africans, hopefully white people would love it.

  12. poise says:

    Video is direct opposite of the song…like really???

  13. illuminaty101 says:

    I think the video and song was bad#nohating\Truestory

  14. @activ8ed says:

    Costume on point. but video was very Boring. How long did Tiwa think she was going to remain sitted on the floor for?? Bros jazzy just sitdown for chai with cigar when no lit, and e look bored like who dey sleep.

  15. taiwo says:

    wonderful video.

  16. gentle says:

    this is really the best in africa..Don you are a master

  17. minister says:

    Don baba you are simply a genius.. this is the best

  18. minister says:

    perfect. Don u too much

  19. Moshod says:

    Woh! Tiwa Savage N Don Jazzy this is the best video of 2013 so far. Mavin continue the good work and make Africa proud. We love you guys

  20. Elect says:


  21. shola says:

    Don you are the best

  22. Sage says:

    Don u great

  23. minister says:

    Don u r d BEST

  24. sule says:

    proud of Don jazzy

  25. mimi says:

    Wonderful costumes and make up, but I expected more dance scenes. It was a tad bit boring tho, I must say..

  26. kudy gold says:

    nice video…outstandin yes!! but i expected dance moves, kept waitin made it seem blaah at d end…

  27. findout says:

    lovely song and video jare…Nigerians…No matter how hard person try u go still complain and none of those people complaining can sing our national anthem with a normal voice. shiooo, o wa lara yin.

  28. jteee says:

    put more of dancing moves to it, like a group……some it up? look up to beyonce i guess we hv our very own beehive in 9ja. thumbs up

  29. Man 2 Man says:

    How e be say na Lalaboiy post this song? I be think say na only jamba songs/video you dey post.. LOL.. na joke i dey O! bros.. niz one!

  30. TruthIsBitter says:

    Great video …

  31. DEX says:

    I really love the concept of this video though…not the usual dance/ club scenes that have become wayy too mainstream. The uniqueness of this video is what kept me glued to my screen. Directors out there should take note…We should change up our style once in a while. Don Jazzy be looking dapper in his suit although he seemed quite camera-shy… or so. That can be over-looked. (It should be sort of expected since he had already told us about it earlier on). BOSSY STATUS still! B-) Lovely wardrobe and make-up all round. Tiwa be killing em!! TIWA FOR THE MANDEM. Wait..Oh sorry, I forgot…Tiwa for TEE-BILLZ!

  32. dj wizzy-on-de-beat says:

    don baba j !

  33. kenneth says:

    everything on point..though i woulda loved to see a better job done on lighting

  34. Tomiwa Ojo says:

    Any real musician (as in someone who actually understands, and doesn't simply consume) that follows Nigerian music, has to admit that Don Jazzy has demonstrated growth with this tune. Forget the pop dancehall feel or the video (not saying that's not cool), just pay attention to the actual music, especially the part of the song that features him. This is a mature departure from repetitive 8 bar (and some lazy 4 bar) loops that has become a cancer in Nigerian music. The changes throughout the song show an awareness of modern music development. When Kanye did that with "Mercy" no one talked, because we've sadly accepted that only Americans are allowed to set trends. Other Naij producers should take a cue. There is a reason why he's the most successful producer in the country.


    Wow! This video has made me this song more… and Don Jazzy's shoes… *bout to steal em*

  36. invisiblies says:

    lol..anyway i want to say this… kim karadashian stay in nija reminds me of mercy johnson’s verse in Aboki remix

  37. drake says:


  38. YunGkIllZ says:

    DON JAZZYYYYYYYYYYYY! good to see u with ur walking stick again, have missed this your BOSSY looks ooo chai. welcome back welcome back 😀

  39. Rukevwe says:

    This aint some pkangolo video….Growth shud always be welcomed in every industry. I for one love this video. Tiwa savage seems like a perfectionist and it shows in all her efforts. You speak about the song not relating to the video. How many yankee videos and songs relate directly. This is art, understand then criticise.

  40. Zee says:

    Video – 10/10!! I just love Tiwa.. nd Don Jazzy remains a boss.

