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OD Woods – Slow Down

Post by sweegdeddy, March 5th, 2013

“Slow Down” by OD Woods is one of those songs that should seamlessly fit into your playlists as soon as you push the “play” button, so, go ahead, prove me right!

od woods





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16 responses to “OD Woods – Slow Down”

  1. EeemmPee says:

    Maaaadddddd assssssss Jaaaaaaammmmmmmm

  2. NAIJAMUSIC says:

    oya dance dey go!! #Jam

  3. Man 2 Man says:

    After GO Down Below we didnt hear from you after such a long time.. good to see you back.. you've got sumfin in common with Shank sha.. niz tune

  4. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    tight song…there was room for a backing ad-lib vocal/vocalist to make it perfect tho

  5. star boy says:

    oshee oshee

  6. Olori ebi says:

    Ogbeni your music no dey slow down…nice oneee …jammmm

  7. General Donk says:


  8. napsack says:

    slow down to quality!

  9. burnazwife says:

    woah after ya last successful jam …. den dis …. seems u progressing …. nice jam …… keep swerving ogbeni

  10. tags says:

    Pon' d' replay. Champagne delivery.

  11. allen Choombu says:

    Swit song!

  12. MOONLIGHT says:

    Awesome…..infact..dis song de on point sef..

  13. zeeeky says:

    Nic musik slow down I feel u od woodz

  14. TiPHLEX says:

    C̣̲̣̣̣̲̣̣☺̣̣̥̇☺̣̣̥̇ƪ̣̥ song…Ǻ♍ lovin d instrumentalz…nice job OD

  15. kaycee says:

    pon d replay..madt tunee

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