  41. ... says:

    I really like this video and the unique concept of it but i was partially dissapointed because whenever i hear this song, i dance to it like really go all out…. and i was expecting her to dance in the video but never did. I felt like she should have at least added some choreography into the video even if it would only be for like 30 seconds.

    • ugoharris says:

      Thank U for that view. Me 2, I also expected to see Tiwa dancing a well choreographed dance with her backup dancers in some of the clips, especially when u hear that bumping beats. Most of the clips and images na from whiteman's perpective as d director of this video na white dude in S. Africa.
      I love the song, though as Tiwa n Don J. Kill am

  42. El Savador says:

    I'm really impressed by the concept. Who directed this video?

  43. Why in the world is the video for this just now releasing? Isn't this song 2 years old? They should've brought us something new jare.

  44. MBeezy says:

    Tiwantiwa. I watched this yesterday & loved it so much. Even Don Jazzy sef form John Legend, switching up vocals. Very nice.

  45. Seun Turkey says:

    Good work Tiwa Savage. Don Jazzy , u are a real Don in this naija music industry. Please keep the good work going and never mind haters…

  46. yeyen says:

    there’s a part in that song “lepka on floor” please where were the lepkas? tiwa is our naija beyonce so make she go watch beyonce’s vids…………….. if beyonce there would have been some major dance moves. Don Jazzy did a good job but tiwa pls this vid did no justice to this song SHIKENA………………………if didnt want to dance then dont do a video for a trck talking abt ‘Getting Down On The Floor” u were on the floor but like a dead piece of meat…………i’m disappointed Tiwa smh

  47. njo observer says:

    I always believe in Don jazzy..

  48. switts says:

    to be honest its a nice video but boring as shit. kmt

  49. frank_whyte says:

    I like this

  50. morris lubinda says:

    gud staff man

  51. Nkiru Ogbuli says:

    D 1st tym I heard d song I didn't really pay attention to the lyyrics I just thot it was nyc n it was done by one of those carribeans. But I saw it in an eatery n am hooked. I need dat song n Don Jazzy's proposal#winks#.

  52. I just cant stop repeating this song.

  53. Ade says:

    Make brain die. D video is so so cool

  54. ifesgonewild says:

    nice one… they neva did fail me.

  55. G says:

    I love ds music so much! Well done Tiwa and Don J. Loving ds music all the way

  56. I love evryfin abt dis ish…d song’s dope,thumbs up to tiwa and don j…WISH A RAPPER LYK ME CAN BE PART OF YALL….

  57. Buzz says:

    Cool video, great costume choices, excellent video quality & direction, but poorly executed. The video lack some of the Oomph of the song cause Tiwa couldn't commit to delivering. She played a lot of dress up, but couldn't decide whether she wanted to be a bad or good girl….could have helped if she had a strong video vixen who could complement her…..& what was with the floating? totally unnecessary. Plus that stripped socks gave her thunder thighs……

    Don Jazzy's delivery on point, loved the effect while he tapped his feet & styling great could have done without numerous repeats and head nodding at "bere sin joooo" could have used an echo effect so he sits chilling like a Don….great job all the same

  58. James says:

    This is wow

  59. pius says:

    i love this, is a great music. Tiwa u know wat? U sud av never worked in d bank!.

  60. I tink dis video should b awareded d best

  61. Rose says:

    Wonderful video nice concept great voice. But 1 thing about the song is dat donjazzy’s voice is too low for d song. But aside dat great video

  62. Lady G. says:

    “Omo 2 get 2 a don like him no childs play omo he go make u sweat”. Loving d video, bst ever in d history of niaja. No sweat. Nd don jazzy shoes! Omg stil loving it

  63. savage>if I catch you I swear I go suck you ehh.

  64. Tiwa savage, the best lady singer of our time. Keep up the gud job dear!

  65. Love Tiwa xo much kip it up deari…

  66. Enekunoh says:

    Wow tiwa savage his just started to develop her talent

  67. This song is something else o.

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